Tom Zbikowski cancels boxing match, focusing on football

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Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is hanging up the boxing gloves to put his focus back on football.

Zbikowski, who went 3-0 as a professional boxer this offseason, told the Los Angeles Times that he has canceled his previously scheduled June 4 fight at the Staples Center.

It was time to start the transition back to football,” Zbikowski said. “My teammates are starting to organize some workouts, so it’s just time to head back [to Baltimore]. Wish I had more time to do both.”

Zbikowski’s timing is odd: There’s no end in sight to the lockout, so he doesn’t need to hurry back to the NFL, and he had already committed to the June 4 fight. Zbikowski’s boxing promoter, Bob Arum, says this decision has nothing to do with Zbikowski’s positive marijuana test after his last fight, which he successfully appealed.

But Zbikowski says he just wants to show that he’s committed to his primary occupation, football.

“I’m getting ready for this upcoming season,” he said. “It’s going to be a big year for the Ravens and I need to be ready.”

20 responses to “Tom Zbikowski cancels boxing match, focusing on football

  1. It’s odd that he canceled a predetermined match to focus on football. When he scheduled the fight he knew what month it was in. Something’s fishy here

  2. Zibby knows what’s going on! First he predicted success in the Ring, then he beat the test for maryjane, now he’s predicting the Ravens will do big things this year! He must know the lockout’s ending!

    GOAT can sleep easy now knowing the crime wave will be Averted!

  3. Wow, another blog post about this guy nobody’s ever heard of?

    Good stuff, good stuff.

  4. It’s pretty clear that it was his teammates pressure that got him to stop.

    There’s no room for anything other than Ray’s ego in Ravens world.

    Zibby was “put in his place”

  5. “bengalsown says:
    Wow, another blog post about this guy nobody’s ever heard of?”


    It’s okay to know more players in the NFL besides the ones shoved in your face on commercials all the time…

  6. Smoking weed and boxing seems like an odd combination…the fact that he was 3-0 AND high all the time shows that he really was indeed fighting piles of dog poo.

  7. Maybe they stopped giving Zbikowski tomato cans to beat up on and he decided he wanted no piece of this next opponent and would rather step away with an umblemished record of 3-0?

  8. MDS, are you calling Zibikowski a p#$sy? I’m sure he’d accept a fight with you.

  9. I see this as one of two things:

    Ray Lewis told him if he doesn’t stop goofing off and get to work on football that they’d be boxing so Zbikowski saw his record dropping to 3-1 and decided to use football as a scape goat to back out of a fight he didn’t want any part of any longer.

  10. “bengalsown says:
    Wow, another blog post about this guy nobody’s ever heard of?”


    It always amuses me when so-called fans demonstrate their lack of knowledge and utter ignorance of players. There’s this new fangled thing on the interweb superwhighway called “Google” or “Yahoo”. You can just highlight the name and pres copy. Then you right click on the search box and paste the name. Then press SEARCH. Voila, you can know improve your knowledge and look less like a complete fool on PFT.

  11. “bengalsown says:
    Wow, another blog post about this guy nobody’s ever heard of?”


    Well that’s just ignorant. The kid went to Buffalo Grove High School in Illinois and played at Notre Dame. He was the backup and earned his keep on special teams. He has since transitioning into a bigger role in the defense. Doesn’t anyone think before spewing off the nonsense?

    Oh, and can this lookout be over yet? Just cut a deal already

  12. Translation: I looked bad against a street bum in my last fight and don’t want to get my ass kicked June 4th

  13. Wow, another blog post about this guy nobody’s ever heard of?


    Yeah, no one has heard of quite possibly one of the most famous players in the history of Notre Dame football.

    20 million people in the country would disagree with you.

  14. Well if it were acting, I’d be highly suspicious. But stepping away from a sport where people punch you in the face is a little less questionable.

    And maybe he really does know his limitations, did the math, and understands he’ll make more at football.

  15. oh and the guys saying “how do you not know him – he played at notre dame” —- duh that’s WHY folks don’t know him – no one watches notre dame football anymore (or whatever it is they play there that passes for football).

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