Reliving the worst moments for the Bears since ’87

It’s day four of the 32-team “worst moments” since the last work stoppage tour.

Today’s victim?  Bob Swerski’s favorite Ditka-coached team.

The top four moments were counted down during the first segment of today’s PFT Live.  Feel free to disagree with us in the comments.

As if you need an engraved invitation to disagree with us.

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13 responses to “Reliving the worst moments for the Bears since ’87

  1. Being a Bears fan hoping they will win is like being Charlie Brown and hoping Lucy won’t pull the football away at the last moment.

    Ugh, I feel like a blockhead.

  2. I’d weigh in, but I could never be as critical of the Bears as their own fans are…

  3. Early prediction..every comment on this post will be by a Bear’s or Packer’s fan

  4. 3. Losing Week 17 to knock the Packers out of the playoffs in 2010-11 season…

    2. Losing Superbowl 41 to the Colts

    1. Losing NFC Championship, at Soldier Field, to the Packers hahahahahahhaa

  5. SmackSaw says:
    May 26, 2011 3:20 PM
    I’m a 49ers fan. You’re prediction is moot.

    being a 49er’s fan anything you say is moot

  6. Easily giving The Fridge the ball for a TD in the Super Bowl over Sweetness was the worst moment in Bears history.

    The game results are simply a game, but this was about honoring a man. Not only a man but the best of man – so much so that the NFL annually awards other great men via his namesake – on the biggest stage and Coach Ditka regrettably failed to see the importance of that.

    I’m a Packers fan, but of all my Bears friends that is by far and away the one I hear about the most and it’s not even close.

  7. I’m going to call out my fellow Packer fan for dumb comments as the Fridge carried the ball in the 1986 Super Bowl (worst moments since 1987). Payton had several chances inside the five to score a TD but he couldn’t get in. Ditka made the right call giving Perry the ball.

  8. Yeah, it’s gotta be the Championship Game loss to GB at home. Their fans booing the team, Cutler’s pathetic sad face, Urlacher getting tackled… The rookie Qb put up a fight, but in the end threw an Int. But there was the Pepper’s cheap shot on Rodgers, just all around the bears got handled and out classed by a wide margin. Even the lead up to the game where the bears were claiming the really didn’t play week 17, but all their starters played all 60 minutes.

    I’d say a highlight was the last SB they got to. They played tough and lost, there’s no crime in that, but Hester that season was amazing and fun to watch. They had moments offensively that weren’t bad, but if you love watching defenses… That year the bear defense was a lot of fun to watch! Urlacher and that safety… Mike Brown? Nah… Can’t think of him (from Nebraska 2nd round pick I believe), just had a great season. Lots of turn overs, played fast… A throw back sorta team.

  9. I’m a Packers fan and I would have to say the ’87 and ’88 losses should be 1 and 2 on the list. Those Bears team SHOULD have won. The ’87 defense was statistically better than the Super Bowl XX team and yet they still lost. The Super Bowl and 2010 game are heart-breaking, but I don’t think you can say those teams were heavy favorites – or even favorites – to win those games.

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