Kellen Winslow’s knee is pain free

Since his infamous motorcycle accident in 2005, Kellen Winslow’s knee has been a constant problem. Until now.

Winslow, who’s been working out this week with his Buccaneers teammates, told the Tampa Tribune that for the first time in years, he feels no pain in his knee.

“I feel good,” Winslow said. “Last year, I was hurting for whatever reason. I know how to rehab my knee better. I feel good now. I feel as ready as I can be right now.”

We’ll never know what kind of player Winslow could have been if the motorcycle accident and a broken leg in his rookie year hadn’t forced him to miss 30 games in his first two seasons. But Winslow has been relatively healthy in his two years with the Bucs, playing in all 32 games, and he’s feeling better than he had since that fateful day when he decided to try out some motorcycle stunts.

Now, Winslow says while working out with teammates in Tampa, “I’m in the perfect place.”

3 responses to “Kellen Winslow’s knee is pain free

  1. Tampa’s offense should be 1 of the most lethal in the league this year. this guy was incredible last year..especially on 3rd downs. lets get it bucs!!

  2. Winslow has actually been very good last few years at Tampa. Maybe even a bit underrated.
    They really have a good plan for him, he doesnt practise much and doesnt play every snap.

    The only problem is he’s a dead give-away on the play type: he’s in-> pass, he’s out -> run..

    The Browns may have had a raw deal but they got some good draft picks for him: a 2nd rounder and a 5th i believe. At the time it was thought that the Bucs overpaid for a big risk but now it seems like a good deal.

  3. The bucs traded gaines adams to the bears and got a 2nd round pick so it was basically gaines adams, 2nd rd pick, 5th rd pick for winslow and a 2nd rd pick. Considering winslow has played in every game since the bucs traded for him it wasnt a bad deal

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