Eli Manning’s peers don’t think he’s a Top 100 player

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In an offseason without much else going on, NFL Network is filling some time and providing fodder for endless arguments by slowly revealing a list of the 100 best active players in the NFL, as voted on by their fellow players. And one name that’s not on the list is raising some eyebrows: Eli Manning.

Pat Kirwan takes up for Manning in a column at NFL.com, noting that Manning has a Super Bowl MVP, a 4-3 postseason record and a lifetime 64-46 record. That’s the argument in favor.

The argument against is that Manning is coming off a season in which he threw an NFL-high 25 interceptions. Leading the league in picks isn’t the best way to convince your peers that you’re an elite player.

Based on the list as it’s been revealed so far, what we’ve really seen is that NFL players aren’t particularly good at making objective assessments of their peers. That’s not a big surprise.

But as for Eli Manning in particular, we’ll let PFT Planet hash it out in the comments — was this a glaring omission, or the right call?

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  1. totally not an Eli-lover here, but i have taken umbrage with MANY of the top 100 players theyve had on the list so far…

    its very interesting to see from a player perspective who they elevate among their peers, and how slanted and biased they can be.

  2. This assessment was spot on. With a defense, o line, receivers, and running game like he’s had, he should be a lot better than 4-3 in the post season. That’s barely above 500.

    Also, being ‘chosen’ the MVP of the superbowl is meaningless when it’s based on a miraculous catch and whoever voting for the MVP liking the idea of brother qbs winning the award in back to back years.

    He’s not even a top 10 at his position, much less top 100 in the league.

  3. Being a Giants fan…I’m slightly biased to begin but I think overall, Eli is underrated, because so many people think he stinks. He’s not elite, but he’s certainly above average. He will never be Peyton…but hey, who will? Unfortunaely for him, with his last name, he’ll always have to live with that comparison.

    Eli needs to eliminate the bonehead play from his game. Once he does that, I think he’ll elevate from above average to the tier right underneath the elite.

    It would serve him well to be a little more consistent as well. He’s one of the more streaky QB’s that come to mind.

  4. If Vonta Leach is better than Santonio Holmes, then Manning is not a top 100 player.

  5. oy. eli manning is definitely not top 100 of 2011. hes not even top 100 ACTIVE players.

    hes the most overrated player in the nfl now that donnie mac has been exposed, period.

  6. I’m stating the obvious, but he is not. Say you are only ranking the top 10 players from ten position (roughly). That would mean he should be in the top 10 Qb’s. Which he isn’t

    5-6. Brees/Rivers
    7-10. Vick, Ryan, Romo, Shaub…Maybe even McNabb

  7. “Leading the league in picks isn’t the best way to convince your peers that you’re an elite player.”
    Unless your name is Favre, of course.

  8. The whole QB list is weird. NLFN has told us that the list contains 12 quarterbacks.

    Already on the list are: Donovan McNabb, Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Tony Romo.

    That leaves eight.

    Obvious inclusions towards the top: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers.

    That leaves three.

    So for those three spots we can only pick three of: Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, and Eli Manning.

    All five of those guys should be ahead of Donovan McNabb but two of them will not be on the list. Personally, I think omitting Ryan or omitting Schaub is more egregious than omitting Eli (Vick and Roethlisberger are definite includes for me).

  9. Based on the list as it’s been revealed so far, what we’ve really seen is that NFL players aren’t particularly good at making objective assessments of their peers.

    Hey, not everyone can be a brilliant fantasy football analyst like you.

  10. And to all the he has a ring people…..so does Trent Dilfer. Eli made a few plays in the Superbowl but that’s about it. His team is too average year-to-year to put him up there w/ his big bro and his big bro’s peers @ the position.

    And NYG have had plenty of talent since Eli’s been there!

  11. I think they got it right. I don’t think he belongs in the top 100 OVERALL players in the NFL. He did have that one magical season though and I loved him for beating the Patriots in the SuperBowl.

  12. What would you rather have, your QB post MVP’s every year, top 5 in TD’s, Yards, etc, or would your rather have a Super Bowl Championship?

    I’m sure the Miami faithful LOVE Dan Marino, but don’t think for a second they wouldn’t mind trading some of his records in for a Lombardi Trophy.

  13. 53-man roster x 32 teams = 1696 players

    Breaking the top 100 would put a player in the top 6% (approximately).

    Eli a top 6% NFL player?


  14. I wouldn’t say “Elite” heading into the 2011 season, but he’s still pretty solid.

    Especially in the case of this list – Past performance should not be used to gage future success. The furthest one should look back in judging a player for 2011 season (provided it happens) is the 2010 season. Matt Hasslebeck (sp) had some pro-bowl seasons, but by no means would he be on this list (and rightfully so).

    Career numbers should apply to an “Greatest of All-Time” types of rankings.

    Whatever, this is just another distraction anyways…

  15. He was terrible last season, so I can’t see why he would earn any awards.

    The sun is setting on the Manning boys.

