Vikings turn down Hard Knocks too


Finding the right team to participate in Hard Knocks on HBO is great.  But make no mistake: Finding any team willing to invite NFL Films to training camp can be a challenge.

In an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, owner Zygi Wilf confirmed the Vikings have been one of the teams approached to do the show. They turned HBO down.

“We have other issues – the stadium and football – and we need to focus on those,” Wilf says.

The producers for the show have an issue with both the lockout and lack of interest from teams thus far.  At some point, the network will probably have a “drop dead” date that the lockout would need to be resolved before show goes away for a year.

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  1. I would love to see the Raiders. Hard Knocks is about entertainment, personalities, and unique team culture. The Raiders would be really fun to watch with all of their quirks, their fans and Al Davis.

  2. Glad to hear the Vikes turned it down. With the Favre drama, Moss trade, and our rivals winning the Super Bowl, we need to start staying out of the media. We’ve been like a soap opera the last 2 years.

  3. Glad to hear the Vikes turned it down. With the Favre drama, Moss trade, Childress firing, and our rivals winning the Super Bowl last year, we need to start staying out of the media. We’ve been like a soap opera the last 2 years.

  4. The Vikings might have been one of the more interesting teams to follow on Hard Knocks because they are, for all intents and purposes integrating a new head coach without a true starting quarterback in a season with possibly no off-season to prepare the eventual starter. Never mind that they are juggling an attempt to get a stadium. There are a lot of dynamics that they have going for them and it’s too bad they aren’t going to participate. Seeing how the local fan base reacts to the idea (threats) of losing their team to Los Angeles would have been amazing drama in and of itself. Throw in an eventual swarm of Favre rumors and you have the makings of a great documentary. Not to mention, you cannot have a bad time watching Jared Allen, and that’s coming from a Packers fan.

    One more thing on the Vikings possible relocation is that there is a dirty little secret, so to speak, that the Vikings struggle to garner support in Minnesota because a huge amount of the population are Packers fans. The Packers were Minnesota’s team for decades before the Vikings arrived and those loyalties were handed down and are still prevalent today. That being said, why would they want to move to Los Angeles and have the same thing happen with the loyal Raiders fan base? They need to get this stadium thing figured out.

  5. If the Raiders were on Hard Knocks a couple of years ago, we might have seen Tom Cable knock a fool out. I was hoping for Tampa Bay, they’re young, interesting and talented.

  6. As a Viking fan I completely agree with Zygi and I didn’t really want this in the first place BUT Jared Allen would have been hilarious I just know it.

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  7. It’s going to be a really short series this year. Maybe they’ll just turn it into a 1 hour special

  8. I’m going to go out on a limb and say there won’t be a Hard Knocks this year. There is absolutely no telling how much acrimony will be present when the players are finally back at work and that’s not something you want aired for the world to see. There’s going to have to be some fence mending to get everyone back on the same page. A camera would only inflame that situation even more as guys would feel the need to put in their two cents. It could easily turn into MTV’s Real World complete with “confessions”. Regardless of the fact teams have final say so on what is aired, I’d still treat Hard Knocks like a radioactive material, you know like Charlie Sheen, and keep it the Hell away from my team if I was an NFL GM.

  9. the Vikings want to do Hard Knocks in 2012 to profile their transition to LA

  10. I guarantee you that it’ll wind up being the Jets again. HBO doesn’t want a small market team such as the Texans or Titans because they need a team with a nationwide fanbase. The top tier teams such as the Packers, Giants & Steelers would never do that type of show; their ownership is too classy. However, I could definitely see the Jets jumping on it if offered again, and I could also see the Eagles doing it If asked.

  11. well, a return to Cincinnati would be fun…. If Mike Brown forces Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco to show up. With a number of teammates telling Carson to not come back, it might be ‘interesting’ in a unique way that Hard Knocks has yet to present.

  12. The Vikes need to focus on not sucking, which will be next to impossible for them. They’re gonna be soooo baaaddddd. Besides, Hard Knocks is a really bad idea for any team to participate in.

  13. Probably a moot point, since there probably won’t be a training camp to film anyway.

  14. Thumbs up if you want your team on Hard Knocks. Thumbs down if you don’t. I think the results will be overwhelming. I haven’t spoken to a single fan that wants their team on. It’s fun to watch, but not if your team is the one under the microscope. It’s such a relief to me that the Vikings name is cleared. Thanks Zygi!

  15. Probably Zygi Wilf demanded more money. But maybe if the taxpayers kicked in he’d allow it. Yeah, close down another daycare center or something. Take the cash and throw it on Zygi’s pile… billionaire’s always need more and more and more……………


  16. The NFL documentary I’d like to see, is one exploring all the owners relatives drawing salaries from their clubs. No wonder they are demanding an extra billion a year from the pool of revenue they agreed to share with the players.

  17. Maybe, HBO should try something more compelling…..How about a one hour documentary on how the lockout is and will affect the fans, small business’,owners and maybe the incoming rookies or players on the bubble, I am a little tired of watching the stars pull up in their Escalades etc..? Or pick a smaller market team who’s cities economy counts on 8 home games and show the impact?

  18. gdeli says:
    May 29, 2011 10:30 AM
    1st good move by the vikes in a while.


    Very well said. It’s been years since they have made a correct move. It’s so bad their next move might just be right the hell out of town.

  19. Can someone tell me how much money (taxes, etc) the state of Minnesota and/or the county would lose if the Vikings left for L.A. ?

  20. tumsman2 – I have no idea what the money lost figures would be, but I’m guessing they’d be huge.

    An LA team is not going to happen – no one in LA wants a team (outside of some businessmen fantasizing about a nonexistent audience for an LA team), the proposed stadiums are going nowhere, and it makes no sense of its own alleged merits. No one has provided a credible argument of what the NFL is losing by not having a team in Loser Anvilis.

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