Holmgren won’t promise starting job to Colt McCoy just yet

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It would be a shock if Colt McCoy wasn’t Cleveland’s Week One starter at quarterback, but Mike Holmgren won’t promise it to the second year player just yet.

“We have Seneca Wallace, too, and Jake Delhomme as well right now,” Holmgren told NFL Network’s Albert Breer.  “[McCoy] showed us enough where he will go in, and we’re hopeful that — it’ll be competitive — but if he does what I think he can do, he’ll probably be the guy, yeah.”

Re-signing Wallace before the lockout started was oddly a vote of confidence for McCoy.  Wallace fits in as a backup, and probably prevents the Browns from going after a big name quarterback.  A source told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer the Browns won’t go after Kevin Kolb.

So even though Holmgren won’t promise the starting quarterback job to McCoy, he doesn’t really have to.  He’s already spoken loudly by re-signing Wallace and passing on quarterbacks in the draft.

14 responses to “Holmgren won’t promise starting job to Colt McCoy just yet

  1. Mike Holmgren won’t let??? WTH??? who’s the coach over there in Cleveland anyway? Last time I looked, it wasn’t Holmgren.

  2. McCoy, Wallace(never was a starting quality QB) or Delhomme(long ago stopped being a starting quality QB)….hmmm…Is there really a question who starts?

  3. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  4. Just more proof that comments from coaches, GMs, presidents, etc. to the effect of “He’s our guy” or “It’s his job to lose” or “We plan to go with him at QB” don’t mean diddly squat.

    A staff member can find a hundred ways of *implying* who a starting player will be, but until you hear the words “I absolutely guarantee that _____ ______ will be our starting QB and will remain starter through the entire season unless he gets hurt,” then it means nothing. This “He’s our guy” type stuff is always a tip-off that the position he plays is still undecided. Yeah- “He’s our guy…. Our guy who will ride the bench as soon as I figure out something better…”

  5. “We have Seneca Wallace, too, and Jake Delhomme as well right now,” Holmgren told NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

    Wait I thought he said he didn’t promise him the starting job. Huh?

  6. Colt, Jake and Wallace…. that QB roster makes me shudder…. but then i think of my Niner’s QB roster…. the only signed player is David Carr. FML.

  7. It’s either Colt or use the wildcat every play. Didn’t they over pay Cribbs for the wildcat?

  8. Colt McCoy’s a better QB with a lot more upside than any QB taken in the draft this year. If I can see this by watching him play college and his little bit of playing time last year than I would hope Holmgren can see this too and I hate the Browns so this isn’t bias in any way at all.

  9. Holmgren knows that this offseason – even more so than others – he needs to keep young players focused on football since there’s no OTAs and maybe a limited training camp.

    The rumor that the Browns are interested in Kolb one day – then not interested – then the starting job is McCoys – then its an open competition – all likely start and end at the same place… Holmgren.

    The end result is a young QB that occasionally has his ego stroked, and is occassionally reminded that he has to earn his starting job every week.

    That’s exactly the right balance and is exactly what Holmgren is trying to do.

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