Goodell says season-ticket holders want 18-game season

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Although expanding the regular season to 18 games has faded into the background as NFL owners and players have found other issues to fight about, Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that he still thinks that’s the direction the NFL should go in.

And Goodell says season-ticket holders agree with him.

We do think it is attractive to season-ticket holders,” Goodell said on a conference call with Titans season-ticket holders. “I hear that all of the time from our season-ticket holders. We have not abandoned our position on that. We do think it is the right thing for the game. It improves the quality of what we do, and it improves the value for you as season-ticket holders. . . . We do think it is a benefit for everybody, but we want to do it the right way, and we want to do it responsibly. That includes the players’ perspective.’’

The players’ perspective is already clear: They don’t want an 18-game regular season. And polls have shown most fans don’t want an 18-game regular season.

Goodell may have more success, however, in appealing directly to season-ticket holders, who don’t like having to buy tickets to two meaningless games when they buy their tickets to eight meaningful games. In speaking to that particular segment of the NFL fan base, and in emphasizing the reduction in preseason games, Goodell may get a sympathetic ear.

Of course, even without expanding the regular season, the NFL is free to reduce the number of preseason games, and teams are free to stop forcing fans to buy preseason tickets with their season-ticket packages. That’s something fans could support.

138 responses to “Goodell says season-ticket holders want 18-game season

  1. So your attempt last night to make the owners look like garbage with the Brees comment has backfired on you so you try this route. Goodell clearly said he was referring to season ticket holders and your explanation as to why they would want it is spot on. He wasn’t talking about what the polls show or what the players want. After the Ed Schultz thing you would think MSNBC/NBC would be trying to get some journalistic integrity back.

  2. This is the reason I despise Roger Goodell. He constantly puts words in the fans mouth that fit his own agenda. There is not a single well informed fan who wants an 18 game regular season

  3. Season ticket holders don’t care about how many regular season games there are, they are more interested in not paying for the exhibition games. Everyone believes that an 18 game schedule will reduce the number of exhibition games by 2, but if it doesn’t, I don’t see season ticket holders backing this idea.

    Perfect solution, keep it at 16 with only 2 exhibition games.

  4. At this point I would be happy with a 16. I dont want to pay for pre seaon tickets. I psy full price for them, and cant even give them away. Get a deal done.

  5. Sorry Roger baby, what I believe the fans want is football as it was. Unfortunately, with all that is happening today, is very frustrating and discouraging. Sixteen or eighteen, makes no difference to this fan just PLAY BALL.

  6. Seems more likely to me that season ticket prices will rise to reflect the ‘better value’ and within a few years, fans will not be any better off than they currently are.

  7. Roger Goodell, do not confuse my desire to NOT pay full price for preseason with a desire for regular season games.

    I wish you would stop telling us what we want and listen to us instead.

  8. AS a season ticket holder, I’d say this is bending the facts. What we REALLY want is not to pay full price for pre-season games or have the option to not buy them.

  9. This is a tricky issue. As a season ticket holder, of course I want an 18 game season. Right now, I pay full price for 2 useless preseason games. These games suck to attend and the chances of me being able to sell the tickets at face value are slightly better than winnin the powerball.

    However, as a football fan, I have no desire to see an 18 game season. The punishment the players take is already too much, I want to see the stars play and having an 18 game season will see more injuries and that just plain sucks. Nevermind that a Superbowl team would have to play 2 more games a year….that is just a little nuts.

  10. “Of course, even without expanding the regular season, the NFL is free to reduce the number of preseason games, and teams are free to stop forcing fans to buy preseason tickets with their season-ticket packages. That’s something fans could support.”

    Yes when hell freezes over

  11. Everyday it seems they want to kill the game we love more and more.

    Stop messing with the golden goose!

    16 games,rookie wage scale.

    Move Jacksonville to LA.

    Play football.

  12. Maybe Goodell should spent more time figuring out how to get a deal done, and how to share a billion dollars, instead of keep insisting on items that will continually push the players away from negotiating. Goodell, you should be spending your time mending bridges, not blowing them up. What good is an 18 game schedule, if you can’t even get them to play 16 this year.

  13. More lies from the Owners’ imbecilic mouthpiece.

    Is there any aspect of the game that is NOT being diminished by the Bastard red-headed stepchild of the NFL?

    The headline should be “Undeterred by the facts, Commish tries another lie to gin up support for the 18 Game Season”.

  14. Remember that everything relates to everything else – and the rules changes adopted earlier this week neatly fold into this debate.

    What if there was a way to go from 16 games to 18 in a season WITHOUT increasing the number of PLAYS in a season?

    Well there is – and a very simple one at that: Merely keep the game clock running after incomplete passes, and during extra-point tries, except in the last two minutes of the first half, and the last five minutes of the game.

    Do this, and the average number of plays in a game – now at almost exactly 125 – would likely fall to about 110 or so, keeping the number of plays each team runs in a season (offense and defense combined) essentially the same, right around 2,000.

    No increase in the number of plays = No increase in the number of injuries – a legitimate grievance for the players.

    But how do the safety-oriented rules changes fit into this, you ask?

    Because those rules changes will clearly favor the offense – but the 15 fewer plays per game will keep points scored (and yards gained) at the same level as now, so no one will even notice any difference – except when the games themselves rarely if ever run over 3 hours, so that the late games can be started at 4:00 ET instead of this lame 4:15 we have now, and the late games will be over by 7:00 (and the networks – CBS in particular – will absolutely love the latter: No more joining “60 Minutes” in progress, “except on the West Coast”).

