Irsay says surgery will have no impact on Manning contract talks


Colts owner Jim Irsay says he won’t hold Peyton Manning’s recent surgery against him when the two re-start contract talks after the lockout.

“I think he has a great chance to play five years,” Irsay said via Alex Marvez of “He’s such a tough guy. He takes care of himself. He really, really works hard. I feel good about it. This doesn’t affect the way I view [a new contract].”

Irsay stressed this surgery was less problematic than the one Manning underwent last March.  Irsay believes it will take Manning 6-8 weeks to recover.

Sadly, no one expects the lockout to end during that timeframe.

9 responses to “Irsay says surgery will have no impact on Manning contract talks

  1. Is this guy gearing up to teach the definitive course in “How to Abandon Any and All Leverage in Negotiation?” Or is he simply a masochist who enjoys being abused by player agents?

  2. So a 35 year old with multiple neck surgeries over the past couple years is a sound investment for the largest contract ever?

    A guy who rarely has taken big hits and falls down on his own to avoid hits is tough?

    They better pray that O line keeps him to 13 sacks again this year or they’re going to end up wasting a ton of guaranteed money.

  3. Roddy,

    It shows how much you watch Colts games.

    The OL doesn’t limit him to 13 sacks, their OL sucks. Manning getting rid of the ball is what limits him to 13 sacks.

    Yes he’s tough, he’s missed one play in his career due to an injury and that was a broken jaw, and returned to play in the same game and each week afterwards.

    He does avoid hits, and that is smart. Why take one when you don’t need to and nothing positive can come from it.

    I’m assuming you are an Atlanta fan and since it has been decades in between Atlanta having a professional quarterback ,Bartkowski to Ryan, I can see how you might not have much knowledge of watching a professional quarterback play the game but that isn’t a good enough excuse for you being that ignorant.

    Yes the best quarterback to play the game with 5-8 years left in him is worthy of the largest contract ever. We certainly know Atlanta wasted a lot of guaranteed money when they gave a POS the highest contract at that point. Now that was foolish from a football perspective, though it wasn’t horrible from a marketing point of view. What do you market to a POS town? A world class POS!

  4. The only thing bad about this scenario Irsay has is that Manning will retire immediately upon conclusion of the Brady, et al, lawsuit. That should be, with appeals to SCOTUS, about ten years and he will be too old to play by then, as will most of the current crop of nfl players.

  5. @firejimcadwell –

    Manning originally said he would play for 15 seasons, and is rapidly approaching that mark. Yes, the O line sucked last year, however that hasn’t been the case in previous years. And as a resident in Indianapolis, it’s hard to not be familiar with the Colts. It was obvious last season that Manning is not the same as he once was, and that will continue to be evident as he approaches 40. Manning has 3 good years left in him and a couple more serviceable years if he’s lucky enough to have a good supporting cast, and then it is curtains.

    Also the coaches name is Jim CaLdwell. Feel free to lecture me when you know more about your own favorite team.

  6. Like I said before, I guaran-dam-tee it that rule or no rule for owners/management having not allowing contact with players during this lockout, that Bill Polian and Jim Irsay certainly were face to face with Peyton Manning before he goes in to have surgery on his neck, no matter how minor the procedure. Polian has always taken the approach that the rules do not apply to him, he invented the game. The public is nothing but a bothersome group of rubes. They are not going to spend over $100 million on a player who is off having neck surgery on his own. They were together, with their doctors and went into every minute detail and signed off before Peyton had this done. I guaran-dam-tee it.

  7. TDRW – if you watch the Colts so much you should know their OL has gotten progressively worse every season since 2006.

    Before the Colts roster was raped by injuries to key players on both sides of the ball Manning was having an incredible year. Through 7 games he threw 15 TDs and just 2 INTs. And at the end of the season he lead the team on a 4 game win streak to earn a spot in the playoffs, all the while throwing 9 TDs and 2 INTs.

    You can’t just look at his worst games without context and just say he is not the player he once was. You’re speaking (typing) out of ignorance.

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