Jeff Faine reverses course on lockout workouts

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Earlier this week, the folks at pointed out that Bucs center Jeff Faine opted not to attend player-organized lockout workouts, even as he praised Saints quarterback Drew Brees for organizing such sessions in New Orleans.

In an open letter posted at, Faine now says that he’ll be attending the lockout workouts in the future.

“As [quarterback] Josh [Freeman] well knows, the relationship between a center and the quarterback is of utmost importance and he knows that I support him completely in his efforts to prepare during the lockout,” Faine writes.  “Although I missed the first three days of field work in Tampa because of prior commitments, I will be part of future sessions to build team camaraderie.  As professionals, we are all accountable for our training and preparation regardless of where we live in the off season.  I can assure you I will do all I can to continue to build on our team success from last season.”

Faine also addressed his past comments expressing pessimism regarding Freeman’s ability to organize lockout workouts.  “You’re not going to see Josh Freeman and our receiving corps down at the University of Tampa soccer field,” Faine said in February.  “They might go out there and run some routes and throw.  But you’re talking about getting an entire receiving corps together being able to work against an entire defensive backs corps.  It’s just not going to happen.”

Again, Faine has done an about-face.

“Back in February when I was asked about the feasibility of organizing player workouts, I wasn’t questioning Josh Freeman’s ability as a leader, I was more saying how difficult it will be for any individual to logistically get the entire team together for an offseason program comparable to one organized by the Buccaneers,” Faine said.  “If I wasn’t clear on that matter, I apologize.”

Faine started his letter by explaining that “the fans deserve to hear the truth directly from me.”  Based on his past statements, we’re not quite sure what the truth really is.

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  1. The most likely “truth” is Josh called him up and reminded him that he is overpaid, injury prone, and might have a replacement in Jeff Zuttah…and he better change his attitude because the fact is…the Bucs rushing attack improved from mid-20’s to top ten in yard when Faine went out for the year and Zuttah took over.

  2. Not a Bucs fan but I don’t think he was actually taking a shot a Freeman in those statements. He blatantly says in the original comments that he doesn’t think you’re going to get all the receivers and DBs out there to get a similar effect that you get from traditional OTAs.

    I also don’t really have a problem with the Saints comments because in a round about overly effusive way he was saying that teams with more stability in scheme and players aren’t going to be as effected by these problems. Teams with new schemes, coaches, young players who are still developing (2nd and 3rd year guys especially because you typically see huge jumps in their production varying by position) are going to be at a competitive disadvantage.

    Now as far as his I’m not going to be there I see no sense in it to his current claim he had a previous engagement: that I call BS on. He basically said he didn’t see the purpose in it for him as the center. Which in some sense may be valid as a opposed to the timing/chemistry between a QB and his wide outs but as a young QB center duo maybe he should take it more seriously. Still his tune is completely different now and his earlier comments aren’t exactly easy to misinterpret.

  3. Working for free is for suckers. If one of these guys gets hurt preparing to play for the Bucs, who takes care of them?

  4. The only thing keeping Jeff Faine on the roster is the Lock-out. He has been a disappointment since Day 1. Why did the Aint’s let him leave in the first place? Another Chucky busted talent evaluation.

  5. contract says:May 28, 2011 6:24 AM

    Working for free is for suckers. If one of these guys gets hurt preparing to play for the Bucs, who takes care of them?

    I don’t know about other businesses, but, I provide mandatory training/skills improvement for my employees weekly (during working hours). I also provide them with tools and opportunities that they may, if they wish, utilize during their “off” time to improve their skill/knowledge base. No requirement for them to utilize them. About 25% take advantage of these opportunities offered them. Guess what? They are also in the top bunch of my employees in performance and bonus pay.
    Suppose they get flashed/burned, etc, and have to miss a few days work? I suppose that they understand that the risk/benefit ratio balances out in their favor in the long run. Any difference in the case here?
    Also, some of the employees who choose not to take advantage of my no-financial cost to them educational program do nothing but bad-mouth those who do….brown nosers, company men, losers, etc. Makes a lot of sense to me…NOT.

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