  15. Presumably, better ‘value’ will include charging higher prices to these beloved season ticket holders, since they’ll be getting 2 more regular season games.

    How thoughtful of Roger.

  16. Roger, you held a vote on your own website asking if people wanted an 18-game season and like 94-percent said “no”.

    You’re starting to fall into the Al Davis and/or my mother-in-law category here. You hear it, you understand it, you just don’t care and make up your own reality.

    We don’t want an 18 game season!!!


    A sane season ticket holder.

  17. Dear Mr. Goodell:
    At this point we just want you and the players start bargaining again and simply want a 16 season without any interuption.
    Signed : your loyal fans

  18. We can all agree that we don’t know any season ticket holders that are in favor of a 0 game schedule. GET THE CBA DONE! Both sides. Quit pissing around and get it done.

  19. reducing preseason w/o raising reg season $ = reducing the overall pie. he’s in a tough position, but he’s wrong

  20. He keeps making this statement which is a joke. I am a season ticket holder and want zero parts of an 18 game schedule like the article said I just don’t want to pay for 2 crap preseason games.

  21. No Roger/SpinMaster. What season ticketholders want is not to pay for the brutal preseason at fullboat. Its highway robbery and everyone knows it! What you want is an 18 game season so you can spin it again that you are looking out for the fans by knocking off one preseason game and at the same time why not increase your revenues. With an 18 game regular season the NFL would still require season ticket holders to pay full price for one preseason game. Again, we are all getting bent over by Roger and his cohorts.

  22. And NASCAR ticket holders want to see more 230 mph crashes. That doesn’t mean we should give it to them.

  23. Goodell shouldn’t continue to bring this up during the labor issue. It doesn’t benefit either side.

    The 18-game issue has already been “tabled” in the March 11th proposal from the owners (which states a change in schedule length needs NFLPA approval).

    This concession from the owners likely isn’t going away.

    The 18-game schedule issue is moot right now. Just leave it alone already.

  24. Roger, every poll i have seen disputes your findings. I have been on the side of owners but not on your side. You need to go like de Smith needs to go.

  25. Everyone keeps saying that everyone who posts on this website is just a plant comenting on behalf of the owners… That’s B.S.! Whenever the 18 game season comes up, the coments and polls have largely been against the idea.

    I believe that people who view and comment on this site are MUCH more involved on what’s been going on in the labor dispute and that is why the comments and the polls on this site heavily support the owners. I think on other polls (ESPN etc.), the results are more split simply because more of those fans are just casual observers and aren’t closely following what’s been happening and have the simple mindset of “well I go to football games to watch the players, not the owners… so that is why I support the players”.

    I’ve been very supportive for the owners on this site in regards the the lockout and new CBA, but personally I’m not a fan of the 18 game season….

    (Again, I’m not a paid employee of the NFL)

  26. Season ticket holders also want you to stop raising prices every other year. Are you listening to them, Goodell?

  27. I’m a season ticket holder. I prefer a 16 game season. Does it suck to pay full price for 2 meaningless pre-season home games? Yes. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be fixed by cutting one out and extending the season. That should be fixed by the clubs not charging regular season prices for an exhibition game in the first damn place. Problem solved.

  28. roger goodell is a lying p.o.s. every survey ive read and everyone i know does not want a 18 game schedule , this guy will lie about everything to get what he wants,. everyone i know understands that to get to a 18 game schedule , he will have to change the game and take all the hits out of the game and turn football into a two hand touch league and im absoluty agains that. its time to fire this p.o.s.

  29. Nonsense. The owners want an 18 game season to rake in even more money. Sure, a business’ number one objective is to be profitable. But like banks, there is profit and then there is unadulterated greed. Most of us struggle to comprehend such money lust. Money uber alis. Owners believe that if players get hurt playing 18 games, they’ll just get others to replace them. Also, money-conscious fans are fed up with paying full price for two minor league games. Personally, 18 games is too much. A 16 games season makes it more compelling. Adding two games IMO further dilutes a product that is already weakened by too many teams and far too little talent. It is stunning that there are only, maybe 12 elite quarterbacks on the entire planet. This lockout just illustrates that the NFL is one more example of greedy corporations. Greed-motivated banks robbed middle class families of their homes and savings. Big oil and big agro vacuum up what’s left of our dwindling paychecks, and corporate employers fire us by the thousands to add a few more lousy dollars to their balance sheets or to line their CEO’s pockets. The middle class is really taking it on the chin, and I for one am recession-weary and in no mood for yet another big corporation money grab like this. Even if they play the season, I am far less inclined to take much interest in it and in one of the most overtly avaricious of all, the owner of my hometown Eagle$.

  30. Im so sick of this crap…When are you all going to understand that there arent two sides in this battle….theres three!!! PLayers, owners, and the MOST important, the FANS!! I see all the fans on here arguing over who’s fault this mess is (some blame the players, some the owners)..Blame them all..The most important factor to the NFL surviving is the fans!! These guys are fighting over who is going to get the most of our hard earned money..People from towns like pittsburgh, buffalo, green bay, and all the other small (and even large) market teams who work their ass off to get by and save as much as they can to be able to take their kids to see their idols….the same people who are in serious jeopardy of not playing because they cant divide up a $9 billion pie..The fans need to quit picking sides and stick together..Boycott the NFL for one week, nobody go to any games, i bet these greedy idiots will get the message then!!

