Hines Ward set to undergo thumb surgery


Now that Hines Ward has Dancing with the Stars out of the way, he can start getting ready for football again.  That includes repairing a thumb problem that has bothered him since the season ended.

Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Ward will have surgery on Tuesday to repair ligament damage in his left thumb.

He delayed the surgery in order to compete in the dance competition, which he won over athletic luminaries like Rebecca Howe from Cheers.

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  1. Hines got a unanimous “thumbs bent off to one side at a strange angle” from the audience.

  2. I tell you, always wanted to hate this guy but it’s hard to do. He shows up every day and works hard at what he does. Not gifted like most but his work ethic more than makes up for that.

    After catching DWTS a few times (my wife watches and it does suck me in from time to time) I gotta admit, I’ll never hate him. Hines is just a good person and is grounded well…always showing love and respect to his moms.

    He’s refreshing in comparison to his peers!

  3. Agreed. Ward has tremendous drive backed up by an incredible work ethic. He has the heart of a champion.

    There’s a reason Ochocinco didn’t do too well on DWTS.

    There’s a reason Ochocinco is 0-2 in the playoffs in his 11 YEAR CAREER.

  4. Ok NFL, this lockout has gone on long enough. Now one of your star players has injured himself trying to save money on gas by hitch hiking.

  5. After Ward won, he said three things:

    1. Thanked the judges for their criticism to make him a better dancer.
    2. Said he wanted to win for Steelers Nation.
    3. Said he hoped he made the city of Pittsburgh proud.

    Hate him or not, this is a man who was willing to do anything to become better and thought about how his actions and behavior would impact his fans and his city.

    I truly hope his attitude and work ethic rubs off on other players–including some on his own team.

  6. I still hate Pittsburgh with a red hot passion – I still think they are a team filled with rapists, cheaters, cheap-shot artists and crybabies, BUT, – and I say this in all seriousness – Hines Ward was a hell of an ambassador for himself and his team on this show.

    (except of course when he just couldn’t help himself and blindsided his dance partner and tried to crush her skull)

  7. Re that bit of snark about “Rebecca Howe” on Cheers: Kirstie Alley did a heckuva job on the program. It takes a lot of guts to sign up for a show like that at her age and size.

    Dancing takes skill, grace, coordination, and athleticism. Wideouts and corners are usually the most athletic players in the NFL, and I’d bet those pro dancers could match or best them in a stamina competition. So if the lockout ended today, Hines would probably be in better shape than the rest of the team.

    Fellas, if it’s not your thing, fine. But men who are comfortable with their masculinity don’t have to work so hard trying to prove it.

    Good luck with the surgery, Hines.

  8. Hines said everything he needed to say – all of two sentences – to explain the special bond between the City of Pittsburgh and its athletes. All I know is that I’m in love with Kym Johnson.

  9. I believe Hines is setting up a career in television after football. He has been taking the classes the networks provide current players.

    The reason Hines will be successful is that there is no filter from his mind to his mouth. He will say what he thinks…and downrange I think he will say some strong things about people like Ben and Plaxico.

    Jerome Bettis was a bust on TV because he never said the least thing controversial. Nice guy. Total bore.

    Johnny Miller is controbversial and widely regarded as one of the best in golf; Lanny Wadkins was what Bettis was. Nothing memorable.

    Ward, being a Korean Black American (or however we describe his ethnicity) will be a huge hit. He’ll go from Dancing With The Stars to being one of TV’s stars.

    Actaully, I’m not a big fan. But this guy as a third round overachiever from Georgia who played QB is headed for Hall of Fame and other heights.

  10. Doesn’t really seem fair for an elite athlete to be competing side by side on an even playing field with another contestant that has done plus size modelling, and weight loss commercials.

    One would assume the athlete would win exponentially every time!!!

  11. @wyobroncoboy …

    The challenge for the show’s professionals is to choreograph to the strengths of their celebrities. Where an athlete may be better able to handle the physicalities of the dance, an actress like Alley–even though she’s not in great shape–is better prepared to handle the performance aspects and play to the audience. And her partner knew exactly how to showcase her strengths. One reason Michael Irvin performed so poorly is that he was paired with a first-time pro who didn’t know how to choreograph for him. She hasn’t been on the show since.

    Surprisingly, some of the athletes are very herky-jerky in their body movements, and some musicians have no rhythm at all. So unless they toss in a ringer like Nicole Scherzinger–a dancer with the P*ssycat Dolls who had an unfair advantage–it’s anyone’s game. Warren Sapp was the biggest surprise. As he used to say on the show, Fat Boy can dance 🙂

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