Hines Ward finds out whether he wins Dancing with the Stars


We made the headline intentionally vague so as not to spoil it for our friends in the Pacific time zone.  And so if you’re in California (or Oregon or Washington or any other state that gets the West Coast feed) and haven’t seen Tuesday’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, here’s your last chance to click away before finding out whether Hines Ward has won the latest edition of the celebrity dance-off.

So click away now.

Or now.

Or now.

Hines Ward won Dancing with the Stars.  I know this because my wife called my cell phone from the house phone (yes, we still have a house phone) to tell me about it.  I’ve never watched the show, and I never will.  But whenever a current or former NFL player appears on the show, we have no choice but to pay attention to the outcome.

And so we did.  And now we can ignore it completely until the next time a current or former NFL player is on the show.

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  1. Congratulations Hines!! Way to go!
    Hines and Kym gave it their all! The Steeler Nation and so many others supported Hines throughout histhree month journey. It’s great to see something positive from the NFL these days! Plus – added benefit…kept him in GREAT SHAPE during the off season. Loved seeing all of our past Steeler Champion players in the audience; along with his mom! In a word; Hines Ward = class act!

  2. There’s your trophy Steelers fans. I can only hope you stacked the vote without subjecting yourself to actually watching that horrid show.

  3. And Ray Lewis announced his upcoming 50 state crime spree. Heck of a week for the AFC North.

  4. Another blantantly anti-player article by PFT…. *


    I respect Hines Ward as much as I dislike him, and it’s not a small amount. Congratulations where it’s due.

  5. Silly, Mike … real men dance and it’s okay for them to watch, too. Dancing is great exercise.

    Big congrats to Hines, who earned the trophy. He did a great job and behaved beautifully throughout. I did vote online for him in the finale. Only a Steeler could have made me vote against the show’s real attraction, Maks (okay, so I don’t just watch for the dancing 🙂 )

  6. They rode her injury to the promised land. He was at best a serviceable dancer – nothing great. His partner was very very good but then again that is not what people are supposed to be voting for.

    Of the non-professionals he was third best. Sadly the best dancer took 3rd.

    As usual Steeler Nation ignored the facts and voted in their own.

  7. i gotta say, classy move f lorio in not ruining the outcome for the ppl who cared (not that i’m one of them).

    you’re better than the ppl like adam caplan who like to spoil things a trivial 15 minutes before the official result is announced & making the official result anticlimactic.

  8. WOW!!! Some people have some serious hate towards the Steelers. They can not even give credit where it is due.

    >folkcrusader says: May 25, 2011 12:31 AM

    >Of the non-professionals he was third best. Sadly
    >the best dancer took 3rd.

    >As usual Steeler Nation ignored the facts and
    >voted in their own.

    Hmmmm … Kirstie Alley had enough viewer votes to override Chelsea’s lead from the judges which was 89-84. So, I guess the general public was ignorant there also.

    I guess the judges were also ignorant by consistently JUDGING Hines with top marks almost every week.

    I guess EVERYONE was just plain ignorant in this massive conspiracy to have Hines win. **rolls eyes**

  9. You know, I really don’t care. But if you’re going to show pictures of it, could you make them just of the hot girls? Thanks.

  10. WINES HARD!!!!! At least theres no question about his sexuality now!!!! (although that crying bit about Bettis when they lost in the playoffs a few years back sealed it for me!!!)

  11. I believe I speak for everyone who isn’t a 40+ year old woman when I say this.
    Also its strange to see a Steeler on national TV for something not related to criminal activity for once. It’s only a matter of time though…..

  12. cup0pizza says: So will he officially come out now? He might as well.

    bengalguy says: At least theres no question about his sexuality now!!!!

    I guess you also think Emmit Smith is gay since he won the dancing competition a few years ago?

    Blast Hines all you want if you hate him or the Steelers, but thinking any man who dances is gay is ignorant.

  13. Wow, people. I hate pretty much all reality TV, including this, but he’s a professional football player and this is profootballtalk.com.

    Nevermind, what was I thinking? Keep the lockout and player arrest stories coming, those aren’t getting old at all.