  31. Who says we want 18 games? Goodell if full of it. We do not want watered down rosters and more injured reserve players. We like 16 games in our season period.

    Goodell is LYING!

  32. I know a lot of football fans. None of them would prefer a 18 game regular season. But right now, I
    think you should worry about the 16 game 2011 season that is staring you in the face. An 18 game
    season should be way down on Mr.Goodell’s priority list.

  33. Stop forcing pre-season games as part of the package, and leave it at 16 games. Thats what I want, Rog. Don’t try to speak for me

  34. All the fans want is full value for the the money that they spend that keeps all of these rich folks rich.
    Paying full price for two preseason exhibitions is not full value.

  35. I speak as someone who owned season tickets for 24 years.
    I have never meet a ticket holder who complained about buying 4 preaseason games.
    The only people in favor of 18 games are the owners who want more product to sell to the networks.

  36. When I was able to afford season tickets I always saw the pre-season tickets for what they were, a rip-off. I just accepted the fact that I was paying that total amount for the regular season tickets regardless of the amount on the ticket face.

    If you sell the idea that you pay the same but get an extra regular season game it sounds like a good deal.

    I fear that the game gets diluted, injuries become the primary factor in winning and ticket prices go way up on the expanded regular season tickets with the convoluted reasoning you are getting more.

  37. 16 year season ticket holder here, Goodell you are full of excrement. While I mostly side with the owners in this fiasco I feel the same about you as I do about D Smith. You are both ego maniacs that don’t give two excrement’s about the NFL. If both of you would shut up, step to the back of the room, and let the actual parties work this out amongst themselves we would all be happier.

  38. I am a season ticket holder. It isn’t so much that I want an 18 game season, more than I don’t want to pay full price for 2 preseason games.

    They could add an additional bye week per team to spread the games out and get an extra week of TV revenue.

    They could acknowledge the crapfest that is preseason football and stop charging full price for the experience.

  39. read between the lines ….. “League WANTS an 18-game schedule”. Goodell should be fired if he forces 18-games schedule that clearly the FANS DO NO WANT. I guess he’ll want to borrow the big gavel that Nancy Pelosi flaunted in front of everyone before they crammed Obamacare down our throats. The more things change the more they ruin the game ! And Roger thinks he is destined to change the game.

  40. Finally some sense from goodell. As a season ticket holder, he is right that I would prefer 18 game season over the current structure!! Although what we really want is to not pay full price to 2 meaningless football games with no one playing and vanilla offenses. It cost me $115 a game to wAtch the bucs play the chiefs in a preseason game and $115 to watch the bucs play a home Monday night division clinching game. Roger !!!!!!! Your getting closer- just make it 3 preseason games – one at home/road/ and neutral site(I suggest college stadiums) like the eagles playing a preseason game at Penn state, or the bucs playing in gainsville or the Vikings playing a regular(oops!!) preseason game at USC!!!!!! Your getting closer Roger!!!! Keep the hampster spinning!!!!

  41. Just more propaganda from Goodell.
    It’s the owners who want 18 games, he’s just passing the buck to the fans, who have nothing to say about it.

  42. So a small subset of the NFL fan base is the only group that possibly (according to Goodell) wants 18 game seasons. I guess it’s settled then…

  43. Goodell has no clue what we fans and season ticket holders want.

    Option A: charge less for preseason games

    Option B: stop requiring season ticket holders to buy preseason tickets. This would allow people in markets, like Pittsburgh or Green Bay that have 10+year long waiting lists to see games, even if they are only preseason.

    Option C: reduce the number of preseason games.

    Any of those 3 options are a bazillion times better than an 18 game season.

  44. No. Season ticket holders don’t want to be forced to pay full price for crappy preseason games because the owners are greedy.

  45. Agree with the other commenters – 16 games is plenty. It’s already bad enough I have to freeze my ass off on Christmas watching the las game of the regular season. Play two pre season games, start the season on Labor Day, and please, please PLEASE only 16 games.

  46. abengalfan,

    I am a real season ticket holder and many others, I have NEVER purchased 4 preseason games nor do I know anybody who has. Real season tickets know very well they are forced to purchase 2 pre-season games every year (not 4) and we would love to get another regular season game for out money. That being said, I am not foolish enough to believe they wouldn’t raise ticket prices to represent the additional “real” game at some point, but then again the prices keep going up anyway so I still prefer the exchanging a preseason game for a regular season game.

    As for the idea that the league could stop including pre-season games in the season ticket package, I would be all for that. However, those stadiums would then be ghost towns for pre-season games. The irony would then be the players would be demanding the preseason tickets be added back in to season tickets (claiming owners failed to maximize revenue) because it would decrease their share of revenue.

  47. I’d easily take an 18 game regular season minus 2 preseason games…that is a no brainer.

    In fact, 18 isn’t enough for me. I can’t understand why any fan would not want to add two more quality games to the best sport on the planet.

    If they can play 18 regular season games in Canada, we can surely find a way to make it work in the NFL.

  48. Goodell is a fool. I personaly been on the owners side of this whole CBA thing, and I am slowly moving to the players side because goodell. He puts things in the fans mouth that never was said. Everyone I know that is into the NFL says no to the 18 game season and I agree. This is probably why the players and owners can not come up with a conclusion. Goodell wants the 18 games and the players don’t. This moron is ruining football.

