Eagles inching toward consideration of payroll cuts

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Earlier this year, the Eagles decided not to consider any layoffs, furloughs, or pay cuts until the middle of June.  And the middle of June is approaching.

Contrary to a report that the Eagles will cut pay of senior staff by 25 percent, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that no decisions have been made and that the process of making decisions hasn’t begun.  The process won’t begin until, as the Eagles told employees in February, the middle of June.

That said, the middle of June is coming.  And with no end in sight to the lockout, it’s safe to say that the Eagles soon will have to commence the process of deciding what to do about layoffs, furloughs, or pay cuts.

14 responses to “Eagles inching toward consideration of payroll cuts

  1. If these NFL teams keep on laying off employees it’s going to have a profound effect at PFT. Who’s going to pick up the slack and be posting pro-owner spin when these folks get a pink slip?

  2. I hate these stories like this. It’s terrible that these things are happening to innocent bystanders. It also gives D. Smith hope that if teams keep doing this crap, the all-important PR war will start to swing his way if he can hold out just a little bit longer…And that is almost as bad as taking money from people who are likely living paycheck to paycheck.

  3. They need the money. They’re signing every free agent in the NFL this year. Haven’t you heard?

  4. Well, if senior staff refers to front office personnel, then at least they’d be cutting the pay of employees that can afford it more, unlike some other teams. Also, if you cut the salary of those who make the most in the organization, then you have to cut fewer salaries to reach your goal. Not happy about any of these cuts, but if you’re going to do it, do it right.

  5. This from a team that signed Montae Reagor and handed him a truckload of cash even though he skill had injuries from a car crash at his signing press conference.

    Because they’re great businessmen.

    I will never let that go.

  6. stanklepot,

    It’s not about saving money. It’s about making ‘average joe’s’ suffer to make people angry at the players. It’s 100% PR.

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

  7. @ mooch
    Listen pal, nobody bleeds greed like Spadaro…Haven’t you noticed that if you ask him, he will tell you the Eagles basically invented football, Fat Andy has redefined the draft as to where there is no other reason for the other 31 teams to even draft players. Will remind you again and again, they signed Jevon Kearse nearly a decade ago.(that went well) Acts as if there 6th round picks where really first rounders, and the genius of Joe ,Howie and Andy were the only humans capable of figuring it out. Dave SpinDaro is the greatest asset any organization could hope to find….The next time an actual logical thought enters his mind will be the first……

  8. @ moochzilla. I totally agree with you about Spadaro. He has not ever written one thing of substance or interest. Plus he throws a pro front office spin on EVERYTHING. If Jeff Lurie had Trent Cole assassinated, Spadaro would write how it was great that Lurie was giving the young players a chance to join the DL rotation.

  9. Shocking that the Eagles are about to cut pay. They are such a generous and benevolent franchise. Money is never the prime consideration of Joe Banner and Jeff Lurie. It is surprising to me that they weren’t the first, since the Eagles front office believes that they are the first and best in everything! ;>o)

  10. Dave Spadaro just wrote that the Eagles employees think they are over-paid and will happily give up 25% and dental. He says they’re wracked by guilt that Lurie isn’t asking them to sacrifice.

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