Andre Johnson pleads for Texans to keep Vonta Leach


Texans fullback Vonta Leach is having a good week, especially for one in the middle of May during a lockout.

On Sunday evening, he was named the No. 65 best player in the league by NFL Network, the only fullback to make the list voted on by other NFL players.

On Tuesday morning, the best player on Leach’s team, Andre Johnson, pleaded in the Houston Chronicle for the team to re-sign Leach, a free agent to be.

“I can’t imagine our offense without him. I don’t know who we’ll replace him with. He’s the best at what he does,” Johnson told John McClain. “We had a 1,600-yard rusher, and I think that explains itself.”

In an era where the traditional fullback is dying a slow death, the Texans may not have to pay that much to keep Leach.  No fullbacks in the league make more than $4 million per-season.

We suspect the Texans will find a way to make Johnson and Leach happy.

8 responses to “Andre Johnson pleads for Texans to keep Vonta Leach

  1. Its nice to see an “Old School” Fullback get respect in this era of football

  2. Considering Arian Foster is my keeper in two leagues next year, I’m inclined to agree with AJ.

    Please re-sign Leach…

  3. Leach is a hammer. I hope the Texans lose him, I get tired of him knocking my Colts’ tiny linebackers 5 yards back whenever we play Houston.

  4. Leach is a beast and deserves all the respect he has been getting recently . . . but it saddens me that Greg Jones is extremely under the radar.

  5. Rumors out of Oakland have Leach as the top Free Agent signing after resigning Nnamdi. One of the only Teams in the NFL Houston to have never even seen a Playoff Game better get out their check book if they want to keep him.

    Also a little Clue on who will not be big players in Free Agency that I still do not think will happen this year, the Teams that are cutting their coaches and office workers pay?, they can blow all the smoke they want, the only thing they will be players in is pocket pool.

  6. Vonta ‘Toyota’ Terzell Leach is the best blocking fullback in the league, as well as a talented receiver out of the backfield. Guys always seem to have 1,000 yd seasons behind him, whether it was Chris Johnson in college at ECU, Steve Slaton, or now Arian Foster. I tried buying a Leach jersey [without paying the extra dough to customize it] and I couldn’t even find a bootleg. Bob McNair & Rick Smith need to make Mr. Leach and his fans happy, or someday he’s going to be running over DeMeco, Mario, and Cushing for another team. Smith & McNair need to pull their heads out of each other’s butts and re-sign him. Go Texans.

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