  16. Well what are the standards, play just during the 201o year as they claim on the show or play over a handful of years. Some seem to be using just the 201o year play while others are using a handful of years play.

    Just look where Jared Allen is ranked or Jennings and you can see these guys do not know what they are talking about. And I use to think it would be good to have some players voting on the Hall of Fame, I was sure wrong on that one.

  17. yeah you reporters know your football so much better than the coaches and players…..thats why you are writing and not playing…..sort of like your wisdom on how to run a buisness……..or be a team owner.

  18. If you’re not a top 10 QB, you’re not a top 100 players. The SB win isn’t a lifetime pass. Football Outsiders rated him at #15 last year, right below Matt Cassell. So maybe I’d give him #14.

  19. I think it’s the right call. The stars were aligned to ruin new england’s perfect season with a cast who aren’t even in the league anymore. Call it luck or fate but remove that claim to fame and he’s just pedestrian.

  20. Eli Manning won his SB on the back of one of the leagues best defenses and still had to come up with the luckiest catch in SB history.

    Just sayin’. He’s not a top 100 player.

  21. The problem here is that most players probably feel he has no street cred because he has not obstructed justice, beat dogs, raped women, or shot himself in the leg, among a variety of other violent crimes that tend to be the rave among most popular NFL players…..

    No all Eli has done is steered clear of any trouble whatsoever, kept to himself, not missed a single start; EVER; and won, and not only won, won on the biggest stage overcoming what many conceived as the best team in the history of the sport; EVER!

    I’ve seen Eli also stand in line for hours to make sure he signed every fans piece of memorabilia, while other players just walked past, he should be well into the 25 at worst, some people are real idiots!

  22. It’s a ranking of last season alone… if Eli Manning was the SB MVP in 2010, there might be an argument to be made… but my understanding of it is that these rankings are for the 2010-2011 season, in which case, he doesn’t deserve to be in the top 100.

  23. yes! maybe it will spark eli up and beast this year!!! im hopin but i cant say i disagree.. eli mannin in an above average QB. but hes still a step below elite. his play has gotten better almost every yr with a step sideways this year. hes still ridiciously careless with the ball under pressure. throws to many picks/ high arrant passes and doesnt shoulder his team to victory as much as u see elites do.. and never and i repeat NEVER would an elite qb ever let philly do what they did to us last yr..i still have trouble sleeping

  24. Eli had 8 int’s because of his receivers batting the ball up in the air Outside of INT’s Eli was in the top 10 of every category and top 5 in TD’s and yardage.
    Eli managed all this with a receiving core that was down to 3 health bodies in November (Nicks, Manningham and Duke Calhoun), his #1 receiver being out 7 games, and having to work with new additions like Michael Clayton, Derek Hagan and Devin Thomas.

  25. They are right he isn’t top 100.. he is top 50!!!

    Ask the rest of the Giants to name even 15 starting QBs in the league better than Eli. Hes a proven champion and they wouldn’t make the playoffs without him. They should ahve his back if they want to win again!

  26. and and just because hes not elite dont mean hes undeservin of bein in top 100..hes DEFINITLY within the top 100. theres only about 3-5 qbs id take over eli..peyton, brady, rivers( i love his enthusiam for the game), rodgers and roethlisberger (post rape)

  27. Eli is probably right around the 10th best QB, which is the most important position on the field. Not a sexy choice, but deserving.

    More importantly Eli has proven that he is a SB winning QB– so I could really care less that he is rated 101st or beyond.

  28. He’s tied or led the league in picks twice in the last 4 years. What’s the problem?

    Being a Manning doesn’t mean you can’t be criticized.

  29. I would agree that he wouldnt be a top 10 fantasy qb in any league but the year they won it he was a big part of it at the end of the season – he played his balls off and keep them alive. Last season he had no receivers and alot of them were tipped passes or should have been caught be his WRs…to not have him in the top 100 is not rite at all. He’ll never be his brother but give him consistant WRs every week and the guy is a player…..think they would rather have Henne – c’mon folks wake up!!

  30. I don’t think he would be on the list if the fans got to vote either. That being said, Im not sure how Flacco snuck on I’d take Eli over him anyday

  31. And despite Tony Romo getting knocked out by Michael Boley after just six games….he makes the list.

    If there is any other starting quarterback other than Mark Sanchez that is overrated….it’s Romo.

    Manning’s resume as pointed out by Kirwan speaks for it’s self.

    Players are always going to play favorites when it comes to these lists.

  32. The entire concept of “100 best players” is stupid when you consider the wide variance of responsibilities from one position to the next (and from one team to the next).

    How do you compare Eli Manning to the 3rd-best zone-blocking right guard in the NFL? How do you narrow it down and say “Yes, clearly the guard is in, Manning is out”?

  33. Based on the list as it’s been revealed so far, what we’ve really seen is that NFL players aren’t particularly good at making objective assessments of their peers. That’s not a big surprise.

