Saints coaches “appalled” by NFLCA brief


Another coaching staff has joined the Redskins to come out in opposition of the NFL Coaches Association brief filed earlier this week that sided with the players.

“It was awful presumptuous on their part that they would represent all the coaches on our staff,” Saints linebacker coach Joe Vitt told to Mike Triplette of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Vitt said Saints coaches were “appalled” by the NFCA briefing.  The entire Saints staff chose not to be part of the NFLCA when Sean Payton started his staff in 2006.

“We’re supporting the owners. I’ve said this a million times, our organization has been built on trust. [Owner Tom] Benson has been great to us. Unequivocally, we support our ownership,” Vitt said.

(It’s nice to hear from Vitt again. He and Jim Tomsula were the most fun interim head coaches of the last decade.)

No matter the motivation beyond Vitt’s words, they come as a blow to the NFLCA, just like the Redskins statement.  By going public with the brief and having no signatures attached, the NFLCA invited scrutiny.

NFL coaches don’t have a union, and this issue helps to illuminate why it will be difficult to put one together.  It also shows how the NFLCA doesn’t speak for everyone.

36 responses to “Saints coaches “appalled” by NFLCA brief

  1. NFL coaches don’t have a union, and this issue helps to illuminate why it will be difficult to put one together.

    Yes. Coaches are part of management.

  2. Perhaps it illustrates nothing but that an organisation shouldn’t actually claim to represent people who have not agreed to be part of it.

    Could it be that these people are just annoyed by someone claiming to speak for them when they were not even asked for their opinion beforehand.

    If I was a coach, I know why I would have been irked by the NFL Coaches Association’s actions.

  3. 1) Why are some staffs a part of the NFLCA and some not?

    2) Great way to build trust. The owner loves you the players not so much. Especially when you’re QB is one of those named in the lawsuit.

    I’m sorry but to me that’s a pretty stupid statement. If you don’t agree fine. Tell the owner that in private don’t go spouting off about it because you might have just lost some of that valued ‘trust’ with your players.

  4. Good for the Saints and Redskins coaches. Every coach has his own opinion, and obviously many of them support the players. But it was foolish for this group to speak for all coaches in support of the union, oops, I mean the players. But then again, collectivists are fools anyway. So they might as well put it on full display.

  5. What on earth would possess the NFLCA to file a court brief supporting the players against the owners in a labor dispute without first talking to coaches and getting their signed agreement?? That’s lunacy. Now that the Redskins coaches have taken the first step, any coaches who disagree with the filing will disavow it. And the NFLCA will be lucky if they don’t wind up losing members. Foolish, foolish decisionmaking.

  6. so the organizationthat would like to represent all the coaches spoke on the coaches behalf before the coaches joined. Maybe the NFLCA should just keep their mouths shut since they aren’t involved in the dispute.

    I can say whatever I want. I’m a season ticket holder.

  7. Interesting, redskin coaches do this earlier in the week and they are bums. Saints are on the same page of the skins and now there may be a problem with the nflca. Pft hates the skins. Admit it.

  8. Mr. Benson has been swell to his coaches, they are loyal. Drew Brees deserves a lump of coal.

    The tooth fairy supports the owners and spits on the players.


  9. Who signs Joe Vitts checks? Anyone know…

    Oh yeah owner Benson does…

    “our organization has been built on trust?”

    Is this the same organization who was going to LEAVE New Orleans and then the Vikings CHOKED in the NFC title game , ya’ll got lucky won a SB , Manning CHOKED as well , now theres millions of Saints fans… etc…

    Ya’ll weren’t reppin’ the Saints when Aaron Brooks was QB – I can tell you that much.

    what trust?

    Benson aint about football or the city of New Orleans, he’s about money (shocker!)

    Benson should be kissing Drew Brees ring every night.

  10. Nice to hear that Joe Vitt, despite being an abject failure every time he was actually put in charge of something, is somehow still drawing a substantial NFL paycheck.

    But why would he be “appalled” by a statement coming from an association that his staff disassociated itself from 5 years ago?

    He has no affiliation with them, so why would he care what they said?

    A little ownership pressure, perhaps?

  11. What more can one expect from the coaching staff when there head coach is a scab, once a scab, always a scab. Bill

  12. Are we sure there isn’t a Coach Kessler somewhere? We have a lawyer Kessler, a laywer/agent Kessler, maybe there’s also a coach/lawyer Kessler lurking.

