Worst moments in Jags history

As expansion teams go, the Jaguars have been pretty good.

Perhaps they’ve slightly been slightly less successful than the Panthers overall, but much better than the Browns and Texans.

With success comes close calls.  And that means pain.

We present the worst moments in Jaguars history, as determined by a panel of experts.  Or Florio.

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11 responses to “Worst moments in Jags history

  1. and as i posted, that 3rd loss to the titans came a week after jax ended jimmy j’s and marino’s career in a 62-7 drubbing of the fins. methinks they thought they had it in the bag.

  2. My favorite memory in Jags history was actually a worst moment for my Steelers. In ’97, we were lined up to kick the winning field goal, the Jags blocked it, and Chris Hudson ran it back for the winning TD with no time on the clock.

    I’ll never forget Hudson heading for the end zone without a Steeler in sight when suddenly Cowher stepped onto the field pumping his fist like he was gonna pop him! It’s hilarious now, but for one terrifying second, I thought Bill was going Woody Hayes on us. 😯

  3. Pretty sure the Jags have a better overall record than the Panthers. Not sure how you define “successful overall”, but that might be a good starting point.

    That won’t change soon, seeing who the respective teams chose with their first pick in last month’s draft. Taking Newton ahead of Gabbert is serious, long term, stupidity. Panthers may never close the gap.

  4. Yeah, I just took some time to CHECK THE FACTS.

    Jaguars all time record – 133 wins, 123 losses.
    Panthers all time record – 119 wins, 137 losses.


  5. Hobartbaker’
    The Jaguars may have a better overall record than the Panthers, But the Panthers have done the one thing the Jaguars have yet to accomplish : The Panthers have played in a Super Bowl !! Yes I am as diehard a Jaguars fan as they come, But I am keeping it real here. The Black cat has been to the show and we have not. I actually do cheer for the Panthers when the Jags do not have to play them. The two teams will always be linked because they both came into the NFL at the same time. Well actually the Panthers are one day older than the Jags !!

  6. i was going to u of wisconsin-stevens point when the jaguars were there for their first training camp. they weren’t that cool. when they broke camp and left, they thrashed the dorms: even smashed toilets and broke furniture, then the team refused to pay, stating that was all part of their contingency. ever since, when they play the packers, i save a special disdain for them, not for hating the fact they got stuck in a small town for camp, but for treating it like it didn’t matter.

  7. Really. So you are in your mid to late 30’s and still holding a 16 year grudge errrrr “special disdain” against an expansion team full of undrafted college guys or free agent rejects for (wait for it) trashing a college dormitory on a college campus (cause that never happens in college) Did they have fraternities there at UWSP? Bet you are super fun to hang out and have a beer with. By the way, on behalf of Jacksonville…..Stevens Point DOES MATTER! (Gosh darn it)

  8. What about that 2007 game against the Patriots? We were carved up by Brady, but we stayed in the game until Matt Jones and Dennis Northcutt, got alligator arms neear the endzone.Our defensive problems have haunted us since .

  9. Really egetto, really? Your gonna play the boys will boys card to defend the arrogant behavior of spoiled players? I don’t recall any frats doing anything like that to public dorms in my college days and if someone did do damage, they had to pay the bill. Who cares when that happened, that’s indefensible and perfectly good reason to dislike a painfully mediocre franchise.

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