    Just to make sure I’m understanding this right…you think the media is better at determining who is a better player than the players themselves?
    There have been some interesting stories on this site, but you’re making a pretty big claim there. Strap on some pads MDS!

  34. Do the math.

    Top 100 players, 32 teams. Roughly that makes 3 per team. Yea, very rough math. But follow the logic.

    Some teams have a LOT more than three really top-tier talents…Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc. Figure two per on the less than elite teams.

    Then, Eli just isn’t all that good. Face it, on two identical teams, Eli really doesn’t scare me compared to many of the starting QBs in the league. If you’ve only got two spots to add on the top 100 list and you’re looking at the Giants, I’d say Eli is about #4 or so on that squad, meaning he don’t make the cut.

    He isn’t *bad*, mind you. Just overrated for his last name.

  35. The name of the show is top 100 players of 2011. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to mean the body of work from the 2010/11 season only. A lot players got credit for previous seasons’ work eg: Donovan Mcnabb. They even show highlights from previous seasons in the show.

  36. It isn’t top 100 “active players”. It’s top 100 players “Last year”.

    Eli Manning did not have a great year last year. It is the correct call.

  37. Top 100 perhaps. He would def. fall towards the end of the list, but thats it. He is just to streaky, and in one game you could get the good Eli, but the next game, the Bad one.

    So if I was to put him on the list, I would say he deserves nothing above a 90, but also, I can see why he wouldn’t be on the list.

  38. Although a handful of those 25 interceptions were not his fault (tipped balls), this is the right call. Even if the amount of interception was lower, it’d still be the right call. He’s just not that good. The Superbowl ring was a bit of luck and a stellar defense. Good coaching, too. Can’t hate on Spags.

    And this is coming from a Cowboys fan.

  39. Of course he’s not, because he’s by no means an elite QB.

    He had a great postseason and one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever played in 2007 and that’s as far as his legacy lies.

  40. Everyone credits Eli with the 25 interceptions, but no one is sharing the blame on his WR’s or lack of consistent running game and overall fumble problems and dropped passes. It seemed more so this year that the Giant’s offense was not in sinc and constantly made mistakes. YES, Eli made some poor choices with the football. But YES, his top two WR’s were in and out of the lineup with injuries. His back ups constantly ran wrong routes. Bradshaw had a football tattooed on the grass because that’s were many of his carries ended up…with the football lost on the ground. Yet, we expect Eli, who is not Peyton, to carry a team without trying to overcompensate? Well, he still had a career high in yardage and touchdowns as well. 5th in the league in yards, 4th in touchdowns. But a whopping 17th in passer rating. Still overall a solid year, although it had its rough moments.

    Which brings me to this… Eli does not belong in the top 100. He is a good NFL QB. I have him late top 10 in QB’s. But he has never asked to be Peyton or Brady and throw it a bunch. If though, you were to take the top 10 at each of the following positions: QB, RB, FB/TE, OT, OG, C, DE, DT/NT, ILB, OLB, CB, and S, you would get 120 players. Work in some wiggle room by saying Eli is better than one position’s 8th best player etc… but I don’t see him cracking the top 100.

  41. KISS ELI’S RING!!!


    if he had ANY other last name than manning, he would be considered a top 5 QB

  42. Nothing wrong with a 64-46 record but that only goes so far if you’re trying to make a case for Eli. Same applies to Vince Young and his 30-18 record.
    Bottom line is it’s nice but it pales…big time…in comparison to the winning percentages being put up by Brady, Roethlisberger, etc….

  43. At the very least, I think he should have made it over McNabb.

    It’s just my opinion but I’m pretty sure Manning didn’t get benched for Rex Grossman.

    It’s supposed to be the Best Players of 2011. McNabb doesn’t fit the bill in any way, shape or form.

  44. Here’s the most underrated stat: he’s never missed a single game.

    I bet there are at least 20 other NFL clubs would love to have him on there team.

  45. >It isn’t top 100 “active players”. It’s top 100 players “Last year”.

    Actually the title of the show is “Top 100 players of 2011” which is the year that we are currently in, and the year of the (presumptive) next NFL season, and not last season.

  46. elisnopunkbitch,

    cool story bro, but being a great person does not make you a great football player.

    eli is not top 100 imo.

  47. Come on. Flacco is better than him and Flacco isnt considered TOP-10. Eli gets too much praise because of his last name. SB ring? He won on his defense and ground attack. Come on, he’s not a top 10 QB.

  48. Yes, but aren’t we forgetting what’s important here? He’s won a Super Bowl. Well, his team has won a Super Bowl.

    What? The Giants haven’t made the playoffs in three years? Well, you’re forgetting that Eli Manning is a DSRL Champion!

    I think Eli is more than good enough to win but – if it were to be him, Rex, Vick, and Romo in the East next year, I’d take Vick before him and maybe even Rex.

  49. Eli has been mediocre his entire career, except for a two-game run which ended the Pats* “perfect” season. Even in those games, the defense and run game protected him, he just made a couple big plays.

