PFT Live: Dhani Jones, Mike Freeman, and call in about worst Packers moments

We’ve got a well rounded PFT Live Tuesday.

The first segment includes a good deal of schaudenfreude, as Florio reveals the worst three moments in Packers history since the last work stoppage.

Next up we have Bengals linebacker/reality show host/bow tie connoisseur  Dhani Jones, who will let us know how he’s spent the offseason.

Mike Freeman of joins in the third segment to talk about his recent provocative take on Peyton Manning.

Finally, we ask you to call in to the fourth segment at 888-237-5269 to let Florio know your feelings on the worst Packers moments.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Dhani Jones, Mike Freeman, and call in about worst Packers moments

  1. Dhani Jones?…….Are you going to teach how to tackle?……or be in position to make a play?

  2. Whatever. You know what makes those “worst moments” a little easier to take? Just having won the Super Bowl.

  3. Taking Tony Mandarich over Barry Sanders, drafting T-Buck, Sterling Sharpe having a career ending injury, trading up to draft a what? Punter?? Superbowl 32, the Fridge running over us for a goal line TD, body slamming McMahon how embarrassing, approximately 1970 to 1992, watching that one DB getting dragged down the field by a WR in Denver, he looked like a little b***h, and one of my personal favorites would be what’s in a name, particularly mine for posting here.

    Those pop into my head. I leave the off the field stuff to our beloved NFC North fans of other teams.

    But my friends and I did still like watching the Pack before the 90s, we’d cheer after a first down, and we’d celebrate a score like they’d just won the game.

    Plus one of my friends and I believed that no matter how badly things might be effed up for you, the Packers were always worse off.

  4. “Most Packer fans’ worst moments involve Brett Favre in some way. What they forget is that without him, 1968 to 2011 would just be one long worst moment”.

    Um – correction … 1968 until 2002, when he threw six picks against the Rams, would be just one long worst moment. Since that game, he did nothing, other than win his usual regular season games, and then throw it all away with stupid, careless throws when the season was on the line.

    Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers never throws careless balls with the season on the line and he wins a Super Bowl and SB MVP. Case closed.

  5. thephantomstranger says: May 24, 2011 12:43 PM

    Prior to Favre’s arrival, you would have given anything to just “win his usual regular season games.”


    Yes, because the stable of QBs Green Bay developed wouldn’t have been able to do diddly squat had Bert not been there. Brunnell, Hasselback even Aaron Brooks. The incredibly dominate defenses headed up by Reggie White and Leroy Brown. Yes, we all know that Bert put Desmond Howard on his back to destroy the Pats in the Super Bowl.

    Meanwhile, Bert failing in Minny just carried on the spermheads long tradition. Nice derp.

  6. “Prior to Favre’s arrival, you would have given anything to just “win his usual regular season games.”

    Yeah – those win you a lot of Super Bowls.

    Do you know who is glad that Favre isn’t showing up for any training camp this year, and bringing a stupid circus with him? 32 NFL teams – that’s who. Oh, except maybe the Vikings – who tried to team up with him against Ted and then, surprise – epic FAIL and Tracy Porter.

    Meanwhile, Ted, Mike, and Aaron stick it to Favre with a middle finger and a Super Bowl trophy. Too bad, LOL.

  7. As far as turd moments:

    6 picks against the Rams

    4th and 26

    Pick to kill Super Bowl trip against Giants, at home, where Bert looked like a old man in a shawl.

    Two weeks previous when Kyle Orton looked like Johnny Unitas as Bert was dropping hand warmers all over the field that were wedged up his arse.

    Moving up to the 3rd round to take a punter who looks like Count Chocula and was about as good a punter as the Count.

    Any Mike Sherman draft.

  8. Worst moments….

    6 picks against the Rams
    4 picks against the Vikings
    rolling through the regular season with a 13-3 record..division won in week 14, then throwing 3 picks and fumbling once in a first round debacle playoff game at home (first playoff loss in Packer history).
    3 picks in second half in Philly (4th and 26 game)
    2 picks in closing 4 minutes of NFC Championship game….again at home

    Oops…was this worst Packer moments, or worst Farve moments. Oh well, they go hand in hand.

  9. Drafting Ahmad Carrol
    Signing Joe Johnson
    Paying Cleditus Hunt

    Any other Sherman personnel move

  10. packfntk says: May 24, 2011 1:54 PM

    Who is Leroy Brown?

    Cough, Cough…..


    Baddest man in the whole damn town.

    Butler, gear slippage.

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