Channing Crowder thinks some players will run out of money

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Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder is always good for some interesting comments on the issue of the day in the NFL, and the lockout is no exception. Speaking about some of the young players in the league, Crowder said that they’ve already spent the money they have, or have just enough to get by for a few more months, and won’t be able to make ends meet if they start missing paychecks in September.

“You have the first, second-year guys – they buy a house, they buy a $100,000 car and now they’re broke and they had just enough money to make it to this next season,” Crowder said. “And I know it. I know plenty of guys that are like that and [there are] already guys trying to take loans out.”

Crowder knows first-hand what that’s like: He has said that when he was entering the NFL draft, he started spending big because Mel Kiper projected him as a first-round pick. When Crowder actually went in the third round, he didn’t have the money he thought he would.

Crowder also said fans should expect low-quality football at the start of the season if there are no training camps.

“There’s going to be more injuries [and] it’s going to be real simple football,” Crowder said. “It’s going to mess up the integrity of the game because we’re used to having those [off-season training activities], minicamps, off-season workouts . . . It’s hurting the NFL now and as long as the owners won’t let us go to work it’s going to continue to hurt the game we love.”

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  1. So, when the 1st and 2nd year players run out of money, is it mel kiper’s, todd mcshay, or mike mayock’s fault?

  2. As long as Brees, Manning, and Brady have money the lawyers will never give up the lawsuit. The rank and file have no say in the matter. You gave up your right to have a voice when you decertified.

  3. Think of all the poor Escalade dealers who are losing all this income during the lockout.

  4. Idk, when I was unemployed money just kept pouring in…lol no duh idiot that happens to everyone. No work, no pay. It’s not like just cuz Ur an athlete you get a slide….some peoples kids.


    When I hear things like this I do NOT feel bad for these guys at all.

  6. Well, Channing, you did it again. I agree with you, particularly the last paragraph of the article, but the problem isn’t that the owners won’t let you go back to work…the problem is that you’re NFLPA is too stubborn to get back to the bargaining table. That’s the ONLY way this will be resolved, the quickest way for it to get resolved and the best way…too bad players like you and many of the others won’t grow a pair and tell that idiot Smith to do what it takes…He’s in this for his glory, not for yours…

  7. i guess the first thing someone in that situation could do, if they’re cash strapped, is sell the 100,000 dollar car, and live within their means. or, maybe get a job until the labor situation is resolved instead of just depending on whatever little amount they banked. why am i supposed to feel bad for stupidity?

  8. ar1888 says: May 25, 2011 6:42 AM

    Even Anne Frank could see they will run out of money!


    Anyone stupid enough to confuse Anne Frank with (one assumes) Helen Keller should be immediately banned from the site.

  9. The Anne Frank comment is one of the funnies things I have seen in a while. What a dumbass. People with intelligence that low should not get keyboards with their computers.

  10. Wow, what a ground-breaking comment. What’s next for Crowder, predicting the end of the world?

  11. “as long as the owners won’t let us go to work it’s going to continue to hurt the game we love.”

    This is the attitude of most of the players because DeMouth has poisoned their minds with his jibberish. Not until the players open thei eyes and realize that its their own leader thats preventing a solution.

  12. Maybe,just maybe ari888 was joking about the time Crowder couldn’t tell the difference between anne frank and helen keller.welcome to the site jackasses.

  13. Didn’t the players walk out of negotiations? Didn’t the players NOT make any counter offers? Didn’t the players run to court and file lawsuits? Isn’t it the players who won’t come back to the bargaining table(oh that’s union, no one to negotiate with..who did that again?)

    Look in the mirror, Mr. Crowder, and see why you aren’t having off season workouts and why the game is going to suffer

  14. Isn’t this the guy that said he spent a lot of money before being drafted because Mel Kiper predicted he would go a lot higher in the draft than he actually went? Then he blamed his money problems on Mel Kiper? I think there might be several intelligent NFL players who are currently playing, trouble is-try to think of just one of them who have not said something stupid or incredibly stupid. Why don’t you agents just tell your clients to “shut the hell up”!

  15. ar1888 says:
    May 25, 2011 6:42 AM

    Even Anne Frank could see they will run out of money!


    Is that, apparently, from her attic hiding place in Amsterdam?

  16. The moral of the story is: don’t buy a $100,000 car and a mansion, when you’re a rookie and the league is, very publicly, facing a looming lockout. If you can afford to spend your signing bonus on stuff like that, then you can afford to hire a financial guy to tell you that it’s a bad idea, too.

    My guess is that Anne Frank, who was not blind, didn’t give a s**t about football, while she was growing up during the holocaust. Who knows, though.

  17. Mayb these idiots players talking bout going back to the bargaining table should stop telling reporters, but tell the god damn league u want to negotiate, it seems like stupid Goodell jus wants to go bck to the bargaining table also, soooo WTF is the problem GOOOOOO NEGOTIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sell the house, sell the car, get an apartment and an old used car, wait for negotiators to reach an agreement [at most, a lockout will last a year]. Problem solved.

  19. @ditkastache, jimmysee, garkeith, and clintonportisheadd

    Crowder confused Anne Frank with Helen Keller a year or 2 ago.. That’s where the reference is from.. It’s an inside joke that you must be on the outside of… So instead of ripping it (because it’s actually funny), have some knowledge of the situation first.

  20. Players lamenting over lost paychecks, high interest loans, and boredom with no football. What a bunch of complete fools. I hope they all lose at least one paycheck.

  21. Players’ 2011 salaries range from a minimum of $340,000 (for a rookie) to tens of millions of dollars (for elite players). I truly find it amazing that so many players seem to be living hand-to-mouth after blowing their phenomenal salaries on extravagant living. You’d think that most would be smart enough to save some money for their retirement or in the event of a career-ending injury or to survive a strike or lockout. Apparently not. Athletic skill and intelligence/foresight seem to be mutually-exclusive in many football players.

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