Aqib Talib officially indicted by Dallas grand jury

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As expected, Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib was officially indicted on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

“He’s been indicted,’’ Talib’s lawyer said in a text message to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times. “Yes, I’m disappointed, but I believe once all the facts are out, it will be resolved in Aqib’s favor.”

The indictment increases the chances that Talib will be punished by the NFL under the league’s conduct policy, and it’s possible the ongoing legal issues could interrupt his availability for the 2011 season, if the lockout doesn’t take care of that for him.

It wouldn’t particularly surprise us given precedent if Talib was suspended indefinitely until his case was resolved.   Talib’s mom Okolo Talib was also indicted.

15 responses to “Aqib Talib officially indicted by Dallas grand jury

  1. Yes, I’m disappointed, but I believe once all the facts are out, it will be resolved

    Sounds like most of the lawyer-speak that we are hearing on the current NFL labor agreement. Only difference is, Talib is looking at time in the big house if he loses.
    Maybe criminal penalties, incarceration, should be imposed on the two parties involved in the current NFL stalemate if they do not reach agreement in a timely manner, or until they do.

  2. Another class act brought on by the “Hip Hop” mentality of keeping it real.

    This is the problem with the NFL guys like this can commit a felony and still come back and play like nothing happened. Sorry but in the real world that will not fly. If I got arrested for a felony I would lose my job.

  3. How could the owners let this happen!! Obviously just another ploy to break the spirit of the nflpa*!!! If we lose games to a lockout, does that count towards the suspension

  4. All the signs were there with this kid….

    Another wasted talent, but wait I am sure someone will find a way to blame it on the owners… I guess this is what “Partners” do right Brees

  5. Aqib must have missed the part during the rookie symposium where they talked about not shooting at people

  6. Gregg, you have it all wrong… The league set a precedent that you are only punished if you are NOT indicted. Remember?

  7. Law School 101. Defense attornys must learn the following phrase verbatim: Once the facts come out it will be resolved in (insert defendant’s name) favor.

  8. How dare the system indict a “partner” of the owners.

    Don’t they know who he is?

    Momma Talib is not happy today, and when Momma Talib ain’t happy, BAAAD things happen

  9. The far greater percentage of cases brought to a Grand Jury end in indictment. There is not a burden of proof issue – if a DA brings charges they are indictable – meaning there is just enough weight to the case make the average Joe say “Hmmmm… could be.” That said, I don’t know what really happened. The guy’s past would point to him being a turd. I’m not sure I care but an indictment means jack doodly squat in terms of guilt except that the case moves forward.

    Most likely it ends in a plea bargain which amounts to probation and community service for being a turd and then Roger Goodell will suspend him for a day or two because he’s more interested in suspending James Harrison for several games for tackling somebody.

  10. Talib wishes Johnnie Cochoran was still alive. The “if the bullet didn’t hit you must acquit” theory might save his butt

  11. People, Talib is innocent. Society made him do it. The owners made him do it. THE MAN made him do it. Heck, PFT probably made him do it.

  12. ….the ol’ dingleberry didn’t fall far from the tail in this case did it?

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