Jeff Faine passes on Bucs lockout workouts


Buccaneers center Jeff Faine, the team’s NFLPA* representative, is raising some eyebrows in Tampa for his inconsistent stance regarding the value of player-led lockout workouts.  The folks at have pieced together Faine’s past and present words on the subject.

For starters, and as we pointed out not long after the comments were made, Faine expressed pessimism regarding the ability of the team’s quarterback to marshal the troops.

“You’re not going to see Josh Freeman and our receiving corps down at the University of Tampa soccer field,” Faine told Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.  “They might go out there and run some routes and throw.  But you’re talking about getting an entire receiving corps together being able to work against an entire defensive backs corps.  It’s just not going to happen.”

And, of course, it’s now happening.  Even though Faine has passed on the opportunity to participate.

I was actually invited,” Faine recently told WQYK in Tampa.  “I guess they wanted me to come snap the ball a little bit and block air.  But I decided my time was best served in the weight room than making sure that our snaps were still good.

“They’re definitely putting in some work.  These guys are out there throwing the ball.  It’s good. It’s great for our young receivers and our young franchise quarterback to be able to get together and throw the ball around the yard a little bit and spend a little time together.  They’ll hopefully be able to basically supplement what we’d normally be doing.  But of course it definitely isn’t replacing the amount of work we’d normally be putting in, and that’s something that’s definitely going to be missed this upcoming season.”

Faine sings a slightly different tune when raving about the Saints’ chances to rule the division if the lockout wipes out the entire offseason program and chews into training camp.

‘I think that New Orleans, especially, with the pieces that they’ve had in place for some time,” Faine said.  “Not much change.  You’ve got a hell of a quarterback that’s leading his team in an offseason program.  Those guys have played together for some time.  They’ve had the same coordinator in Sean Payton and also the head coach for some time.”

It’s hard not to get the feeling that, if Drew Brees had invited Faine to work out with the Saints, Faine would have accepted in a heartbeat.  If Freeman has developed that feeling, things could get very interesting in Tampa once the lockout ends.

18 responses to “Jeff Faine passes on Bucs lockout workouts

  1. To Freeman, Faine’s comments are like water off a duck’s back. Or as they say in New Orleans, oil off a dead duck’s back.

  2. Kinda hard figuring out this guy’s motives, unless he’s trying to get out of town.

    He ridicules his own QB’s efforts to lead workouts while praising the efforts of an opposing QB in his own division to do the same thing.


  3. What a tool… A young, up and coming team and people like him and Talib seem to get all the press…. Even if he’s good, get rid of him… don’t need people not interested in being there… What a loser

  4. Sounds like a dude with a hot but, immature girlfriend, checking out what he thinks is an even hotter chick. Word to the wise, the grass isn’t always greener, and be careful what you covet, because you just might get it, and then some.

  5. Just lost a healthy dose of respect for Jeff. A Johnson Jockey is not a good look for a TEAM CAPTAIN JEFFREY…

  6. Jeff “the Human Turnstile” Faine…. That’s what I called him in during his last season with the Saints. I’m glad he got paid somewhere…

  7. Can’t entirely disagree with Faine’s position. Without coaches available for teaching and directing the specifics, the value of the workouts could have a counterproductive risk/reward ratio.

  8. These players who are holding out need to understand it’s not about football practice it’s about coming together as a team. Them isolating themselves runs counter productive to that.

  9. There’s an old chinese proverb: The person who doesn’t want to do it, shouldn’t interrupt the person doing it.

    And these things aren’t all about running routes and throwing passes. There’s some team building involved.

  10. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go. Linemen can’t participate like skill position players or defensive backs, you can’t simulate lineman contact safely. But his comments make him look like a d-bag and a bad teammate.

  11. Faine has been healthy as often as he has been injured the past few seasons, and hasn’t been all that impressive when he has been healthy.

    He will not be an offensive team captain this season, he knows it, the team knows it, and at this point, at Faine’s age and injury problems, rookie (and the fact that former collegiate OC) Ted Larsen played well at LG last season, Faine is likely on the way out and rightfully so.

    Faine is a Gruden guy, Gruden brought him in and greatly overpaid him to be an average, injury prone OC. Jeremy Zuttah is far more athletic, and if he can get more speed on his snaps, he is a major upgrade to Faine (not to forget Larsen).

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