    But everyone except complete Giant-homers can see the rest of his career…He has choked in the playoffs every other year, going 0-3. He throws a ton of INTs. He is decidedly average, and needs alot of playmakers on both sides of the ball to have any success. He is Trent Dilfer, Part Two.

  50. DonRSD says:
    if he had ANY other last name than manning, he would be considered a top 5 QB

    Who on this list of 8 is he better than?
    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Joe Flacco
    Matt Ryan
    Phillip Rivers
    Peyton Manning
    Tom Brady
    Ben Roethlisberger

    And I can make an argument that these 5 quarterbacks are better and/or have more potential as well:
    Jay Cutler
    Mark Sanchez
    Michael Vick
    Josh Freeman
    Sam Bradford

    Top 5 QB? He’s not even top 10.

  51. Say what you want about the guy whether it’s that he throws too many picks or he’s goofy, but the guy has a ring. He also has a Super Bowl MVP to back that up. Now if I remember correctly his older brother that everybody agrees is a top 5 QB has the same amount of both. Like I said, say what you want, but the guy is a winner and his team has been a contender for years because of him.

  52. Eli is a retard…He looks like he has Down syndrome & acts like it too.

    The Giants are the only team I know that has won two super bowls because the other team screwed up at the end of the game.

    Case in Point I: Scott Norwood misses a chip shot that would have won the SB for the Bills –

    Case in Point II: Asante Samuel let’s a ball go right through his hands on that final drive where Eli completes a pass on top of a guys helmet. That Pick would have burried the Giants right there.

    They are just another East Coast Team that will not see another SB RING – Eva!!!

    Added to the list


    The Raiders will dominate the NFL for the next 5 years – easily win 3 SB’s (at least) during this duration


  53. Eli was a little better than mediocre four years ago. If mcnabb had the talent around him Eli did the giants would’ve had multiple rings. The giants defense is what wins them games. Every season Eli and Tom screw the pooch after starting off in contention. To agree with other posters Trent folder has a ring. Eli is only highly regarded because of his brothers legacy.

  54. How many QBs are on the list ahead of Eli? 10? 15? 20?

    In a quarterback driven league I would put Eli ahead of even the very best at other positions.

  55. When your td/turnover ratio is nearly exactly the same as Jeff George’s, you can’t say you are top 100. I have him around 20 just for his position.

  56. Eli Manning is absolutely a Top 100 player. You people should read Kirwan’s article. He lists facts and he doesn’t even need to be convincing about it. It’s all there. People are just clueless.

  57. I’m going to assume that they mean top 100 players TODAY. Not career-wise, but TODAY.

    Quarterback is hands-down the most important position in football, so we’re not talking about the top 6% of all 1600 players, or the top 5 players at each of the 22 regular positions.

    If tomorrow every single player were a free agent and every team could sign anyone they wanted, would Eli Manning be one of the first 100 players signed?


    He may have mediocre stats and a mediocre record, but this Patriots fan remembers Eli Manning almost single handedly scaring the crap out of New England in a very impressive season-ending game. A few weeks later, in what is clearly the “luckiest catch in Super Bowl History”, we all need to stop and remember that David Tyree made that “luckiest catch” only because Eli Manning put that ball right on top of him, dead on.

    He may be so-so right now, but that guy has sacked up bigtime in the past, and that’s something Tony Romo and a slew of wannabe’s cannot say, and it’s something every team needs in a quarterback.

    I might not take him in the top 5 “every-QB-is-available” draft, but I sure am taking him before the 100th and final pick.

  58. Eli might not even be a top 200 player. He’s pretty much sucked since his terrific Super Bowl run from a few years ago.

  59. As a lifelong Giants fan, I have to agree. I like Eli, but he’s nothing more than a slightly above average QB. People can harp on the SB MVP crap all day long, but really…does anyone truly think that such a thing gives him a lifetime pass to be mediocre for the rest of his career? In truth, you could have picked anyone on that D-line for MVP, as any of them were far more deserving.

    He has NOT lived up to being the #1 overall pick, and he certainly hasn’t been worth what the Giants gave up to get him(for the record, I despise Rivers. He’s nothing but an overrated arrogant punk with good stats, and I’m so glad he’s not a Giant). Is he(Manning) as terrible as so many of the morons in the world think? Not even close, but he’s not a “great” QB. After all of these years, the guy STILL looks like a damn rookie out there at times, and that kind of thing won’t get you onto a list of top 100 players in the NFL, nor should it.

