Jaguars worst moments take center stage Friday

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They’ve been around only since 1995, eight years after our current window of worst moments opened.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the 32 NFL teams, and so they’ll get the same examination of their worst moments since the last work stoppage.

We’ll take a look at the top four worst moments during Friday’s edition of ProFootballTalk Live.  Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments section.

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  1. after pasting the dolphins 62-7 and ending dan marino’s and jimmy johnson’s NFL careers… getting manhandled 33-14 by the titans in the afccc.

  2. 4) free agent signing of Bryce Paup
    3) 3 (THREE) losses to Tennessee in 1999 (well one was in 2000)
    2) The day R Jay Soward appeared on the draft board
    1) Reggie Barlow’s fumble in that third loss to Tennessee

  3. 3) 3 (THREE) losses to Tennessee in 1999 (well one was in 2000)

    Was just about to say that, as a Titans fan, that’s got to be on there imo. I loved that season. Titans made it to the SB and Jags went 14-2. Only 3 losses that year for the Jags… all to the Titans 😀

  4. 00reo says: May 26, 2011 11:23 PM

    3) 3 (THREE) losses to Tennessee in 1999 (well one was in 2000)

    Honestly as a jags fan it’s had to think of any worst moments that compare to that, three losses to one team all season and the last in the AFC champ game is about as bad as it gets. The Jaguars haven’t really been terrible that often just a culmination of mediocrity at times.

    You could say free agency and drafting from 2000-2008 but nothing compares to the AFC champ game loss.

    Id put another game against Tenn on the list though, in 2006 the Titans had if i remember correctly around 90 yards of total offense but beat the Jags to the tune of 28-21 due to 4 offensive turnovers for TDs. Really stumped on any other single moments.

  5. I think I might be able to add west coast trips (pick a game) in recent years to the list….

  6. Trading a ton of picks to get Derrick Harvey and Quinton Groves wasn’t the best of times.

  7. Hey, for all you people who have been jumping on the “why are the Jags a franchise” and “they have no support in Jax”, etc., etc….let’s remind you that were ZERO blackouts last year. I know, I know…now you will say that’s because of the tarps that were put up. Fact is, with the tarps in place, the stadium now holds the average capacity of other NFL stadiums around the nation….Anyway, as a Jags supporter and season tic holder, I am tired of people not knowing the facts and ragging on the Jags….GO JAGS !!!!!

  8. During the 2003 season, punter Chris Hanson was lost for the season when he swung an ax at a piece of wood in the locker room and gashed his non-kicking leg instead.

  9. Not drafting Tim Tebow 10th overall in 2010. I’m just kidding about that.

    Having to redesign their logo so that it wouldn’t resemble the automakers.

  10. 4. Drafting, and believing in, Matt Jones.
    3. Bringing in Bryce Paup to lead the defense.
    2. The uniforms from ’03 to ’08, where the stripe on the jersey was black while the one on the pants was multi-color.
    1. Building a 73,000 capacity stadium for one of the NFL’s smaller markets.

  11. Free agent disasters:

    Jerry Porter
    Andre Rison
    Hugh Douglas
    Bryce Paup
    Drayton Florence

    Shack drafting years which other than MJD and Marcedes was absolutely abysmal.

  12. 4. Drops by WRs Jones and Northcutt in the end zone of the 2007 Divisional Playoffs against the Patriots. Game was tied at halftime.
    3. Wasting 1st round draft picks on dreadful WR’s R Jay Soward, Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones.
    2. Choking on Christmas Eve 2004 at home against the Texans, 21-0. Loss knocked them out of the playoffs.
    1. 1999 AFC Championship Game debacle against the Titans.

  13. @jaystus it’s the 11th largest city in the US. Jacksonville is so large area wise, the city is basically the Metro area. There’s only like 700k people that live IN San Francisco, but 10 million in the Bay Area.

  14. Land wise, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States. So, therefore we have a lot more people living in the metro area but the area of coverage is very rural so the total available population to pull season ticket holders from is much smaller then most NFL cities.

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