  49. I now agree with James Harrison, Goodell is an IDIOT! The only season ticket holders that want 18 games are the rich people in the luxury boxes he mingles with during games; and they only want to be able to host 2 more elbow-rubbing parties during the season. I have yet to meet any “average fan” who doesn’t oppose the 18 game season. TO ALL FOOTBALL FANS: forget these people! I love football but I’m sitting this year out. I say if we boycott the game for a year, then they will have a couple billion dollars less to fight about.

  50. How do people call themselves fans and not want to watch 2 more games. So do you root for your team to not make the playoffs because you fear they might get hurt or the game will become diluted? Teams play their best football in the playoffs AFTER theyve just played 16 games.

  51. Season Ticket holder here. Question: When has Roger Goodell ever rubbed shoulders with the fans and asked them what they want? This guy is just killing his reputation!! Personally I do not want an 18 game season, unless you give the players 2 bye weeks, and think it will take away from the quality of play. How much longer does Goodell’s contract run, and when is this guy going to be done?

  52. most of the players in the cfl would say that an 18 game season is a complete grind. the cfl is nowhere near as physical as the nfl, those two extra games will amount to lower game quality and far more injuries.

    i’m not sure who goodell is speaking for…

  53. Fans don’t want an 18 game schedule. They just don’t want to pay Regular Season prices for Preseason games. It’s comments like that from Goodell that make Brees’ comments seem very plausible.

  54. Wow! This may be the first time ever that PFT Planet is in 100% agreement on something.

    Fans and season ticket holders all across the country have told Goodell they DO NOT want 18 games, and they feel they shouldn’t have to pay full price for preseason games. No matter how many times he’s heard that, he has skewed it to fit into his 18 game season agenda. Every poll taken of fans has come back that we are AGAINST 18 games, yet Goodell keeps distorting the facts and and putting words into our mouths that simply are not there.

    This guy must GO!

  55. This fool can’t even give us SIXTEEN games right now!

    Try fixing that FIRST, Roger, before shoving two more games down our throats.

  56. count me as in favor of 18 game season. preseason sucks. all they have to do is mandate that all players (other than kickers and long snappers) must be rested either through injured reserve or simple bench warming for 8 quarters over the course of the season and there is no additional wear and tear.

  57. I don’t know what everyone is on but i want me an 18 game regular season. I always thought the regular season was too short.

  58. 18 games? then add another 5 bodies to the game day bench! oh, you don’t wanna do that?

    this sounds like the current tax cut debate; of course the billionaire “job creators” want more tax cuts as they “create jobs” in Bangalore

  59. Season ticket holder here: I do not want an 18 game season. I do not want to be forced to pay for preseason games. I will not pay 1 cent more for tickets. Is that clear enough?

  60. Goddel is NOT for the fans !! He was put into office by the owners !! I have no idea how he gets these things. 18 games? are you kidding me !!

    Atleast in my circle it has come up and we all agree that 18 games is insane. Its all about the owners putting more money in there pocket, which they have the right to do, but dont make excuses using the fans. This is one more reason to go against the owners!!
    Between Goddell and De Smith nothing will get done!!! 18 games would dry up the talent because a bigger roster will be needed and it has been proven that more injuries will happen.

    Just stop all the BS and get to negotiating and start the season!!

  61. it’s not that we want 18 games… we don’t want to pay FULL REGULAR SEASON PRICE for each of the 4 preseason games!

    By adding 2 regular season games you take away 2 preseason games – preseason games can add an additional $500 to a season ticket package (based on 2 seats at $125 a pop) that mean NOTHING. that’s why an 18 game schedule is supported by season ticket holders.

  62. ive been a season ticket holder for 7 years and i gave them up this year because of this p.o.s. he is totally changing the game to two hand touch and to me that is not football. it will make the teams with good defense irrelavent when you make rule changes that wont allow that defense to make plays. roger goodell has got to be fired. then i will come back. all fans should boycott the nfl for a year . then the owners will wake up

  63. As a season ticker and PSL owner. I “100th” those here who say:

    1. Roger has never asked me

    2. 16 is fine with me

    3. Its the paying full price for pre-season tickets that is robbery.

  64. I love how when there is an article on PFT about something idiotic the players say, you get a few goofballs who call this site pro-owner and rip all of the commenters as team employees. Like its some big conspiracy. Then an article like this comes out, and the vast majority of responses are negative.

    This proves two things. One, most fans on this site are not complete idiots and there is no conspiracy going on here. And two, we’re all just sick of the ridiculous posturing and lying going on with both sides of this thing right now. It’s getting beyond ridiculous, and the NFL could start losing serious business/ interest if this thing doesn’t get worked out soon.

  65. richm2256 says: May 27, 2011 8:31 AM

    This fool can’t even give us SIXTEEN games right now!

    Try fixing that FIRST, Roger, before shoving two more games down our throats.

    The owners tried twice to get us games this season. Players didn’t respond once.

  66. What fans is he talking to the Pro-Goodell is my hero and I want to grow up to be just like him?

    And regarding 18 games in relation to injuries due to over straining on the body…it kills the product is the nfl stupid? If all the stars start to get hurt we will be watching the UFL at the NFL ticket prices.

    I agree with the players on one big point..”IF IT ISNT BROKE DONT FIX IT” every fan out there wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if it stayed at 16 games.

    and on a financial point, their are people that love the preseason games because its in their affordable price range for a ticket. It may not be the quality of a regular season ticket but many people just enjoy the opportunity to see a game in the stadiums.

