One possible plan for roster expansion

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We mentioned earlier Wednesday that Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t rule out the possibility of expanding rosters when the lockout ends.

And since there’s not much else going on, we’re going to follow up with one potential plan that has been floated out there.  Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that one of the ideas would be to expand the 53-man roster and the gameday roster by three players apiece.

That would leave 48 players available on Sundays, and 56 men on team rosters.

The idea here would be to help coaches keep some young players that may not have the proper time in a shortened offseason and training camp to get ready to play.  Coaches would then be able to retain more rookies without feeling pressured to play them.

We think a plan like this makes sense, especially if the lockout knocks out most of training camp.  Presumably, a more permanent set of roster roles would be part of the next CBA.

11 responses to “One possible plan for roster expansion

  1. Why the hell do they not just let them dress the entire roster on game day? That rule has never made the slightest bit of sense to me.

  2. that is not enough. teams need more bodies on the sidelines on Sundays. just think how ridiculous things will get with their proposed 18 game season

  3. The plan sounds like a lock as long as there’s a provision That the extra roster players are rookies. How about 7 max draft pick slots + 50 other players. If you draft more than 7, they count towards the 50 other players.

    Gameday wouldn’t really matter in terms of rookies, but at least a team can really try to train their rookies.

    While we’re at it, how about a 2nd (minor) league where all non-starting rookies play with the other non-starting rookies in their division. That’s a nice 8 team league where the undiscovered gems will stick out.

    Ideas… I’m full of em… or full of it 🙂

  4. Rosters should be variable based on a team’s preference. League should set min and max, and let teams work within that.

    If one team feels they need 60 guys on their roster, and another team only needs 55, why not let them do that? Keep the game day roster at a fixed number, to keep it fair.

  5. Some of the more senior players realize that a delay means less threat to them from newer players.

    An expanded roster would give them less incentive to delay.

  6. If you have 53 people on a roster, you should be able to use 53 people on Sunday. If you change it to 56, then use 56. To pay a player not to play is STUPID!! There is no point. If he is healthy, let him dress and play!!

  7. Bill Belichick must be smiling. 53 plus 3 would be one way to keep Brian Hoyer on the roster. With 53 men, they would most likely only keep two qbs, Brady and Mallett.

  8. Regardless of a lockout, the rosters should be expanded anyway. With all of the specialization that occurs in today’s game and concentration on player health, rosters need to be expanded so players do not have to play as many plays bashing their heads together.

    I still like the inactive list, though, because it does keep some strategy in play, deciding whether to keep that extra O-Lineman or DB.

  9. Would this only be a temporary solution? I think the expanded roster should be permanent, it gives teams more versatility, and allows them to keep their rookies (and likely practice squad players) a chance to earn their keep sooner, and not be snatched up by a needy team elsewhere.

  10. Not for nothing, but isn’t roster expansion one of the key issues in the 18-game schedule debate?

    And what if Herm Edwards’ prediction pans out and there ends up being only one week of preseason this year, followed by (presumably) the full regular season? Does that not set the precedent for a shorter preseason that the owners will use to sell it – and the 18-game schedule – on a permanent basis, just as the 9/11 attacks gave the owners the opening they needed to hold February Super Bowls?

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