Mardy Gilyard never asked the Rams to trade him

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Rick Venturi of 101 ESPN St. Louis passed along a rumor Friday that receiver Mardy Gilyard had asked the Rams to trade him.

The rumor isn’t true.

Gilyard’s agent, Andy Simms, tweeted Saturday that Mardy “never requested a trade.” Venturi’s 101 ESPN colleague, Tony Softli, also reported late Saturday that Venturi’s story was bogus, citing league and Rams sources.

Per Softli, Gilyard’s offseason wrist surgery prevents him from lifting weights and catching passes, perhaps explaining the second-year wide receiver’s absence from player-organized workouts.

So the story is false. Either way, we don’t see a good chance of Gilyard playing for the Rams this season.

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  1. Great job of checking team sources before spreading a false rumor yesterday. I guess the Editor is on vacation. Oh , and further…

    “Per Softli, Gilyard’s offseason wrist surgery prevents him from lifting weights and catching passes, perhaps explaining the second-year wide receiver’s absence from player-organized workouts.”

    Perhaps? He can’t function so ‘ perhaps’ that is why he isn’t lifting weights and catching passes? Gawd…

  2. I disagree with PFT. The Rams are in desperate need of WR help, and it would be stupid to cut a 3rd round pick after 1 year. Give him atleast 2 -3 yrs before the “bust” label. Roddy White was a 1st round pick and caught barely 400 yds. It would’ve been stupid to cut him after year 1.

  3. This guy has just as good of a shot as anyone to be a good wideout. Look at the tape of his game against Oklahoma in his junior year. This guy has all kinds of ball skills and a lot of shiftiness.

  4. It’s OK, you covered your butt by saying he “might” have asked to be traded.

    It’s like saying “it might rain tomorrow”, you can’t go wrong.

    Way to go out on a limb.

  5. You’re writing him off way too soon. He has plenty of ability. Wide receiver is one of the toughest positions to transition from college to the pros– it often takes guys several years to get comfortable there, the learning curve is well-documented. But nice fanboy-level analysis there, PFT. Par for the course when you guys try to play scout– you should just stick to reporting news and rumors.

  6. Knew it was BS, just doesn’t sound like Mardy. This guy has all the skills to make an impact in this league, whether it be with the Rams or somewhere else. Just give the young man some time

  7. @carson9: He was a 4th round draft pick, not a 3rd.

    and, even if he was a 3rd, the Rams drafted WRs in the 3rd and 4th rounds this year, there’s Danny Amendola who is a beast in the slot, Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton coming back from that makes 5 WRs on the Rams roster. Then there battle is basically between Danario Alexander and Bobby Gibson for the 6th receiver spot. Gilyard is so out of the loop and I don’t understand why people think he’s going to have an easier learning curve going from the easiest system (Pat Shurmurs 3 step slants) to transition to Josh McDaniels’ system. Gibson has definitely shown flashes that he could be good, DX has shown if he can stay healthy he has the potential to be the best WR on roster. At least this is my opinion on Gilyard. I think Laurant Robinson has a better chance to be re-signed and make the roster than Gilyard does of staying.

  8. @ Canjura:

    Your right about the 4th round draftee, my bad. However I don’t get some Rams love afair with Amendola. Beast he is not, and if he was on any other roster would be 6th option or cut. In 2 yrs he is averaging a pathetic 7.9 yards per catch, which is HORRIBLE for a WO. The bottom dwelling Bills have 2 RB’s with better recieving averages then that! Point is give Gilyard and the 2 new drafted rookies a few years, and they will replace Amendola and definately replace Clayton who is horrible.

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