Hard Knocks poll moves to AFC North

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With the Lions locked in as PFT Planet’s choice for Hard Knocks (the fact that the Lions have declined the invitation didn’t deter PFT Planet) and the Patriots the selection in the AFC East, our poll now shifts to the AFC North.

So spend an extra second or two on this fine Memorial Day weekend casting an e-ballot for the Browns, Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens.

And stay tuned this week as the process moves toward completion.  Assuming we don’t forget to keep posting the polls.

32 responses to “Hard Knocks poll moves to AFC North

  1. The Browns are the obvious choice: they’re a work in progress, with a new coach, a 2nd year QB, and high expectations in a football crazy town.

    As a resident of Baltimore, and former Colt season ticket holder, I decided to embrace the Browns in 1995 when I saw those fans going through the same thing I went through in 1984.

    But I could not believe so many people around here sold out and embraced the Ravens – an organization that true Baltimore fans should never support. The Ravens stand for everything that is wrong with pro sports, then and now. Let me get this straight: Irsay is the devil for moving the Colts but Art should be in the Hall of Fame? Is it possible to be more hypocritical than to be from Baltimore and yet root for a stolen team that belongs to someone else?

    How can anyone be a Ravens fan and not a tool? I need to know. Probably not possible. I refused to sell out in 1996 when the Ravens abandoned Cleveland, and the Browns are now my team as a protest against hypocrisy.

    It must suck to know that the team you root for represents everything you ought to be against. I guess all the grief over the Colts leaving was just a bunch of selfish moaning.

    Browns fans are the best. We used to have the same sort of thing in Baltimore before 1984. Not anymore. I am embarrassed at the half-assed, AstroTurfed fan culture of the Baltimore Ravens, but at least it’s consistent for a fake, ugly franchise to have fake, ugly fans.

    HBO: film the Browns.

  2. I am a Ravens fan, decidedly so because I only started following football for the past 2-3 years. They have everything I like in a team. A great front office, a team loaded with veterans and focused on defense, an offense that is slowly catching up to the legendary defense, an explosive halfback, a drought without a title, not loaded with championships but a perennial contender, and it helps that they’re the steeler’s (who I hate) rivals.

  3. although I would enjoy seeing the browns, I would rather see the excuse making train wreck that is the ravens.

  4. @tednancy what you dont seem to understand is that when the colts moved to indy, they took everything about the colts (name, history, etc) but when the browns moved, all the ravens took was the team. BIG difference. current colts shouldnt be compared to baltimore colts in terms of team records and season records. ravens players arent compared to browns greats (and no one in baltimore wants that where as in indy they love to do that).

    i dont believe you live in baltimore…

  5. If you want to watch clowns and egos see Bengals
    If you want to watch the AFC North step childen see Baltimore
    If you want to watch a bunch of losers and 20 fans see the Browns
    If you want to watch a 6 time champion see the Steelers!

  6. tednancy –

    We missed out on the 1995 expansion, so we took the next chance we could get.

    Johnny Unitas said he was disgusted with the Colts for making their move the way they did, but he lobbied for an NFL team in Baltimore and embraced the Ravens. Was he a fake, ugly sellout or a fan of Baltimore football?

    I agree with kevo. You’re probably and angry Clevelander who is jealous of our Lombardi trophy.

  7. @tendency….Moddell moved them b/c he couldn’t get a new stadium and had no choice. My question is why did Cleveland build a new stadium right after Moddell took the Browns??? He warned them many times but the Cleveland officials decided to get cute and not take him seriously.

  8. @tednancy

    browns fans arent the greatest. browns fans get impatient and start calling for coaches heads two years in when its obviously a work in progress. anyone but the browns would be a great choice.

  9. more interested in getting a peek at the steelers than the others…mainly in seeing Dick Lebeau’s practices.

  10. @tednancy

    What an idiot you are. Just because people are Ravens fans dont mean they are former Colts fans or are angry about the Colts leaving Baltimore. I was born in 1984. I wasnt even alive when the Colts left Baltimore and the Ravens are the only NFL team that has been in Baltimore during my lifetime. Let me tell you the same thing I tell the old timers that bitch about the Colts, GET OVER IT. The teams are where they are now. Either embrace the team you have or watch someone else. But dont keep bitching and moaning about the team you lost. My son, who I hope will one day love the Ravens as much as I do was born in 2009. Why the hell should he be criticized for being a Ravens fan, have remorse for Cleveland losing a team, or be angry that the Colts left Baltimore when the Ravens move to Baltimore happened a decade plus before he was born and the Colts left town 20+ years before he was even thought of? Its stupid.

  11. I would love to see my Brownies on Hard Knocks, but I don’t know about this season. I’d rather give the new regime a year to settle in before putting cameras on everyone. @Moneymike – You should avoid talking about things you don’t know about. Modell refused to take part in the Gateway project and resented the city for giving the Tribe a new ballpark because he wasn’t able to eat up all their profits like he was with old Muni. The city was going to do a complete remodel of Muni, but he stabbed the city in the back instead and ruined the 1995 season by announcing the move one week before the vote on the Muni remodel. Referendum passed by a large margin anyway. He did the move anyway, despite many promises over the years he would never move the team. Modell even opposed the move of the Colts in 1984 when that happened. The city of Cleveland and Browns fans then launched a successful campaign to retain the name, colors and history of the team, through litigation, which ended with the NFL promising to bring us back by 1999.