  67. Another Season ticket holder here.

    I absolutely DO NOT want 18 games. Just like the others, I dont want to pay full price for pre-season games. Or would like the option not to buy pre-season games altogether.

    Just looking at the comments here, & the other season ticket holders I personally know, makes Goodell’s comments at best uniformed.

    I would love to see a poll on about an 18 game season. Roger would have to change his spin.

  68. I don’t get it Michael David Smith. Why would you even print such an article except to incite responses and keep the water muddied. Not very responsible or useful when it comes to the issue at hand GET A DEAL DONE.

  69. LOL… He hears, “I would rather…” then he runs with it… Sure if the fans had a choice of A or B… They would choose paying for 18 games of regular season & reduce preseason… but the truth is… SEASON TICKET HOLDERS DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR 4 PRESEASON GAMES!!

  70. Mr. Goodell,

    How about getting that 16 game season thing worked out first, you know the CBA, then the league can worry about an 18 game season.

    Thanks for your understanding,


  71. I think the NFL is going to have trouble selling out the games being 16 or 18. The fans do not have money they once had and now have to make a decision. I handled my companies part of owning a skybox in Green Bay and dropped it when the price got to much and we could not give away or get customers to come to a pre season game. The TV people which includes DirecTV does a great job of coverage by replaying every game in 3o minutes which should tell you how much real action there is in the game we love.

  72. This maroon thinks he can make a lie true if he just keeps repeating it. Please go away, Roger, and take De with you.

  73. Goodell is a company man from the word go. Although he is the commissioner of the entire NFL, he represents the interests of only the owners. Here is a simile. If you have a gripe with your boss, you go to HR thinking they’re your friend and will work it out. Oh, no, no, no. HR exists to protect the company’s interests and provide cover to the offending manager while working on a way to get rid of you. Goodell dishes out fines and punishment to players, but is far from fair and objective when it comes to seeing it from their perspective. His responsibility is to ownership He is not independent. Every action he takes is on behalf of making ownership more money. Not the fan, not the player and not the game. Some really crazy ideas, like globalizing the game, to take in even more money will be seen with even more regularity.

  74. More games = more potential for injuries = more rule changes making it the National Pattycake League. Shut your stupid mouth, Goodell, you’re not fooling anybody. Focus on getting a deal done, not this ridiculous idea that has ZERO support outside of the owners. Players, coaches, training and personnel people, and fans are all against it.

  75. I love football.

    I watch a minimum of two games a week, and many times I watch as many as four.

    I am not a season ticket holder, but I usually attend 1-2 games a year.

    I watch every playoff game.

    I oppose an 18 game season. The more regular season games you add, the less meaningful that any one game becomes. This would especially be true of the division games. Adding two more games outside the division dilutes the importance of the 6 division games on the schedule.

    Another point of contention that I have is that the season is too long. The Superbowl is now played in the 2nd week of February. This stretches the effective season out to six months.

    As it is now, I watch every regular season Vikings game. If the season were extended to 18 games, I doubt I would watch every game. I love watching and following the game but enough is enough.

    The league has almost a perfect fan model. I am not sure why they seem so intent on risking overexposing the game. Surely there are other ways to expand the revenue base, then debasing the importance of the regular season. Focus on expanding the fan base, leave the regular season and playoff structure alone.

  76. We really need to start contacting the NFL to end all this heresy:

    NFL offices:

    280 Park Ave. 15th Floor, New York, NY 10017.

    PHONE: (212) 450-2000

    FAX: (212) 681-7599.

  77. It would be easy for the NFLPA*’s lawyers and PR flacks to prove their talking points about harm from increasing the length of the season: just publish statistics from 1960-61 when the NFL went from 12 to 14 games, or 1977-78 when the NFL went from 14 to 16 games.

  78. We don’t want 18 games, but we will take them if you keep the price the same. Not wanting to pay full price for the PRESEASON does not necessarily mean we want another regular season game. Bad Logic.

  79. All his big talk about the safety of the players is a load of crap. An 18 game season would be a disaster. We’re missing too many important players at the end of a 16 game season. The 18 game season is a way to get rid of high priced players by shortening their careers.

  80. Hey Goodell…I dont recall you asking me about this…and I DO NOT want an 18 game season. Keep the 16 game season the way it is. If you want to know what I’d like to see change….how about you charge me half price for preaseason games? Now thats what I want. That, unfortunately, would not work for Goodell b/c it would cost him some bucks and ladies and gentleman…thats all that the NFL and the *NFLPA care about. Not us. So please…spare us your politically scewed garbage. Can we play some football now?

  81. As a season ticket holder my self, the thought of an 18 game schedule makes no sense. Every thing is perfect at 16 you play your division games twice you play a AFC and NFC division and 2 other a team from each division in your conference you placed the same the year before. Where are the two teams are going to come from. Bottom line what’s the point of taking away preseason games just to water down the regular season to make more meaningless games at the end of the season when your team clinches in week 14.

  82. I’ll bet season-ticker holders wouldn’t want package costs to go up another 12.5% or more.

    There are four options that I see: (1) status quo, (2) stay at four pre-season games and increase to 18 regular-season games, (3) decrease to two pre-season games and increase to 18 regular-season games, and (4) decrease to two pre-season games and stay at 16 regular season games.

    I think options (1) and (4) are the best ones, with (4) probably being my favorite. If (1) happens, I think the league should still increase by 3-4 roster spots. If 2 or 3 happens, I think they should increase 5-7 roster spots.