  60. Anyone who thinks Eli is a top 100 player really needs there football knowledge upgraded and i will never take seriously…yea you can say he was the super bowl mvp but a blond squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.I can promise you i can find ATLEAST 125 players id take before Eli

  61. Previous comments have reminded everyone that based on his 2010 season, Eli should not be considered in the top 100.

    I marvel at the end of the article when the author states that this list indicates what poor evaluators of talent the players are. This is the type of myopic thought I expect from the comments section. Who better to tell us who the best players are than the players themselves? People are constantly forgetting that football is a team game with many moving parts and more coaches than any other professional sport. When I was younger and played soccer at a competitive level, I could tell you after 15 minutes who the best guy on the field was. I guess the author assumes that if a guy doesn’t have the biggest numbers, numbers which can be helped by the players around him, the scheme his coach puts him in, etc., than he obviously is a scrub. I find the Top 100 list fascinating for the very reason that I am getting a real inside peek into football.
    Like most NFL fans, especially those who may have little or no experience actually playing the sport but are obsessed with it nonetheless, I crave as much insight into the game as possible. Insight that the hour long network shows fail utterly to provide. Every weekend they have Super Bowl champion players sitting there and every weekend they fail the people watching by prompting them to gossip about some BS, glad-hand and smile like buffoons rather than get them talking about X’s and O’s. I have no idea which fans they engineer those pre-games for.
    Lastly, unless Eli can put together another championship season his legacy will always be tarnished by his maddening inconsistency. He certainly has the goods, the drive and the smarts, however at times has struggled. Every quarterback throws a crappy interception now and again and aside from the 2010 interception setback, a cursory glance of his wikipedia page reveals a generally steady increase in every major statistical category over the course of his career. He is only improving and still has a lot of years left. The most glaring of these statistics is that in the previous five seasons before 2010, Eli averaged 27 sacks taken. With a banged up o-line last year, he took only 4. The knee-jerk fan would only look at the interceptions. The diligent evaluator, and Giants fan, sees that and can’t wait for a lock-out to end.

  62. He led the Giants to the winning TD in the Superbowl with 2:34 left against an undefeated team.

    Goodnight, enjoy your “discussion”.

  63. The right call. Eli is a good QB, tough nosed, decent arm, but…

    Not always a great decision maker.
    Making the right call is the difference that keeps him out of the top 100.

    I also believe that this kid has had a lot of luck on his side, that doesn’t help his player stock.

  64. So if the criteria is strictly how each player performed last year, Jay Cutler got the Bears to the NFC Championship game in 2010….. that makes him the #2 QB in the NFC, right?

    Is any moron going to say here that they’d take Jay Cutler over Eli Manning today?

    typicaleaglesfan says:
    Eli was a little better than mediocre four years ago. If mcnabb had the talent around him Eli did the giants would’ve had multiple rings.

    In 2004, McNabb HAD that kind of team, and he wound up puking on the field as he got beat in his only Super Bowl appearance.

    “Eli is only highly regarded because of his brothers legacy.”

    You clearly didn’t see what kind of quarterback this kid was in 2007. Donovan McNabb never showed so much talent or guts in his entire career.

    Not ONCE..

  65. People –

    Those of you citing Eli’s SB performance — both the supporters and the detractors — should remember that the Giants won three playoff games, at least two of which were against heavily favored opponents, just to get there. Anyone recall the Giants beating Dallas, in Big D — a team that had beaten the Giants twice during the regular season? How about beating Green Bay in overtime in the frozen tundra? Keep those victories in mind when you’re evaluating Little Brother.

  66. If not for one amazing catch on a helmet, the NY faithful would be tearing this guy a new a-hole, and clamoring for a new QB. It will be obvious when the incoming rookie class starts putting up better numbers than Eli. He may not be as bad as Derrick Anderson or Jake Delhomme, but he is certainly not an elite class qb.

    Favre was an MVP too (league, not SB) but his boneheaded plays held some really good Packer teams back after 1997. I hope for NY’s sake that they don’t let one superbowl victory cloud their judgement on letting an average qb go.

  67. Eli is borderline Top 100. Since his name did not come up in numbers 91-100, then he should not be on the remaining list. I would take him over Donovan McNabb any day of the week. I would put Eli in the Top 125 active players in the league, but probably not in the Top 100. He is a good QB, who has great streaks, but he plays in the media spotlight of the country and his mistakes are highlighted beyond any other QB.

  68. I’m a Giant fan so I obviously want to see every Giant on the list but I also am not blind. Eli had a horrible year and should not be on the list this year since it is supposed to be the top 100 players of last season. McNabb??? Come on! I like McNabb but he was benched for Sexy Rexy and he is on the list?!?!?! Dallas Clark and Tony Romo were injured half the year and they are on the list. I think the NFL network sent out these surveys to the guys that were injured and had a lot of free time on their hands to fill them out. You know, all the guys with concussions! What a complete joke this has been so far. Who will be number 1???? Who cares!

  69. Eli is not elite, but he’s a proven winner. If you watched the Giants last year, you’d know that many of those INTs were tipped balls. And for example, Mark Sanchez, the QB of the team I root for, had plenty of INTs dropped by the defense.

    Bottom line for me, is that Eli helped pull off probably the biggest upset in SuperBowl history, and has consistantly put up good numbers. He should be in the top 100, and probably the top 10 QBs in the league.

