Philip Rivers likes those rumors about Carolina’s Steve Smith


Panthers wideout Steve Smith is from the Los Angeles area, and would reportedly love to play close to home again.  The Chargers are reportedly at least somewhat interested.

Consider Philip Rivers one of those interested Chargers.

“Bring it on,” Rivers said with a laugh when asked about Smith on Jim Rome is Burning Wednesday. “We have a great deal of weapons, and I certainly appreciate each and every one of them, but any chance you can add a guy of that caliber, I’m all for it.”

Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith is a guy that relies on the draft, but he’s not afraid to trade when necessary.  (Think Chris Chambers.)

San Diego’s interest in Smith could depend on how the CBA works out.  If we go back to 2010 rules and the team can easily keep Malcom Floyd with a restricted tender, then there won’t be a huge need for Smith.

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  1. I love his attitude towards the game of football and how he competes. Phillip Rivers is the consummate professional, now cue the crybaby posts. Can’t get enough of it.

  2. Steve Smith would be an awesome addition to the Chargers’ passing game. The trio of Gates, Jackson and Smith would keep AFC defensive coordinators awake at night. But I’d still want to keep Floyd. Floyd is underrated, and he is younger than Smith and he is 6-5.

  3. “If we go back to 2010 rules and the team can easily keep Malcom Floyd with a restricted tender, then there won’t be a huge need for Smith.”

    — Steve Smith (even if he has lost a step) is 10 times the WR that Malcolm Floyd is. They actually both put up similar numbers last year despite the fact that Smith was catching passes from the Venus de Milo on the worst team in the league.

  4. There isn’t a HUGE need for Smith regardless of Floyd I would think. Jackson sounds ready to play and they have a ton of other options already.

  5. I don’t care who they get, this is the most Overrated team in the NFL.. They had LT, gates V. Jackson and all those other weapons and only 3 playoff wins in 7 straight years to show for.

    And no SB wins with 1 appearance in 1994, LOL!

    O and might I add AJ Smith as a GM… :/

  6. The consensus in ChargerLand seems to be
    that–if he can be signed for a song–the Chargers
    should do it. But if he comes with a high price tag,
    better to spend that money on the underrated Floyd (and other areas).

  7. LOL @ got swept convincingly. I guess you were’nt paying attention before last year when the Raiturds were swept convincingly for 8 straight years.

  8. Every practice, every meeting, every charity event these two go to will feature someone saying “I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT” at some point, probably more than once.

  9. grandpoopah…

    Keep in mind Floyd missed several games last season…

    Judgejuday thinks your statistical comparison is flawed.

  10. With all due respect to Smith’s excellent
    NFL career, anyone that thinks that 2011
    Smith “…is 10 times the WR that Malcom Floyd” is, just hasn’t seen much of Floyd.
    He’s already very good and getting better.

  11. Phillip Rivers is awesome, from that whole class Eli, Roethlisberger, and him. I’d rather start a franchise with that dude, watching him just pick apart defenses every year with just Gates and 2nd and 3rd recievers is mind bottling. It’s great he talks sh*t all the time too, no fear. Also playing on a torn acl is no joke, to quote Cam Newton, ” He’s got dat swag.”

    Just hope he wins one, and doesn’t end up like Marino.

  12. @dannymac17 … True! But the Chargers is noway a better organization than the Raiders.

    We’re The AFC West buddy, I won’t lie you guy’s had a nice run but couldn’t win it all.

    Trust Me, when the Raiders go to the playoff’s we’re either going to the SB are atleast the AFC conference game.

    Check our track record.

  13. I would love if Philip Rivers wanted to come play close to where he went to college and the Panthers are somewhat interested…


  14. The Panthers would let their star receiver go just as their new franchise QB – on whose success the jobs of almost everyone in the organization depends – arrives? Hmm.

  15. @ p4hbiz

    “Check our track record.”

    Which track record is that? Is that the track record where 8-8 is considered a triumphant season after an NFL record losing streak? Is it the track record where your QB has a losing record, doesn’t seem capable of getting the ball downfield,and has at best limited pocket presence? Maybe it’s the track record where you spent the #7 overall pick on a guy to be your #1 WR and after two full seasons he has what, 2 TDs and 500 yards? Perhaps it’s that track record where it’s been almost 30 years since your last Super Bowl victory? Let me know which track record to check out. There seem to be quite a few to chose from.

  16. sdboltz: try to stay on topic. But since you brought it up, there is no ‘I’ in team, and Rivers runs his own show. I can think of a few teams that wouldn’t want him disrupting their schemes.

  17. They also don’t own the NFL record for consecutive seasons with double digit losses, which is a great deal more recent than any Oakland Super Bowl victory. Let’s not pretend that all the problems in Oakland are fixed just because the Raiders broke even playing a last place schedule. Oakland still has questions at QB, big questions. Oakland still has questions at WR (Louis Murphy seems to have a misconception about getting “up” for the big game). Oakland stands a much greater than zero chance of losing their best defensive player. Oakland still has OL questions to answer. Oakland’s LBs did not play well last year.

    This attitude that “of course Oakland would have been in the Super Bowl if they had just made the playoffs” as if it’s some kind of birthright is silly. That’s why they play the games.

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