PFT Live: Jason Snelling, agent Joe Linta, and worst Bears moments

Two outspoken critics of the recent lack of negotiations during the lockout join Thursday’s PFT Live.

Falcons running back Jason Snelling and agent Joe Linta join the program to discuss their comments earlier this week, in which they both pleaded for the NFLPA* to get back to the bargaining table.

We’ll also unveil the worst Bears moments since the 1987 strike.

Watch the show live right here.

8 responses to “PFT Live: Jason Snelling, agent Joe Linta, and worst Bears moments

  1. Jason Snelling “we have our union to do our negotiating” and “we have faith in them”

    Is it still a union? Sounds like he thinks it is, in spite of disclaimer of interest filing with NLRB.


  2. 1. Trading away Thomas Jones to make Cedric Benson happy.
    2. That god-awful press-conference last year where they said “We need big changes, so we’re going to do keep doing things the same.” And Ted/Jerry/Lovie kept their jobs.

    Yeah, yeah, I get the NFCCG hate, but these two things were way more damaging.

  3. Joe Linta ” the union, the players”
    Agents think it is still a union?
    WTF, everone on that side thinks it is still a union?

  4. A question for Mike’s staff….How many times in these two interviews did the interviewee refer to it as a union? Had to be nearly two dozen times, both by direct reference and by implied reference?

  5. My characterization of Joe Linta’s interview: I don’t know who is to blame for the impasse, but De Smith is great and the owners are the scum of the earth.

  6. Let me guess that idiot San Francisco from San Francisco called, I already obtained his prewritten comments:
    1. Oct. 29, 2006 Bears beat 49ers 41-10
    2.Nov. 13, 2005 Bears beat 49ers 17-9
    3.Oct. 31, 2004 Bears beat 49ers 23-13
    4.Oct. 28, 2001 Bears beat 49ers 37-31
    5.Oct. 24, 1998 Bears beat 49ers 10-9
    These are the worst Bears moments since the last work stoppage based on the comments of the dumbest fan of the 49ers and possibly the NFL.

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