Cowboys get 45 veterans, no rookies at workouts

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The Cowboys’ player-organized workouts have been well attended this month, with most of the players on last year’s team showing up. But so far, no rookies have attended.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who organized the workouts, told Charean Williams of the Star Telegram that 45 veterans attended the workouts last week. However, so far none of the eight players the Cowboys drafted last month have shown up.

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is firmly in the camp that thinks the offseason workouts will give the Cowboys an advantage over teams that aren’t having as many organized practices.

“It’s been good for us,” Witten said. “I think we said at the beginning when we did this that we wanted to get an edge in the off-season. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do. We were 6-10 last year, so we have a lot we can get better at. [Romo] has done a good job of leading it, but a lot of other guys, too, are being responsible for their group — Marc Colombo and [Keith] Brooking and Bradie James and DeMarcus [Ware]. There are so many guys. It’s really an opportunity for us as leaders to take our team to another level. It’s been good from the standpoint of there’s no distractions. It’s go in and go to work and get better.”

Romo said he still expects to have an official training camp, preseason and full regular season.

“I still have a firm belief that people who make the decisions will come to a conclusion here that will be a benefit for all parties,” Romo said. “To all the players, it’s obvious: We want to play football. We want to be out there, and we want to be doing what we love to do. I hope, and I expect that will happen.”

But until it does happen, Romo, not Jason Garrett, will be the one organizing the practices.

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  1. I will be glad when the bubble finally is burst for these players despite their show pony workouts, the owners want them to miss paychecks. This season will start in November if the owners keep winning in court. Their desire to play and workouts are great, but it won’t affect a deal getting done.

  2. krow101 says: May 24, 2011 7:39 AM

    Looks like another Superbowl season for America’s Team.

    I’m sorry hater, did someone say this that you are directly quoting? I guess since you can’t say Romo isn’t leading you went with this typical inaccurate account of what is actually happening. Hating teams for reason with solid trash talking is one thing. Throwing out obscene inaccuracies is another.

  3. So, basically it’s just like when Phillips was the head coach. Weren’t most of the workouts player organized at Camp Cupcake?

  4. wade was a joke and with the talen the had on that team should have won 2 SB’s easily.

    New sheriff in town and garrett has them accountable. Look at second half of last season as we were probably the top 3 teams in the nfl. With the stud players we just drafted coupled with a couple FA’s I predict 3 SB’s this decade. Book it Dano….LMAO SUCKAS!!!!!

  5. Doesn’t suprise me… none of them are signed yet… and if they get injured, the cowboys don’t owe them anything. It makes sense that none of them are working out.

  6. krow101:

    “Looks like another Superbowl season for America’s Team.”


    I agree – a repeat of last year would be just fine by me, as well.

    But why are you posting this on a Cowboys thread?

    They hate the fact that the Packers are champs.

  7. @ tombradyswig

    Regarding your comment; proof positive why you are NOT running a pro football team. Go back to last season and take a look at the differences between Romo’s numbers downfield and outside the numbers and Kitna’s. Huge difference. Huge difference for the numbers of Austin and Williams as well when Romo was in versus Kitna.

  8. “But until it does happen, Romo, not Jason Garrett, will be the one organizing the practices.”

    Wait what PFT? But Romo is not a leader right? I’m confused about how PFT feels now.

  9. not a single free agent OR rookie should work out if they are smart. what happens if they are injured without a contract? There goes your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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