Davone Bess is spending the lockout digging ditches

Of all the activities NFL players are participating in during the lockout, Dolphins receiver Davone Bess may be engaged in the most physically demanding — and most beneficial to humanity.

Bess has been in Costa Rica for the last two weeks, and he’s not staying at a luxury resort. Instead, he’s digging drainage ditches and working with a group called Global Volunteers.

“I had an epiphany one night. With all I’ve been through on and off the field God has put me in a position to be a difference maker and to change lives,” Bess told Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel. “If I can help someone make a difference and impact someone’s life I want to do that to the best of my ability.”

So without minicamps and organized team activities, Bess figured there was no better time than now to do the kind of volunteer work an NFL player ordinarily wouldn’t have the time to do. There’s one silver lining to the lockout.

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  1. I wish there were more guys like Bess and Denver’s David Bruton making headlines in the offseason… not guys gloating about time off our talking about who sued who, but making the most of their time to help others out and do things that really matter.

  2. Bess is the kind of player, that if your team was going to trade or release him, you’d think about quitting your team. He’s that freakin awesome of a dude.

  3. I was shocked when Bess went undrafted and thought the fins should’ve targeted him as a FA. I know he was involved in an incident in college that probably scared a few teams off. I was very excited when we signed him and have seen him blossom into one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. Now he is a Role Model off the field as well. Its an honor to be a fan of yours.

  4. Definitely a favorite of mine as both a player and a person. I’m so happy to see good stories can come out of this. PLEASE Dolphins let’s not trade him for a couple of 2nd round picks ALA Welker…

  5. forevercorr,

    Way to compliment two players, then slam the other approximately 2000 of them with a blanket generalizations.

  6. this is a great example of a young man making a difference in the world in a good way. this article just made a fan of me. Davone Bess please keep up the great work!!!

  7. I’m all for players using their free time to volunteer for the benefit of others in need. But doesn’t it seem like a better way for Bess to help them is to buy them a backhoe?

  8. That’s awesome, he’s actually getting his hands dirty helping people out, not just paying money and lip service. Much respect.

  9. @notoriousjebus I was actually referring to the players who have made headlines since the lockout has begun and have made headlines by complaining about the ongoing litigation, applauding the litigation, talking about how great it is to not have to work for their teams, getting stabbed, going to jail, or riding a bull for 1.5 seconds… which means I was making a blanket statement for about two dozen players. Sorry to have offended.
    Still, I’m mostly applauding Bess and Bruton. Thank you for helping me clear that up.

  10. That has inspired me to volunteer to go to Costa Rica. Maybe I’ll pick up litter on a beach, if there is an opening in that area. It’s raining here and I feel the call.

  11. This is great but how about getting on a plane and helping the people of Joplin find some survivors in their rubble. Mad props from Americans who buy your expensive tickets might be a great media play.

  12. So I wonder who the ONE PERSON is that voted thumbs down? Grice-Mullen, still ticked it isn’t him?

  13. 2mannings1cup says:
    May 26, 2011 7:55 PM
    As a pats fan, I continue to hope the Dolphins pull a Welker with this guy. But I think they learned their lesson.
    I hear you…Pats can never seem to cover Bess.
    Nice story, love it.

  14. Patriots fan here; I like this guy!

    Why isn’t Tom Brady – or any other Patriots players – doing something as noble as this?

  15. Patriots fan here; I like this guy!

    Why isn’t Tom Brady – or any other Patriots players – doing something as noble as this?


    After watching all the suffering and loss right here in our country’s own midwest and southern states, I have a hard time being “uber congratulatory” to someone who traveled to Costa Rica working with Global Volunteers. How about helping out right here in Missouri or Kansas first?

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