  70. This show is an utter joke…..

    Donovan McNabb getting on this list despite being benched twice last year in favor of John Beck and Rex Grossman is beyond laughable.

    He is done as a legitimate starting QB…..the Shanahan’s made a mockery out of him.

  71. The “he has a ring thing” does apply. Dilfer had a sick defense and had to do nothing the entire playoffs including the super bowl.

    Eli beat Romo IN Dallas, Favre IN Green Bay, and led a game winning drive in the super bowl to beat an undefeated team. That is way different than guys like Dilfer and Brad Johnson. He isn’t the best but he is certainly better than guys like McNabb and Flacco. The only problem with Eli is his inconsistency. If he plays all the time like he did in 07 playoffs and 08 reg season and in spots last season, this isn’t an argument.

    Most people just don’t want to give him credit for anything because of who he is, rather than what he has done. If he was Eli Smith this would be a different discussion.

  72. richm2256 says:
    May 24, 2011 3:53 PM
    So if the criteria is strictly how each player performed last year, Jay Cutler got the Bears to the NFC Championship game in 2010….. that makes him the #2 QB in the NFC, right?

    Is any moron going to say here that they’d take Jay Cutler over Eli Manning today?

    typicaleaglesfan says:
    Eli was a little better than mediocre four years ago. If mcnabb had the talent around him Eli did the giants would’ve had multiple rings.

    In 2004, McNabb HAD that kind of team, and he wound up puking on the field as he got beat in his only Super Bowl appearance.

    “Eli is only highly regarded because of his brothers legacy.”

    You clearly didn’t see what kind of quarterback this kid was in 2007. Donovan McNabb never showed so much talent or guts in his entire career.

    Not ONCE..

    Funny career stats show that McNabb has better numbers, a better winning percentage, better td to int ratio, qb rating and a far better playoff record, and he did mess up the superbowl up by getting sick, Eli was the beneficiary of the luckiest catch of all time and a manster defense that was hot…..

    The fact is Eli is nothing more than an average qb…… I’d take Cutler over him any day of the week. The best part is the giants haven’t beaten the Eagles since Plaxico went to jail (his curent WR’s aren’t tall enough to make him look good when he over throws them). If the season ever starts Eli will have another mediocre season that goes no where because he is not a top 20 qb in this leauge. Maybe in 2007 he was but not any more. McNabb if given the chance will play well as he has his entire career as long as Shanahan isn’t involved. I fell bad for 5 getting shipped to DC with the joke of a franchise they are.

  73. Let’s just face it: Eli’s 2008 postseason Super Bowl run was an anomaly. Eli looked like crap before that year. At the beginning of the 2008 season the Giants started 0-2 and the NY media was calling for Eli and Coughlin’s heads (and rightfully so). Then the Giants get lucky and go on to win the Super Bowl, and Coughlin and Eli are suddenly considered the best in the NFL (I even remember some of the “experts” debating about who was the better Manning: Eli of Peyton… seriously??). I didn’t buy it. It was sheer luck that miraculous postseason ever happened.

    The Giants haven’t won a playoff game since. Eli’s playoff record was 0-3 before the 2008 anomaly, and it’s been 0-1 since with two seasons not even making the playoffs.

    Eli has been one of, if not the most overrated QB’s in the league for some time now. He’s not elite, he never was elite, and he never will be elite. He’s literally the luckiest QB to ever play the game. That pass to Tyree was far more luck than skill, and had his pass thrown directly to a Patriots player (the play before the Tyree catch) been intercepted… I dare say Eli wouldn’t even be the Giants QB now).

  74. Eli is top in my book. He doesn’t play in a dome, bad weather, or against a garbage division. As a Giant fan I will point out the ring, isn’t that what it’s all about bragging rights??? For one playoff run he was the best quarterback, he wiped the floor with Tampa, and marched up and down the field in Green Bay.. You can say defense all you want but he put up 24 on Tampa, 21 on Dallas and 23 on Green Bay. Lucky catch or not he still had to escape + throw the ball, it isn’t like our defense shut New England out he still had to score and he did.. There is no controversy with his ring, he did not have the spy gate era where 3 of his rings were decided by a field goal and really haven’t done crap since then. Everyone can say he sucks all they want, but if you drafted a #1 QB and he wins a superbowl in his first 3 years, thats good enough in my book, and I believe he will only get better.

    P.S. That great Giants defense averaged giving up 19.5 points a game during the 2007 playoffs. Now use those stats!

  75. I wouldn’t put him in the top 1,000. He only has a ring because God must be a Giants fan and intervened on that last fateful drive. Otherwise, he sucks.

  76. And for those of you saying a bunch of Eli’s picks from last year were deflected… that applies to every single QB in the NFL. Do you honestly think every other QB threw picks directly to a defender on every INT pass? Hell no! And Eli is actually very lucky not more of his passes were picked. I remember seeing defenders drop several of Eli’s horrendous passes last year (I’d say about 5-7 should have been picked… and that’s just what I saw).

