Price of replica jerseys increases during lockout

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What better way to run a business during a work stoppage than to raise prices?  That’s precisely what the NFL has done when it comes to replica player jerseys, according to the folks at

The Tampa Bay-specific website recently reported that the league has increased the price for replica jerseys (i.e., the ones with the painted numbers that eventually begin to come off after a certain number of washings) at from $79.99 to $84.99. also is accepting advance payment for rookie jerseys, which are not yet officially for sale because the rookies don’t officially have numbers.  (Apparently, the league decided against the Jim Otto approach.)

It’s a curious move, to say the least.  But there’s possibly some method to the league’s apparent madness.  Really, anyone who would fork over $79.99 for a new NFL replica jersey during a lockout would surely fork over an extra $5.

Then again, a cynic might wonder whether the NFL added the extra charge in the hopes of negatively impacting a potential player revenue stream during the lockout, since they receive a portion of the proceeds of every jersey sold.  If that was the objective, however, we think the league would have raised the prices even higher.

UPDATE:  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the league does not set the price for the jerseys, but that the parties who hold the licenses to make and sell the jerseys have that exclusive ability.  That said, the NFL by all appearances has approved the increase by not asking the licensees why in the hell they’re increasing the jersey prices at a time when demand is going to plummet.

53 responses to “Price of replica jerseys increases during lockout

  1. So the numbers come off after a certain number of washings huh? How appropriate…just like the hope of a season fades out.

  2. Well, it seems the people in China, Korea or where ever Reebok gets the better deal got a 3 cent a week raise, and they have to offset the cost….

  3. Not sure how Joe does it but he always seems to be on top of things. Its a good site to hit a couple times a day for Buc’s and NFL news!

  4. If I had to guess, the price of jerseys was going to go up at this time, decertification or not, lockout or not. But anyone who would buy now, no matter whose side you are on, would be crazy.

  5. About 5 years ago I finally decided to get a real NFL jersey with custom sown on lettering. I went through the NFL web site and the total including tax and shipping was around $190. That’s a lot of cash.

    Two weeks later I get an email from that my order was canceled. I contacted them and they said it wasn’t a bad card or out-of-stock. They canceled the transaction because “the price on the web site was incorrect”.

    They jacked the price up $100 after I already made the purchase. They refused to honor my purchase even though I had proof of the purchase at the price I paid. Yes, they also refunded my purchase.

    Never again will I buy anything through Ever.

  6. Hockey is looking more and more like it should be my favorite sport and the one I follow most.
    The players are following an egotistical idiot who is doing everything he can to ruin the game. The players are also demonstrating how easy it is to pull the wool over their eyes with their comments and by continuing to follow this moron. They show they could careless about the fans and their teams by not at least forcing their idiot leader to put some offer on the table.
    The owners/league (although at least making effort by putting offers on the table) are showing they could care less about fans because they just expect we will put up with it and come running with open wallets whenever they allow us to have our game back.

  7. They just keep trying to suck every last dollar out of the fan when they have clearly shown they could give a crap about us. Nothing new at all. F the NFL and every greedy owner. These owners make a gizillion dollars and what do they do they lockout the players so they can try to make even more. Its disgusting, the players were happy with the current deal but these dam owners just gotta have more as usual. They planned this lockout for years the owners. Im sick of the whole thing, both sides look like total asses at this point and now they are gonna have the balls to raise jersey prices on top of it. Seriously, screw yourself NFL you are making it harder to wanna watch everyday when a deal gets done.

  8. Ummm… Chinese factory-direct jersey’s (just like the “real” ones for $200+) can be found online for $25-50 a piece.

  9. Why would anybody pay full price for a jersey (which is made in China for nothing) when they could go online and get the same thing (with small errors but not even noticable) for $30 from the same place they are made anyways (all of mine have come with the official NFL hologram on them and they’re regular purchase price tag….They simply have small errors making them unsellable on

    Guaranteed the NFL sells them black market after they can’t sell them on their site, and they still make money at $30, which should show you what they really cost. Think about it. The NFL was ready to sue even small businesses in New Orleans that had the Saints symbol on the clothing. If the NFL didn’t own the merchandise being made and sold for cheap in the same city where their stuff is made, does anybody really think they wouldn’t go after them too?

  10. Oh ya….Forgot to mention. These $30 jerseys are not replica jerseys either. They are the real deal with sewn on numbers and everything.

