Saturday morning one-liners

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Geoff Hangartner has no intentions of losing his spot as the starting Bills center.

Gene Wojciechowski of doesn’t think much of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’s comments about the lockout.

Male Jets fans will have more places to go to the bathroom next season.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was the keynote speaker at a banquet for the NCAA lacrosse championships.

The Browns see rookie DB Eric Hagg as a contributor as a nickel safety.

CB Ike Taylor isn’t worried about the uncertainty of his future with the Steelers.

CB Jason Allen should be in the mix for a big role in the Texans secondary.

The Colts could have been one of the teams disciplined if the NFL was punishing teams for individual on-field conduct last season.

WR Jason Hill is part of a young, developing Jaguars receiving corps.

The Titans haven’t been able to pull together a mass of players for workouts.

Broncos LB Mario Haggan would have really benefited from a traditional offseason.

Coach Todd Haley talks about the Chiefs’ offensive plans for next season.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson is one of the hardest hit by the lockout.

A review of game film reveals Chargers RB Ryan Mathews needs to be tougher between the tackles.

Everything you needed to know (and then some) about Cowboys QB Tony Romo’s wedding.

Eagles QB Mike Kafka believes he’s ready to step up and become the backup quarterback.

The Redskins coaches aren’t the only ones with misgivings about the brief filed by a coaches group.

Are the Bears due for a playoff hangover?

Lions trainers are ecstatic about the pace of QB Matthew Stafford’s recovery.

The best season openers in Packers history.

Vikings DE Jared Allen is realistic about a future without Ray Edwards.

Falcons LB Sean Weatherspoon a potential breakout player.

Panthers QB Cam Newton is headlining a celebrity weekend put together by new teammate WR David Clowney.

TE David Thomas is very popular among his Saints teammates.

WR Sammie Stroughter has looked good during Buccaneers workouts.

Would Kevin Kolb be a good fit with the Cardinals offense?

The Rams are contributing $25,000 to tornado relief efforts.

WR Michael Crabtree hasn’t been part of the 49ers workouts.

The Seahawks don’t look like a team ready to make a big trade for a quarterback.

6 responses to “Saturday morning one-liners

  1. “Male Jets fans will have more places to go to the bathroom next season.”

    They’re pasting more Giants logos on the concourse walls?

  2. I’m sick of media types like Wojcietc. bludgeoning us over the head with this simplistic ‘owners blocking football!!!’ spiel. This is Stephen Ross’ business, so obviously he’s going to protect what he thinks are the long term interests of the league, writers need to stop taking it so personally. It’s a sad day when owners are blasted for paying their employees less than half of total revenue really.

    And as for the team employees, would it really make business sense to keep paying them the same amount when there’s not as much work to be done?

  3. I wonder if they’ll have enough seats. It’d be great Karma if Jerrah was left standing!

  4. A lot of people think it should be a 50-50 split, but the owners are getting far less than 50% street deducting all expenses, like paying coaches, scouts, front office, interns, etc. and advertising, rent or stadium payments, insurance payments, fines, lawyers, charities, utilities, consultants, etc. In the end, an entire team like the Packers end up with just over $20 Million, or about what Peyton Manning makes.

  5. Hey! What happened to my post about what was going on this day last year? I guess I shouldn’t have included a link TO THIS WEB SITE! Yeah I linked to a story about the Bears signing their last draft pick on this day last year and how this year not one draft pick has been signed, thanks to the lockout.

    Darn, can’t even post a link to THIS website.

  6. “Male Jets fans will have more places to go to the bathroom next season.”

    Wildly out of context quote from same article:

    “There are some stairwells that don’t get used at all ”

    Okay that was a cheap shot. Seriously, congrats Jets fans on all the new sinks they are putting in.


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