  83. Just because we don’t want to pay full price for preseason doesn’t mean we want 18 games.

  84. crumpledstiltskin says: May 27, 2011 9:53 AM

    We really need to start contacting the NFL to end all this heresy:

    NFL offices:

    280 Park Ave. 15th Floor, New York, NY 10017.

    PHONE: (212) 450-2000

    FAX: (212) 681-7599.

    Nice to you have the contact information for De Smith and Drew Brees so we can contact the other guilty party?

  85. Goodell should focus on getting a new CBA in place instead of talking about an 18 game season.

  86. Goodell fails to say that with the advent of the 18-game slate which he and the owners want the price of tickets will increase. Don’t be so innocent to think that with two additional regular season games that ticket prices will not be bumped up and PSL will not increase. Additionally, Goodell and the owners want the extra two regular season games so they can demand more revenue from all of their broadcast mediums. It’s all about increasing the green in their pockets, and Goodell has to attempt to sell the world on the fact that the fans really want it so that the NFLPA (*) and players are outnumbered with pressure from fans as well as ownership. It’s all about accumulating more deceased presidents in their bank accounts!

  87. “The owners tried twice to get us games this season. Players didn’t respond once.”

    The reality of a negotiation is that the desire to maintain status quo is, in fact, a response.

    If I have a deal I like, I am free to respond that I want to keep it in place – I am under NO OBLIGATION to go back and forth.

    It is an acceptable and valid response. It is completely different from not returning a phone call or expressing an opinion…which is what you and many imply.

    Can they get away with it? Maybe and maybe not. That’s a separate matter entirely.

    Just a small distortion that annoys me to no end.

  88. Goodell cannot HONESTLY think this if he has actually talked (AND LISTENED) to any season ticket holder.

    What season ticket holders want is to STOP paying FULL PRICE for preseason games. It’s beyond a rip-off.

  89. I love that the owners have, over the course of the past week:

    1) Cut salaries, therefore telling the players that they’re suffering as much and as early as the 3rd string corner or jobless Eagles kicker who is starting to buckle.

    2) Admitted that they HAVE to expand rosters, which is something that the players would like to see and could have been used as a chip in a future negotiation. They just gave it away so now it can’t be leveraged. The best ‘concessions’ to make are the ones you need to make anyway out of self-interest, but it only works as long as your PR mouthpiece doesn’t let the cat out of the bag.

    3) Recycled tactics that have previously failed to create leverage for them, indicating that they’re out of ideas. The 18 game season was a flop at the start, will flop even worse now.

    It’s amazing to me that these guys can be so clueless and behind the 8-ball. They need a plan, and they need a better delivery vehicle for it than Goodell-bot.

  90. In an 18 game season, playoff bound teams will rest their stars, just as they do now, only there will be two more games to do it. Do you want your two meaningless games in August, or January? That’s the only question here.

  91. Well Goodell hasn’t taken a poll of every season ticket holder then. I’ve had season tickets for 10 years and I don’t want an 18 game schedule. The main issue that I and the rest of the season tickets holders will be and will continue to be is the fact that we are forced to pay full price for these meaningless pre-season games. Cut the price even in half and I certainly would be happy but I don’t see the greedy owners ever looking out for MY needs… even though they are “for”the fans.

  92. Dont raise any prices league wide..No screwing the season ticket holders into buying pre-season..—-Any true fan would say NOW its time to BRING ON THE 18 GAME SEASON……

  93. Attn: Roger Goodell, here’s my poll:

    If you want to keep the 16-game season as it is, and do not force season ticket holders to purchase pre-season tickets, click the “thumbs up.”

    If you agree with Roger Goodell, that fans want to expand to an 18-game regular season, click “thumbs down.”

    IMO, the issue the fans have, is having to pay full price for preseason. Why not sell tickets for 1/4th price and let some people that can never afford to go to an NFL game have some semblance of the experience? And how about giving away a couple of thousand tickets to orphanages and such. Now I think THAT is something the true NFL fan can get behind.

  94. Duhhh on the 18 game schedule. Seems to me that the league already plays a 20 game regular season; 16 reg plus 4 pre-season scrimmage games. Who should really give a crap what they call them? If they want a 20 game reg season and no pre season scrimmages, what is the difference? Same number of games.
    The players and many of the fans are opposed to an 18/2 season. OK, then lets limit the season to 16 games to protect the players health. Get rid of the post season playoff games to protect the players health. That exceeds the # of games the player feel that they can safely participate in, right?
    Lets just advocate limiting the maximum # of games any one player can participate in to 16 in any league year, play 40 games a year, and decrease ticket prices by, say, 25%.

    Please, set a record for td’s on this site….:)

  95. “Lets just advocate limiting the maximum # of games any one player can participate in to 16 in any league year, play 40 games a year, and decrease ticket prices by, say, 25%.”

    Dude, if you told NFL owners you could cure cancer if they cut ticket prices by 25%, they’d tell you ‘no thanks’.

  96. As a long time season ticket holder I have never gone to a preseason game. They are so meaningless that sometimes I can’t even give them away. College teams don’t need them – why does the NFL? I would eliminate all preseason games and only then would I agree to an eighteen game schedule.

