Broncos take an early break

The quietest time on the NFL calendar is annually in July before training camp starts.  This is true for teams and media alike, and it’s when coaching staffs take their only true extended vacations of the year.

In case you didn’t notice, those staffs are running out of things to do early this year.  So it only makes sense that the Broncos would take off for Memorial Day weekend and not come back for a while.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post hints that staffs could be gone for a few weeks, and possibly until July 4. Everyone in the building remains “on call” and the team’s free agent boards are set for when they have to return.

Klis says that “most NFL teams” may be adopting this approach, which makes sense.  The league hopes to be busier than usual in July this year, if they can reach a new CBA then.

Now I just have to convince Florio to let the members of Favray’s Junk to get some time off.

10 responses to “Broncos take an early break

  1. Favray’s Junk never sleeps, and neither do the people who live in the upstairs suite of the condemned building the band members live in.

  2. Go ahead and go fishing while the Raiders are in Atlanta getting ready for the season.

    I smell another 59-14 a$$ kicking on MN week1

  3. just don’t complain when the Raiders come to town week 1 NFL OPENER Monday Night Football…

    Hue Jackson ain’t taking a break, this guy Hue Jackson is a football freak – he wants to know how the popcorn smells in the stadium, how short the grass is cut on the field,

    OH YES.

    go ahead and thumbs down & dislike the comment – IT WILL NOT SAVE THE BRONCOS FROM ANOTHER RAIDERS MASSACRE

    Ya’ll are lucky Tommy Cable called off the dogs in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Raiders could have got 100 points that day.

    Just like ya’ll DESTROYED our MNF week 1 opener in 2008 with Lane Kiffin, WE WILL DESTROY YOUR SEASON in the week 1 MNF opener…

  4. @randysavage4ever…

    Seriously, Chief??? A pro wrestling handle. And a Raiders fan too. Somehow that all makes perfect sense. I love guys like you, the world needs ditch diggers!

  5. broncotis3000 says:

    Hue Jackson??? Whatever….U raider trolls should realize by that your team will remain IRRELEVANT until Greasy Al is gone….

    The Donks got swept by Greasy Al and Hue Jackson’s offense last year, then went out and hired their creaky old horseface hero to run the show, and he went out and hired the coach that kept Denver from drafting first this year. Is that irrelevant, or inept?

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