Sam Bradford could be getting help from Ben McDaniels

Getty Images

After the lockout started, some (including us) speculated that Rams quarterback Sam Bradford could learn new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ offense with the help of unemployed (for now) Ben McDaniels, who also happens to be Josh’s brother.

With Bradford, the 2010 AP offensive rookie of the year, being coy about the persons with whom he’s working to learn the Josh McDaniels offense, Rams guru Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch hinted during a recent online chat that there may be some merit to such ruminations.

“This is one rare occasion where I wouldn’t necessarily dispute the conspiracy theorists,” Thomas wrote in response to the question of whether Ben McDaniels is quietly working with Bradford.

Though the lockout rules prevent Bradford from working with Josh McDaniels, nothing prevents Bradford from working with Ben McDaniels.  Even if, as Thomas believes, Ben McDaniels will eventually be hired by the Rams to work as an assistant coach.