Jerry Jones gets permission to attend Tony Romo’s wedding

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The rules of the road in the NFL during the lockout prevent owners from having contact with players. But there are some exceptions.

One exception, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed today at the NFL’s spring meeting, is that he’s allowed to attend the wedding of his quarterback, Tony Romo.

I’ve gotten special permission,” Jones told ESPN. “But more than anything, [I got the] right ticket from him and his fianceé — Romo’s wife-to-be. [It’s] one of prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen. So, yes, I will be there and [I’m] proud for him. He’s got the best end of this deal.”

Romo will marry Candice Crawford on Saturday in Dallas.

31 responses to “Jerry Jones gets permission to attend Tony Romo’s wedding

  1. LOL Jerry Jones has been keeping tabs on the prettiness of every invitation he’s ever received. But srsly tho that’s very sweet he’ll be attending his QB’s wedding.

  2. Would it be a conflict of interest if the Romo’s gift registry was at the North Park Mall?

  3. Will this be the occasion where Jones whispers in Romo’s ear “Tony – you are a nifty little October and November quarterback but I need someone who can win in December and January. You’re fired. Best wishes to you and your new wife!”

  4. JJ figures he might be able to cop a feel of the bride under the guise of excessive inebriation.

  5. Okay Tony, here’s the new playbook. Coach wants to go more play action, so work on your roll outs. Also more deep hitch/fade combos so work on your 5 step pump and go’s. We’re going to go less over the middle and utilize the outside talent more so don’t sweat as much on those inside LB reads and work more on reading dback technique early. Let’s see, anything else on Coach’s list, oh yeah work extra, extra hard on your screen game because we’re expanding on that as well to keep the LB’s honest since we are attacking the inside less, like I mentioned. Well, that about does it don’t want to draw too much attention…er yeah congrats or whatever your first wife will always hold a special place peace gotta run. Yeah they bought that fancy invite line hook and sinker

  6. Known as the greediest owner in the NFL… and the architect of the lockout, the NFL sure is allowing the cowboys owqner and their coaching staff contact with their players. Meanwhile other teams aren’t allowed any contact.

    I think Goodell is trying to give the under-achieving Cowboys an advantage over the rest of the league.

    Goodell talks a good game, but truthfully his words are completely hollow. This is about billionaires breaking unions and owning the court of appeals. Justice is for sale in America. Different rules for different classes of America.

    While the owners stroll out on the decks of justice on a cruise ship, the fans are locked in third class like they were in the Titanic disaster.
    The posters here all identify with billionaires that threaten to cancel games on the anniversary of 9/11. I can’t remember one story of a billionaire running into a building and saving a single soul… yet states are taking away their benefits.

    Then you have Tom Brady running to court for his collective bargaining rights, yet he’s seen sitting with Republicans who cut state worker’s collective bargaining rights. Brady is a hypocrite and doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the working class.

    Millionaire players and billionaire owners don’t care about their working class fans at all. They both think the fans are they slaves and act like they don’t care how they treat us.

    The game belongs to the fan. The owners and players are stewarts. They are just greedy millionaires and billionaires that don’t respect anyone or anything but a buck. Both sides have justices in their pockets.

    The only time these players and owners care about their fans is when they need our tax dollars for their billion dollar playhouses. Then they court us and call it our teams, so we the tax payers, flip the bill for these greedy jerks to split 9 billion dollars in profits…. Isn’t America great for the rich….

  7. Romo overbooked his wedding by one seat and will make Jerry Jones sit out side and look through the window to watch it. That will give fans justice that got hosed during the Dallas Super Bowl

  8. When he gets there tell him the temporary seating wasn’t approved and bring him to the basement to watch it on TV.

  9. I’m surprised that dozens of PFT’s pimply-faced WOW nerd army aren’t telling us how ugly Candice Crawford is… yet.

  10. He’s already destroyed the Cowboy organization, might as well destroy a relationship, too!

  11. Tony Romo has led his team to victory in the playoffs so some of you need to update your copy of his resume.

    The only downside to his getting married is that the more rabid Cowboy fans will now try to pin every loss on his wife ‘taking up to much of his time’.

    As for the haters:

    Tony Romo is

    1. Richer than you
    2. More famous than you
    3. Plays better golf than you
    4. getting more of his teammates to the team workouts than Brees and
    5. marrying a gorgeous blonde.

    I know it hurts. Tough. Get over it.

  12. As for the haters:

    Tony Romo is

    1. Richer than you – TRUE
    2. More famous than you – TRUE
    3. Plays better golf than you – TRUE
    4. getting more of his teammates to the team workouts than Brees and
    5. marrying a gorgeous blonde. – TRUE

    I don’t ‘hate’ Romo. He seems like a nice guy but, this is a FOOTBALL site and

    6. Has won one playoff game in his 8 year career – TRUE

  13. yeah, look and see what y’all ain’t got. because Dallas got it.

    HOF quarterback, best pass-rusher in the league and probably history, i could go on and on but y’all be hating so im rollin suckass.

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