  77. @raidermick

    Wow, some how you viewed this as a thread about the Raiders. Amazing. While I agree that Eli is not a top 100 NFL player or a top 10 QB, he is a great deal better than what the Raiders are throwing out there at QB. If you would care to put some money down on that idiotic 3 Super Bowl wins in the next 5 years prediction, I would be glad to offer odds. The Raiders are almost 30 years removed from their last Super Bowl victory and just last year broke their NFL record double digit losing streak, and yet you’re trying to tell us that Oakland is primed for a 3 out of 5 Super Bowl run with a QB who has almost no pocket presence what so ever and was an outright bust in Washington? Yeah! Right!!! I suppose you ride a glitter-covered rainbow unicorn to work also. Seems about as plausible as your football predictions.

  78. I’d say eli is an above average QB. Of course he’s done himself no favors perception wise with the crappy way he treated his potential employer, the Chargers, before he was even an NFL player. The lasting image of him and his dad holding that Chargers jersey after being picked #1 with such disdain for a damned rookie will never be forgotten. Yes, Archie, your family are punks.

  79. The victory over Patriots was one of the greatest wins in sports history and made Giants fans the envy of every other sports fan on Earth.

    I leave the fans of small market teams that win nothing to have fun with player rankings… I’ll take rings instead.

  80. Without the Tyree catch he’s an average quarterback. Without the 07 playoff run from nowhere he’s a bust.
    I think what really saddles the Giants is crappy coaching though, so maybe not his fault.

  81. he’s won a superbowl as a qb,so that puts him as one of the league’s best qb’s in my view!

  82. I love the geniuses on this website. I know, many average qbs have thrown for 4000 yards in each of the last two seasons. By the way, how many qbs in the NFL have?

  83. PEOPLE! Do you not realize that a Super Bowl championship is a TEAM effort?? In fact, last time I checked football is a team sport. Eli’s TEAM won a Super Bowl. Trent Dilfer’s TEAM won a Super Bowl. These guys were just along for the ride and did nothing before or since to warrant much praise. Stop saying “Eli won a Super Bowl…” “Eli has a Super Bowl ring…” A Super Bowl is a team effort, not an individual one. The Giants were amazingly lucky to win one Super Bowl with Eli, and I’m sad to say they will NEVER win another one with him at the helm.

    I seriously question the sanity of some of my fellow Giants fans…

  84. This list is now officially a damn joke. So let me get this straight, a QB that has a Superbowl MVP, and 30 years old isn’t better than Donovan McNabb? Really?

    Donovan McNabb was number 100 on the list. Eli is better then McNabb. McNabb may not even start for a team next year.

    Eli Has thrown for 80 TDs and over 11,000 yards.

    Passer ratings the Past three seasons: 86, 93 and 85 – not too bad.

    He also never misses a start. Can;t say the same for Schaub, McNabb, Vick, Romo and some others.

    Eli is better than some of the QBs in this list. He is not a Super-star, but he is a good QB. This is a snub.

    But whatever…

  85. Blunt3d-

    Eli Manning is better than schaub, flacco, matt ryan, Tony romo, donovan mcnabb, jay cutter, and the rest of the league. I put Peyton, brees, rivers, Rothlesberger, Brady, Vick, and Rodgers ahead of him. You can debate Flacco and Ryan, but as of right now neither can be placed ahead of Eli. That puts Eli at 8 in my book, 10 at the absolute worst in any logical fans brains. Therefore he is a top 100 player. I’d say probably somewhere around 70-80.

    For anyone to argue Sanchez, Friedman, Bradford, stafford, or other promising young starters are judging based on future possibility, not current achievements. None of those guys have consistently done anything anywhere close to what Eli has over the last 3 seasons.

    Eli gets a bad wrap because he is judged against his brother. Knocked for his quiet demeanor and lack of outspoken leadership as it is perceived by people outside of the giants locker room. If Eli cuts down his turnovers he is a top 5 qb in the league. Seriously, change the int mark to 7 instead of 15 and look at the stats. You will see a top 5 qb in every meaningful statistical category. Im not saying he deserves to be regarded as elite, because he doesn’t. He’s never been elite. He has been better then 22-24 of the other starters in the league right now.

  86. Yankees5775-

    While you attempt to win this debate with your stats and luck theories, allow some clarity to enter your mind. Eli Manning has not had a losing season since Tiki Barber and Kurt Warner were on the team. He has not missed one start, he barely missed a snap.

    In his past playoff season he had his best wr shoot himself in the leg right before the playoffs coming in as a one seed.

    The next two years he played with no starting wr with over two years experience in the league, and lost one or two of those guys to injury in practically every game the entire two seasons. He also lost three starting offensive linemen and had a rb who led the league in fumbles last season.

    He also plays in a windy stadium where no qb in history has ever led the league statistically. He was still top five in yards, completions, and touchdowns. He still put together wiinning seasons.