    Until there’s a lawyer/owner Kessler they won’t stop.

  13. Redskins coaches come out with statement saying that they do not agree with briefing and you practially kill Dan Snyder saying he threatened to fire his coaches if they didn’t sign it, saying he twisted their arms and saying Redskin will never get a free agent again because of the awkwardness this will cause.

    Saints coaches come out with statement saying that they do not agree with briefing and you say “It’s nice to hear from Vitt again”.

    At least we can always count of PFT for fair and balanced reporting.

  14. my question is, if the saints coaches decided 5 years ago to not join the “NFLCA”, then what do they have to be appalled about? the NFLCA statement, while seemingly not well-thought out and pretty pointless, assumedly doesnt speak for the saints coaches that aren’t members of its organization…correct? i fully understand their disagreement with the statement and their views on the labor dispute, i just dont see a reason for them to be, like, offended by it, as if it’s harming or slandering them by misrepresenting them when in fact it doesn’t represent them at all.

    i dont know. i dont really care about any coaches’ views on this…especially not jeff witt’s.

  15. Trust? Trust that they will win games I guess. I wonder how much trust Benson will have for them if they get their butts kicked in Seattle again? How much trust will he give them if they go 4-12?

    Trust nonsense, he wants to win. Win and you have a job. Lose and you have memories.

  16. At least the Redskins and Saints coaches have guts enough to put their names alongside their statements. Just like Brees and bunch put their names with their statements.
    Pretty cowardly to make a court filing and hide behind anonymity.

    Mike, do us a favor and find out the number of coaches in this alleged association that filed this brief, and give us their names. Would be quite hilarious if it had a half dozen members who were all assistant punter coaches or some such thing. Is Belicheck a member? No way. How about Rex Ryan? Nah. I am willing to bet that none of the decent coaches are part of it.

    every one take a shot at who is in it, if you care to guess.

    My guess: Josh McDaniels, OC for the Rams is a member.

  17. Call D’ Moran , he will gladly organize the coaches. He clearly needs something else to screw up. He is clearly the biggest fraud since O’bama

  18. Watch how quickly all of this garbage becomes forgotten about when the new deal gets done. It may linger in the minds of some, but not the boys collecting the checks!

  19. bigbillinocmd says:
    May 27, 2011 5:22 PM
    Interesting, redskin coaches do this earlier in the week and they are bums. Saints are on the same page of the skins and now there may be a problem with the nflca. Pft hates the skins. Admit it.


    I couldn’t agree more. It’s not PFT, though, its just a couple of the writers for PFT that have a bias against the Redskins.

    I haven’t heard the whole “players will less likely to sign with saints now either” .You know like they said when the Skins coaches did this.

  20. “I hope the owners fire all the ungrateful coaches too when all of this is over.”

    txchief, I hope your owner fires you after the CBA is settled and your owner realizes he doesn’t need as many janitors anymore.

  21. Just do a bing search for Larry Kennan. You will find per some of the hits that he is an employee of the NFL players association…director of staff….and his email is @

    nothing more than a paid players association shill filing papers pretending to represent NFL coaches.
    Not illegal, but certainly unethical, IMAO.

  22. desperate union* tries to make it look like they have extra solidarity and like the staff is actually with them.

    look further. this kind of stuff comes out when PLAYER UNITY is fractured.

  23. @willycents

    You really need to get a better grasp of how the internet works and how sites like Spoke work. Larry Kennan is the head of the NLFCA and that’s it…no conspiracy there buddy and certainly nothing unethical. You may not like the choice the NFLCA made, as some of the coaches don’t, but attack the idea, not the person.

  24. Obviously these coaches will suck up to whoever hires and pays them. No Union to protect them. Subject to blackballing by the owners.

    Funny how some of these coaches want to appear to be so tough-nosed, but are actually so wimpy.

  25. @nineroutsider….good advice, remember it when you attack all the posters who disagree with you.

    btw, do you work for the NFLPA*?

  26. NFL owners OWN the coaches…..what do you expect them to say? you support the players you get fired. You support the owners you keep your job. This isn’t news PFT so stop trying to sensationalize it. I’m losing respect for PFT. Might have to go to National Football Post for real news.

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