Matt Stover to retire a Raven on Thursday


Matt Stover’s career began in 1991 as a member of the old version of the Cleveland Browns under Bill Belichick.  Twenty years later, his career will officially end when he retires a member of the Ravens.

Stover was out of football in 2010.  He spent 18 years with the Browns/Ravens before helping out the Colts during their Super Bowl run during 2009.   He retires fourth all time in points and field goals; he made one Pro Bowl and won a Super Bowl.

The Ravens say they will make an additional announcement about Stover and the team at his press conference Thursday.

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  1. Can he sign a 1 day retirement contract during the lockout? Can a player formally file retirement papers during the lockout? I bet he technically has to wait until the start of the new season to actually retire a Raven.

  2. Matt is a true class act – can’t say he’s a friend of mine, but I know him through charity work & he was an incredibly dedicated pro who always had time to help a good cause, and is a fine example of a “family man.” Another NFLer who has EARNED the right to be called a role model!

    Congrats on your career Matt, and I hope it ends in the Ravens’ Ring of Honor…and a bust in Canton!!!

  3. I hated Harbaugh for letting AutoMATTic walk in favor of the 10 year old, Hauscka. And he’s lucky Cundiff bailed him out and fixed that mistake.

    Matt was a true Raven and he’ll be missed. Enjoy retirement #3.

  4. I have nothing but respect for all Browns 1.0 and/or Ravens. It is the same feeling I have for Oilers/Titans, although it’s possible I feel it even more for Browns 1.0/Ravens.

    This is not a regional loyalty. My home teams are Carolina and Tampa, both younger than me, and I happened to have been in their cities when they were formed, and mourning for me isn’t really necessary. Appreciated, though.

    Above all, I love great football. And em-effs who don’t hold out or lock out because, well, take a look at MY paycheck and try not to laugh.

  5. Stover is truly a class act!

    Great to hear he will be in the Baltimore Ring of Honor with Jonathan Ogden, Michael McCrary, Peter Boulware and Johnny Unitas

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