Brees says Saints “have a plan” and “a purpose” in lockout workouts

The Saints are in the fourth week of lockout workouts, organized by quarterback Drew Brees.  In a new video posted today by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mike Triplett interviews Brees regarding the workouts.  Brees, pictured with rookie running back Mark Ingram in a photo posted on Twitter by Jason Bernos of, talked initially about the experiences of the fans who won via raffle the ability to work out with the players at Tulane’s facilities.

Turning to the team itself, Brees said that the Saints “have a plan” and “a purpose” during the workouts, which have been attended by roughly 40 members of the team.

Our favorite quote from Brees was this one:  “We just continue to modify and escalate the type of training we’re doing to be even more football-specific and that kind of thing as we close in on June and get ready for training camp.”

This statement implies that there will be a training camp, something that gives us all reason for hope during an offseason that has been littered with feelings of football hopelessness.

14 responses to “Brees says Saints “have a plan” and “a purpose” in lockout workouts

  1. Comming from him I think it could mean alot since if anyone knows the commings and goings of the lock out Brees is probably the best authority you could find.

    That said makes me doubt his words even more this could just be a smoke screen and the begining of a new PR line by the players. They worked out and got ready for camp, a camp the owners won’t allow.

    I am sick of both sides they need to shut up and get this done. This is really getting old. Stop the nonsense a do this.

  2. I just hope nobody gets hurt.

    On a lighter note, the Saints players unorganized workouts are more organized than training camp under former coach Mike Ditka.

  3. Plan and Purpose…he has learned well sitting under the direct leadership of DeMaurice Smith. Good job Drew.

  4. So players are organizing workouts guess they don’t need coaches, here’s an idea start organizing preseason games, create new teams and see how fast the owners realize without the players there is no league.

  5. If I never see Drew Brees play again it will be OK with me. The game is far bigger than the A__holes that signed the anti-trust suit. DeSmith is a mad man and only a fool would follow him.

  6. The “plan” is to hand the ball off to Ingram all the time for the “purpose” of hiding Drew’s noodle arm.

  7. This puts the Saints in a great position going into the new season. Whilst other teams are (understandably) enjoying their time off, New Orleans are preparing just like any other season and let’s hope it translates to the field.

    But one thing this really proves is that the owners and coaches are not quite as invaluable as they thought, as the players seem to be getting on just fine without them. Problem is, not every team has leaders like Brees and Vilma.

  8. lonewizard says: May 26, 2011 1:16 AM

    If I never see Drew Brees play again it will be OK with me.


    Must be the only way your team plans on beating the Saints.

  9. The Saints seem to have the most organized and focused workouts going right now. Some teams are looking pretty sad in comparison, with only a handful of guys showing up here and there, if any.

  10. I have a hard time believing whether the “get ready for training camp” is authentic on Brees’ part or just more silly leverage and PR. De Smith is out for himself and only himself and hhis (weak I hope) political ambitions — even a golden child like Brees must be able to recognize that.

  11. hobartbaker says:
    May 26, 2011 1:25 AM
    The “plan” is to hand the ball off to Ingram all the time for the “purpose” of hiding Drew’s noodle arm.
    Yes because that noodle arm certainly isn’t good enough to win that team a Superbowl huh?

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