  97. * Keep spewing 18 game season propoganda – CHECK

    * Keep charging season ticket holders full price for preseason games – CHECK

    * Don’t include these important full price preseason games in the Sunday Ticket package – CHECK

    * Ignore the fact that you haven’t guaranteed that ONE game will be played next season…let alone 18 – CHECK

    Goodell is the typical commissioner/frontman of modern sports. This guy makes Bud Selig appear competent. Stop putting out useless spin, and start doing your job….do whatever is necessary to MAINTAIN THE GOOD OF THE GAME!!! Including forcing the sides together to negotiate. If they refuse…..NAME NAMES!!! IN PUBLIC! I’m sure you’d get a blog entry or two here to support you. But I guess having this $1 a year job makes it too risky to put yourself in a position to be fired.

  98. Goodell is so off base it isn’t funny. As a FORMER season ticket holder, please let me tell Mr Goodell what the fans really want. Less injuries, owners to stop fleecing the public when it comes to stadiums, players to be players and owners to be responsible (non greed filled) owners, and they DO NOT want to PAY FULL PRICE FOR 2 MEANINGLESS GAMES. Nobody I know wants 18 games, that leads to more injuries and a clearly sub-par level of football (it has to take a dive when you start losing your elite talent). I am tired of seing BILLIONAIRE owners cry that they cannot pay for a stadium. That is a great deal they have, they put 300M and the public gets hosed for the other 700M+, that’s unfathomable. So we pay for the stadium in tax revenue pay AGAIN with season tickets, it is absolutely DISGUSTING. I am growing weary of all professional greed driven sports!

  99. Really?

    Roger! … I must have missed your phone call. Or perhaps your email is caught in the spam bucket … unopened, awaiting my attention.

    If so, allow me to elaborate at this time:

    No, I do not want an 18 game season. My choice is for the regular season to remain at 16 games, and the four preseason games to each cost only 1/4th of what a regular season game would cost. That means the 4 preseason contests would equal the cost of 1 regular season game.

    At first, I’m sure 18 games sounds attractive .. but really, as violent as it is .. I’m happy to leave it at 16 games and maybe save my favorite players – allowing them to play another season or two.

    Also, for teams who are not doing real well that particular season … weeks 17 and 18 could be a bit of a television embarrassment with all those empty seats and all.

    I guess what I’d like to see is everyone be a little less greedy and a little more loyal to the game.

  100. @ phuzzball

    and the players would promptly sue because the NFL is not “maximizing” possible income to split with them.
    Overall, except for the potential litigation, I agree with you.

  101. “So your attempt last night to make the owners look like garbage with the Brees comment has backfired on you so you try this route.”

    I see Jerry Jones is spending his free time trolling.

    Roger, if by “season ticket holders” you mean “me and my money grubbing friends in NFL ownership”, then you are correct.

    I am sure lots of actual season ticket holders want two more regular season games. I am sure almost all of them want two FEWER preseason games. But these people can actually AFFORD to go to all the games if they want.

    The vast majority of football fans are just regular Joes, and poll after poll says THEY do not want an 18 game season. Then again, those of us who can’t afford to spend five percent of our income on NFL related stuff are clearly of no interest to Mr. Goodell and his pals.

    The guy is a tool, and I am tired of listening to him tell fans what we want. He’s tone deaf to everything but the almighty dollar and if this goes on too long, my interest in pro football will go away entirely. It seemed unthinkable just a month ago, but that’s a fact.

  102. As a season ticket holder Roger is right. 16/2 would also work, but I’m not a total moron. The NFL & PLAYERS are not going to just walk away from 32 games of ticket income to please the fans. That is just stupid business.

    So one last time knuckleheads, the choice is 18/2 or 16/4. Time to quit banging that 16/2 drum.

  103. All of these flag football rules to protect players and they are still pushing the 18 game season…what a joke.

    As a (former at the moment) season ticket holder, I do not want an 18 game season, but I do hate having to buy 2 preseason games at full pop. So for an 18 game season, I would still have to buy 1 preseason game…not that big of a difference to me. The value isn’t worth it to me…at 16 games there are far too many injuries to solid players, can’t imagine what 18 would be like. Once in a while the backups are adequate, but most of the time they are not. Not worth it. I care about the quality of the game too…

    Although if they keep turning it into flag football, 18 games might not be as bad as I think.

  104. I’m a season ticket holder, and I also participated in Goodall’s little team conference call with the ticketholders. Never once did a fan say specifically they wanted an 18 game season. What we want is to not be forced to pay full price for two WORTHLESS preseason scrimmages every year.

  105. If this site were loaded with league schills would so many people be complaining about this 18 game BS? Can we please put that to rest already?

    Fans here are simply in tune to football reality. Some side with the players, most are siding with owners overall. Both have logical reasons to do so.

    One this issue, a vast majority make the simple point that we fans don’t want an 18 game season. Most would rather just eiliminate 2 preseason games and make it 2-16.

    I know that what I pay for is the season, not really individual games. I have no intention of going to 2 pre-season games. So I look at the cost of those as $0. I simply come up with a number that is my total cost divided by 8. That’s waht I’m truly paying for. If you don’t think that’s worth it, give up your season tickets and let someone else on a waiting list get theirs.

  106. Just don’t make season ticket holders pay for preseason games, or at least allow them to pay a smaller price. I think 4 preseason games are necessary for coaches to be able make decisions regarding backups and who to cut. It’s not attractive to the fans, but in my opinion it’s necessary.

  107. Cutting two games off the exhibition, oops, I mean preseason, without transfering them to the regular season, is a complete and total non-starter – and that’s just as well, since you need to grow the game, not shrink it.