  14. Being a die hard Steelers and NFL fan, I did something last night that I never could have imagined doing before… I switched back and forth between the NBA game and Dancing With The Stars. Congrats Hines! Now lets get a CBA done, so I never have to subject myself to this again…

  15. I watched some of it and it looked like he was moving in slow motion the whole time. He won because he was by far the most popular person on the show, his pro almost broke her neck, and the cameras showed the stupid towels waiving the whole time.

  16. So, my first cousin (Lacey Schwimmer) is one of the dancers on the show, and I don’t even watch that crap. My wife doesn’t even watch that crap, and when my wife won’t even watch it, it’s bad folks. So all of you that are all loving that he won (folkcrusader) and saying how great he was (folkcrusader), it is time to just come out. Seriously, Hines will like you better that way. His dream must have alway been to be a WIDE receiver.

  17. @djrando7 …

    That post didn’t make a lick of sense. And Schwimmer comes from a family of dancers who’ve appeared on the show. So does that mean her dad–your uncle–is a “wide” receiver, too? 🙄

    @folkcrusader …

    As a regular watcher of the program, I’m sick of Chelsea-type ringers–Disney stars and other professionally trained dancers like Nicole Scherzinger–winning a competition that’s supposed to be about teaching dancing novices.

    The “best” amateurs to progress through the competition were Hines, Kirstie, and Romeo, who should have been the third member of the top three. As sojumaster pointed out, Kirstie also blew out Chelsea despite being significantly behind in judge’s points, which make up 50 percent of the score. The other 50 percent is a viewing public that, duh, votes subjectively with the freestyle usually sealing the deal. Hines had the best freestyle, but if he hadn’t been there, I’d have voted for Kirstie. Hated Chelsea’s freestyle.

  18. > steelersmichele says:
    >May 25, 2011 9:29 AM
    >cup0pizza says: So will he officially come out now? He might as well.

    >bengalguy says: At least theres no question
    >about his sexuality now!!!!

    >I guess you also think Emmit Smith is gay since
    >he won the dancing competition a few years ago?

    >Blast Hines all you want if you hate him or the
    >Steelers, but thinking any man who dances is
    >gay is ignorant.

    Lets not forget ALL the curent/Former NFL players that have participated in DWTS:
    Jerry Rice
    Emmitt Smith (Finished 1st)
    Jason Taylor
    Warren Sapp (Finished 2nd)
    Lawrence Taylor (I hated to list this perv on the list, but he is a former NFL player)
    Chad Ochocinco
    Kurt Warner

    (I guess we can also list them all as gay?) lol

    I bet there is a few Steeler-Haters that are posting on here that had their team represented on the show at one point, and if not, you never know who might be on in the future.

  19. Going out of your way to mention the un-manly things you don’t do, because you’re afraid other dudes will make fun of you, is pretty much the un-manliest thing you can do.

  20. I can’t dance as well as the worst dancer on that show ever, dunno who that would be. Grats to Hines n’ Kim. I suspect the popularity vote helped, BUT teary-eyed posters who don’t like losing the popularity vote should concentrate more on not sucking so hard.

  21. @sojumaster …

    You left out Michael Irvin. Rice finished second, and I think Taylor did as well. And let’s not forget boxers Evander Holyfield, Floyd Mayfield, and Sugar Ray Leonard. And bull-riding champion Ty Murray who’s married to Jewel. Plus MMA star Chuck Liddel. I’d love to see some of these goons chat with him face-to-face about his masculinity.

    Most of the male professional dancers on the show are married or screwing around with the female dancers and celebs. If you guys had any sense you’d take up dancing to pick up chicks 😆

  22. I meant Jason Taylor, not Lawrence Taylor. LT was a terrible dancer. So was Irvin. Sapp and Emmitt were great!

  23. @Deb has WAY too much time on her hands. This is not a dancing blog site. We don’t care about dancing with the stars. We want a damn labor deal signed so the real sports will start getting underway.

  24. @djrando7 …

    No, it’s not a dancing blog, but since Mike and Gregg are writing the articles and I enjoy the show, why not comment on them? It’s more pleasant than stamping my lil feet and declaring I want a damn labor deal. The person with WAY too much time on his hands is the one who claims he doesn’t have any interest in the dancing show but keeps trolling the dancing articles.

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