  11. the nfl can raise the price for everything becuase i wont spend another dime on the nfl. not only should people not buy anything like replica jerseys they should not watch the nfl network, get on, i havnt watched there tv channel everysince lockout started and i wont, i also cancelled my season tickets. its hard but got to say i will not support idiots billionairs who want to increase the game to 18 games so they can rake in more money. to hell with roger goodell and the owners

  12. I had no idea these things cost so much in the first place.

    I usually mock grown men who wear the NFL jerseys of other grown men…

    Now I can also mock them for paying $84.99 for the “honor” of wearing the shirt of another grown man.

  13. It would be foolish to buy a jersey this year anyway since they will be redesigned next year.

    Unless you are a Bengals fan… 95% of jerseys worn last year are people that will no longer be with the team, lol.

  14. A little tip for everyone because I love you all… EBAY. I have about 5 Authentic Officially licensed Reebok jerseys all for 50 bucks each.

  15. Hey…It’s the economy Dummy…Heck it works for everything other rip off being done to the consumer.

  16. No way I’d spend that much $ on a jersey. Last summer, I was looking to buy a Sam Bradford jersey (to replace my Torry Holt Rams jersey, which was of the “painted numbers” type). I found one for $35 on Amazon, so I went ahead and purchased it, expecting it to be the painted numbers business (and perfectly fine with that). Instead, when I got it, I found that it was pretty much the game replica, sewn-on-numbers bit to the hilt. So, yeah, check Amazon, and forget (or whatever).

  17. Be smart people. You can get nice looking *stitched* “replica” jerseys online for $25 a pop. None of that screen printed garbage. I used to pay $100 or so for my jerseys. From now on, I’ll be getting one for the whole family for almost the same price, and I am willing to bet they’re probably made next door to the sweat shop that makes the real ones.

  18. Yea, stitched is better than replica. I won an authentic jersey from the Patriots, the only bad thing is they gave me Brady, but I wanted Mayo, Spikes, or McCourty. No biggie though, I got a free jersey that costs 260 dollars.

  19. Just stop buying them.

    It’s the same thing with jerseys, game tickets, Sunday Ticket, concessions at games, etc. etc. etc.

    It’s the same thing with every good and service sold in America.

    Sellers charge what buyers will pay. Why wouldn’t they? Why would anyone take less money than they can get for anything?

    The ugly truth is that if prices have gone up, it’s because sales have gone up. Which tells you all you need to know about fanboy america.

    Consumers have ultimate control of the market. If you want to drive prices down, stop buying the product. It really is that simple.

    I applaud the posters on here who have used the internet to find alternate sources at lower prices. If everyone would do this, the Licensees would have to lower their prices or go out of business.

    As for why the NFL is not confronting the licensees about their pricing policies- they have no standing to do so. They sold the licenses under agreements that allow those purchasing the license to charge whatever they can get.

    The NFL can attempt to punish these licensees by looking to replace them when their contracts are up, but no self respecting business is going to buy a license that includes price controls.

    I hope no one on here who claims to be “pro-business” in the CBA dispute would support the league putting restrictions on what the “businesses” who sell their product can charge for them.

    Because that would be decidedly “anti-business”.

  20. It makes no difference to me i will never spend money on any nfl products again,nor could i wear the jersey of one of these greedy players either.screw em all.

  21. nothing like sticking it to the fans some more. ridiculous that the actually get away with this crap. but for some reason us fans tolerate it

  22. You mock other grown men for wearing the shirts of other grown men??….WOW!! You guys are going to be FUN PARENTS!! (Sarcastic voice)…

    I wore replica jerseys way back when…they were OK. When I was able to afford it I stepped up to tthe authentic jersey. They are great…they are all I wear…yeah they cost more…but a Mercedes costs more than a Ford Escort…to each his own.

    You guys getting those jerseys off the internet from Japan are getting FAKES. I sell jerseys for a living…and if the price is too good to be true it PROBABLY is. The real issue is with NIKE taking over the rights in 2012 nobody should be buying a REEBOK this year…hell the REEBOK will probably be on sale next season when NIKE takes over.

  23. I will never buy another jersey. I have bought two in my lifetime thinking the players would be there till retirement. 2 years later they had moved to another team. I couldn’t even sell my julius peppers jersey at a yard sale for five dollars.

  24. felcus says: May 24, 2011 8:55 AM

    Ummm… Chinese factory-direct jersey’s (just like the “real” ones for $200+) can be found online for $25-50 a piece.

    Got both a hockey and football authentic for $75 total. They’re some great jerseys. $200 for an authentic is outrageous.

  25. There just seems to be no end to this BS !! Anyone who supports the NFL ,in any way, [because of the way the way they have treated their loyal fan base],… has to be plain NUTZ!!KEEP YOUR MONEY !!