    In addition, there needs to be two new teams – L.A. definitely, and San Antonio probably – right away, and eventually six more by say 2020-25, filling out all eight divisions at five teams each; and also two more playoff teams immediately, making 14, and ultimately 16 once the NFL has 36 teams.

    The players refuse to move away from their same tired old zero-sum approach – and so long as they keep doing so, the chances of reaching a negotiated settlement remain at zero.

    Isn’t 45% of $12 billion more than 55% of $9 billion?

  108. The only people who really want 18 games right now are aside from the networks those in Las Vegas, who stand to make a ton of additional money with the two extra regular season games, along with gamblers who make most, if not all of their income for the year betting on the NFL. THEY are the ones Godell is likely listening to.

  109. Add another bye week!

    – Players would like it.
    – TV networks would like it.
    – Fans wouldn’t really care. They would still get to see 16 games for their favorite team plus they would get an extra week of regular season football viewing.

  110. I was with the group of season ticket holders who met with Roger in Foxboro last season. I got my chance in front of the mike and told him point-blank: I don’t know ANYONE who wants an 18-game regular season. He countered by saying that season ticket holders are tired of paying full price for two preseason games, which drew applause. OF COURSE we don’t, but that doesn’t automatically equate to an expanded regular season! So yes, he’s pushing an agenda by intentionally confusing the matter. I’ve never heard him cogently address the issues of injury attrition and watered-down play associated with an expanded schedule.

  111. Liar.
    There. I’m calling you one right out loud.
    Don’t you put words in OUR mouths!
    No one wants an 18-game season. NO ONE.
    Majority rules, pal.
    Ya might want to do any further comments in a darker setting, as the strings will show. Puppeteers today use that technique.

  112. I still like the idea Goodell brought up a few years ago about having an odd number of game season (17 or even 19) with every team playing a neutral site game either international or random college football stadiums.

    I think that would be cool if they did that on say Tuesday’s and made it a big deal. Right now it’s pointless to have a London or Mexico City game that almost no-one gets to watch except the home cities or Sunday ticket.

  113. @nineroutsider

    Are you a former 49er season ticket holder? Did you give up your season seats because of this lockout?

  114. The players don’t want an 18 game season UNLESS they get paid extra for those 2 additional games, which is a perfectly reasonable position to take. I have not read where the owners are proposing to give players a prorated increase in pay for the added games.

  115. @ thebigrig82

    I wish all the fans would not attend one game, one week and just stay home. It will never happen though as too many people have invested too much money. It would be great if the fans of the game, could get together and organize a financial protest. Tickets and parking might be prepaid, but empty stadiums one week, no concession sales or team gear purchases…it will make a small ding.

    In the end, there will be football and everyone will have forgotten how much time they wasted thinking about how to solve the problems of one of the most successful businesses of the past 40 years during the spring/summer of 2011.

  116. I support a 12.5% across-the-board base salary increase for all players currently under contract in the event of an 18-game schedule – which still favors the owners because they will be getting (presumably) a 17.6% “pay increase” from the networks because the number of weeks in the regular season will go up from 17 to 20 if, as the owners have already voiced no opposition to, each team gets a second bye week.

    Furthermore, I support rules changes designed to reduce the number of plays in a game, so that the number of plays in a (regular) season stays the same despite the two additional (regular-season) games. This can be accomplished by keeping the game clock running after incomplete passes, and during extra-point tries, except in the last two minutes of the first half, and the last five minutes of the game (so that it does not become any more difficult for offenses to score during these stages of the game).

    This will also cancel out the obviously offense-favoring effect of the rules changes designed to enhance player safety that the owners adopted late last month (the fewer plays per game will keep the average yards and points per game from rising, so that stats before and after the changes remain comparable).

  117. I don’t understand why people would want to keep a 16 game season and cut the preseason down to 2?

    The goal should be 4 preseason games at a highly reduced cost (I would say 50% seems fair, given how much time starters get over the course of 4 (IE: some of games 1 and 2, a lot of game three, a very small part of game 4)). And then 16 regular season games.

    Watching some (pro) football is better than watching no (summer college) football. Plus I like to see all the young players get time and think “that guy could be good in a few years!” They almost never are good in a few years, but the thought is nice.

    I also agree with a previous post that stated that most fans, season ticket holders or otherwise, probably don’t want an 18 game season. I can speak to polls or hard data, but anecdotally, I don’t think anyone wants two extra games. How much better is it going to be to pay full price to see David Carr or whoever Tom Brady’s backup is at the end of the season versus before the season starts?

  118. As just a fan of the game… heck yeah id LOVE an 18 game season… more games… more excitement… longer season… less preseason crapola… that’a a no brainer but when you look at it as a caring adult that thinks about the effect on the players bodies it takes me a few steps back… but as greedy as the players are (and owners dont get me wrong) and to argue over 9 billion dollars that even if they won the suit and it gets split a bazillion different ways… and you already make millions or something close each year… how much of a difference in income is that really gonna make? how much more bling can you wear or buy? Are the 3, 100 grand Bentleys and the 4 SUVs in your driveway just not cutting it anymore? Your Miami Mansion just not the right size for your 8 kids from 7 different women to live in anymore?? In my eyes… they should get better healthcare especially for retirees those that suffer from the long term effects of this brutal game… but other than that… i have no sympathy for the players… grab some replacements… i’d watch em! cuz somebody wants to play some football darnit!

  119. I agree with the players on this one. I like 16 games and would rather they stick with it. Fortunately, in any new CBA, as with the Owners offer, the 18-game season a dead issue for now.

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