    In his anomaly season, he led his team to three straight road wins against a division winner, a one seed, a two seed, and ultimately the best team ever prior to the game. He had 11 road wins that season. Now yes, you can get lucky sometimes and every super bowl winner will tell you how they all got lucky along the way, but it is not luck when you win 11 road games. When you beat Romo in Dallas as a one seed in the third matchup with them of the season. When you outplay Brett Favre at Lambeau in 0 degree weather (in one of his most successful seasons ever) and than lead your team to a super bowl by outplaying Tom Brady in the best statistical offensive season ever performed in history. That is more than luck. An anomaly is a one time freak incident, like the tyree play. 11 road wins and four straight against the best qbs and teams in the league is much more than an anomaly.

    You should be ashamed to call yourself a giants fan, In fact I officially renounce your fandom to big blue. You are now serving a one week ban. Gather your thoughts, think rationally, and return with some logical arguments aligned with fact and your allegiance and we will consider accepting you back to the family.

  87. What would you rather have, your QB post MVP’s every year, top 5 in TD’s, Yards, etc, or would your rather have a Super Bowl Championship?


    What does that have to do with a list of the top 100 current players? Wouldn’t you rather have three Super Bowl championships instead of just one? Yes? Then maybe Troy Aikman should be on the top 100 list too.

  88. I’ll take Eli on my team any day.


    Me too. As a backup.

  89. If Eli cuts down his turnovers he is a top 5 qb in the league. Seriously, change the int mark to 7 instead of 15 and look at the stats. You will see a top 5 qb in every meaningful statistical category.


    Why the F would you grant him a waiver for 18 INTs? And the guy had 25 INTs, not 15! Would you like to add a few TD passes in there as well?

    A few major statistical categories that shEli is NOT in the top 5:

    Completion percentage
    Average per attempt
    TD/INT ratio

    But yeah he’s top 5 if you don’t count all those INTs.

  90. He also never misses a start. Can;t say the same for Schaub, McNabb, Vick, Romo and some others.


    Of course you don’t see those guys throwing 49 INTs over their last three seasons, either.

  91. Eli is a good player but not a great one. He struggled in his first few years but he has improved and now he is a very solid QB. He wont beat a team by himself, but he doesn’t lose a lot of game by himself either.

    Last year was a bit freakish. A lot of his interceptions came of perfectly catchable passes that got tipped by receivers, often straight into the arms of defenders.

    I’d be quite happy to have him sign with the Redskins. Mind you, with quarterback play we’ve had to put up with in the past decade really just about anyone would look like a significant improvment.

  92. Its hasn’t been Eli holding the Gnats back, it been the defense and recent the lack of running game. beside the superbowl win, the defense has been terrible.

    I cant count the time Eli has brought the team back or scored the go ahead only the have the defense give the game away. With the exception of the Superbowl year when the defense actually showed up.

    Yes Eli tried to do to much sometimes, but other times that’s how they have overcome a lead and gotten back into the game.

  93. 1bigtex…said
    Wow, some how you viewed this as a thread about the Raiders. Amazing…

    Raidermick’s answer: We are amazing. Any NFL thread, is a Raider thread. The Raiders ARE the NFL.

    “Oakland is primed for a 3 out of 5 Super Bowl run”

    Raidermick’s answer: I know, glad to see you finally understanding that. However, I said it first… LOL!!!

    I know its hard for any of you to NOT think of the Raiders…We are truly in everyone’s head!!!

    After all, we are the “Team of the Decades”


  94. @ raidermick

    Once again dude, if you’d care to put your money where your mouth is, I’ll give odds. Otherwise, it’s just “fanboy” trash talk. So which is it? Substance or hot air? I’ve got a good idea which one. Enjoy your unicorn.

  95. Melon head,

    Your name fits well as it is painfully obvious you lack the mental capacity to comprehend my argument. I in no way suggested you discount the turnovers, i simply suggested you look at the stats outside of them. When you follow this logic, you see if his turnovers were 10 or so he would be a top 10 player in the league. Since he has them, and you do have to count them, you see he is still a good qb and def a top 100 player in the league. Please read and think before commenting, seriously, if I really said don’t count the picks hed be one of the best qbs to ever play. I clearly was not trying to make that argument melon head.

  96. Greg Jennings is ranked below Brandon Marshall and Miles Austin, even thou he has more Receiving TDs/Yards than both of those players.

    Nick Collins is ranked below ERIC BERRY, ANTREL ROLLE, and adrian wilson….wilson maybe, but not Berry and Rolle.

    And Tramon Williams ain’t even on the list, even thou he has more tackles/interceptions/sacks last season than Revis.

  97. All the Eli haters were very wrong.

    2007 Postseason:
    61.3 PCT Completion, 854 Yards, 6 TD, 1 INT, QB RAT 95.7

    2011 Postseason:
    65 PCT Completion, 1219 Yards, 9 TD, 1 INT, QB RAT 103.3

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