  26. You can get the authentics for $50. You just need to know where to look. Try craigslist. A “friend of mine” bought two authentic jerseys from a guy on there and they were perfect. “He” has had them for a couple years now and no issues. It is worth taking a flyer on rather than paying $250.

  27. Reebok is trying to squeeze out a little more profit in its final year as Nike will take over NFL jerseys next season. (Hopefully with the futuristic Pro Combat style)

  28. FYI, China & Korean nockoffs are not exactly like the real jerseys, BUT they are close enuff that most peopel cant tell or know the difference. Differences are ususally in letter sizing, font, or stitching color. But is it worth it to pay $300 for the real deal on a 500% marckup, not to me.

  29. The kids in my family get Steelers merchandise from me every Christmas, but occasionally I design and print shirts myself when I can’t find anything interesting or sized right in the “official” line. Except for a couple of things I bought before the lockout, this year it will definitely be Deb originals. Not one dime to the league.

  30. Well as I stated in a post the other day i’ve locked myself out from purchasing anything NFL I’ve gotten rid of my team license plates for something more worthy of my dollar(s). And it’ll stay that way well after they come to their senses…

  31. Google “NFL Jerseys China” if you want a real reebok jersey with the sewn numbers and names. The cost is less than the replica’s sell for here.

  32. jarobinewsome says:
    May 24, 2011 10:06 AM
    You mock other grown men for wearing the shirts of other grown men??….WOW!! You guys are going to be FUN PARENTS!! (Sarcastic voice)…

    Umm…..did anyone say anything about not letting their kids wear jerseys?

    What does the thinking grown adults wearing football jerseys is a little silly have to do with parenting skills?

  33. What happened to supply and demand?
    That kind of puts a monkey wrench in my plans.
    I was preparing to go to my local tavern for
    25 cent wings and 50 cent drafts while I watch college games on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. j0esixpack says:
    May 24, 2011 9:13 AM
    I had no idea these things cost so much in the first place.

    I usually mock grown men who wear the NFL jerseys of other grown men…

    Now I can also mock them for paying $84.99 for the “honor” of wearing the shirt of another grown man

    Can we mock you for living in the basement of your Grandma’s house?

  35. I am another fan…priced out of game tickets a decade ago…now priced out of memorabilia…who will spending NO MONEY on anything related to the NFL!

    I have stopped watching the NFL network…I will not go to even for NFL news. I will spend no $$ on Cable or Dish packages which allow me to watch my favorite team.

    When the NFL comes back in 2013, I will not watch games on TV or the internet. I might look at the scores in the paper…but that’s going to be the level of my interests in pro football if things don’t get settled soon!

  36. This will only help boost sales for the Chinese/Hong Kong knockoff’s where you can get an authentic replica with stitched lettering for a third of the price that the NFL wants for the crappy screen printed ones.

    Would I rather buy an official legit one? Sure, but not at the ridiculous prices they want for them. Those screen printed jersey’s aren’t worth more than 20 bucks in my opinion especially since the last one I bought one of the numbers wore off after washing it twice. Now I’d rather just give the money directly to the Chinese labor that Reebok/Nike exploit then mark up 1000% of the cost.

  37. first of all those chinese ones look terrible and they are never the correct size. its a complete gamble. secondly, i thought nike was suppose to start making them. why would i want to buy a reebok one now if thats not what the jersey is going to look like if they ever play do play again.

  38. Not getting 1 cent from me this year, not wearing anything I purchased in the past as advertising for this B.S., not getting Sunday Ticket. Not going out of my way to watch games. The quality of play will be less, competitiveness is diminished, by no free agency before the draft and no OTA’s. It’s just entertainment, I’m not entertained…

  39. dennis2488: you say “first of all those chinese ones look terrible and they are never the correct size”

    OK, I guess I’m just crazy then. Myself, all my friends and about 10 local bars bought “authentic” jerseys from a Chinese site last year and I’ve never found much of a difference. There are slight imperfections but the sizes, etc are completely fine. They also continue to email me afterward to make sure I’m completely satisfied and I’d be able to return them for any reason.

    Lastly, the jerseys also came with the official logo of the NFL with the original price of the jersey in American dollars. I said before and I’ll say it again. All these jerseys are made in China. These are the ones that don’t make the “perfection” cut. The ones that do are simply marked up 10X what you pay from there. My jersey was an official Barry Sanders jersey and the only problem was the numbers were all silver instead of having two colors. That’s it and most people wouldn’t know any different.

    Trust me, the NFL is selling these imperfect jerseys through these “illegal” sites. How else do you still make money off the screw ups? That’s how, I guarantee it.

  40. Nobody has to buy them just like nobody has to buy the tickets and pay for the PSL’s.

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