  12. So, if it wasn’t clear, Cleveland was going to give him a brand new stadium as part of the Gateway project. He refused. So the city was going to remodel Muni. He refused and made the deal to move to Balitimore. The city sued. The NFL settled by letting Cleveland retain the Browns franchise and having Modell start a new franchise in Baltimore.

  13. Anybody but the Steelers…

    Perfection… [or as close as you can come in pro sports] …makes for pretty boring television.

  14. I voted for the Steelers….. can’t wait for the cameras to catch Roethlisberger bragging about whoever he rapes next.

  15. I go with the Browns because I believe they are on the cusp of something good. Hillis is a beast and I think McCoy can be a solid starter in this league. Interesting team to watch going forward.

  16. Oh yes, listening to Big Ben talk about his new wifey to be and Mendenhall spout off about his 9/11 conspiracy theories sounds like great tv. The Ravens are the choice here.

  17. tednancy
    It always puzzles me that there are Ravens fans that are upset about the Colts move… such hypocrisy.

    I was surprised that anyone disagreed with you.

    Yeah, “BIG difference” kev0126 because, really, what every fan looks forward to is going to an empty stadium and rooting for team colors and logos and remembering past events.

    Wouldn’t it be great if every team was owned like the Packers? Hell, there would probably be football this season if that were the case.

  18. @tednancy

    To each his own for being a fan of whatever team they want to be. But by your logic you should not even be a fan of football now, because the owners and players have taken away pro football from everybody.

    The state of Maryland and city of Baltimore played games with Irsay as did the State of Ohio and city of Cleveland with Art. These guys were/are about business and didn’t get what they wanted. They took their toys and went to play with someone who wanted them more, someone who appreciated what they brought to the community, in their minds- it was a political pissing match. Nobody thought Cleveland would move but they did. Baltimore had their owner openly flirting with multiple cities. In the end the league has three cities with fans who love their teams no matter what the name on the front of the jersey says. The Browns did set the best trend by retaining the history of the organization, now little Irsay should do the right thing and disassociate the Indy Colts from the Baltimore Colts and “return” the history back to Baltimore. The league should step in and do it, if they are so fan friendly. The records really only mean anything to the fans anyways.

  19. For entertainment purposes only I say bungles, TO, Ocho and the Carson Palmer drama would be riveting TV.

    Also I don’t know why you brownie fans are so upset with the Ravens, according to the NFL records Baltimore got a new expansion team in ’96. 🙂

  20. @ Stairwayto7:

    If you want to watch dirt bag citizens and should be prisoners perpetrate a fraud to the public; watch the Steelers.

  21. Moneymike23- As a 34 year season ticketholder of the Browns,I could tell you Modell NEVER said he would move the team if he didnt get a new stadium,NEVER!!! This is a football town! We would have got the job done,to get a new stadium built. If we would have recieved someone elses team,I would not have embraced it! And I could say many more Browns fans wouldnt have either.The deal to move the team to Baltimore was 3 years in the making. Art Modell and his son David are LIARS! This cost him a spot in the Hall of Fame! I have Zero respect for him.

  22. As a Browns fan, I take little pleasure in leafing through record books of the past in comparison to losing my team.

    It’s nice that Cleveland got to keep all the stats, the name, etc…but it doesn’t amount to much when you lose the actual team and it’s replaced by a pile of bums defacing the team’s colors by their poor play.

    I think I speak for every single Browns fan ever when I say I’d rather be the Cleveland Ravens and have won a title and be the perennial playoff contender that Baltimore is now than to have endured 3 years of no play, and a decade of woeful football. But it is what it is.

    @ qj1984, I hope you never have to experience it, but you don’t “get over” losing a franchise if you are a die-hard fan in a die-hard sports town.

    Nothing but hate for the Ravens, and for every single Colts fan transplant for eternity.

  23. New coaching staff, QB competition. Cleveland is the obvious choice out of the AFC North. I would vote the Bengals for “Worlds Dumbest Criminals” though.

  24. Didn’t vote for my Steelers since they would never accept the phony status portrayed on that lame show because they take their football seriously.

    The Browns need exposure as this may be the only time that their fans can see them on national tv but I wouldn’t wish the Hard Knocks jinx on them.

    Actually there’s only one team, that always begs for attention and distraction, on which I’d gladly wish the jinx. Yep, it’s the Cowgirls. NFL drama queens supreme with King Jerry the Jester.

    Not only that, the Sabols can show comparison of the two fat Ryan boys (blimps?) There can be flashbacks to last year’s Hard Knocks with Fat Rex (wasn’t he the main king at NOLA’s Mardi Gras?)
    and to the previous Cowgirl episodes.

    Just think, they do Hard Knocks as a recurring soap opera to please all NFL chick fans. It will also
    prepare the NFL as it evolves into Goodell’s new safety first campaign that caters to those chicks.

  25. @realkelevra

    The team would have never become what it has if it had it stayed in Cleveland. It just wouldnt have. Nothing against Art Modell but he just didnt have the finances to staff the quality people that it takes to build a successful organization. The Ravens current owner, Steve Biscotti does. The money that it took to sign all those big time free agents that won that Superbowl came from Biscotti, not Modell. The quality scouting department that the Ravens are able to maintain is because of Biscotti not Modell. Biscotti has the money and business sense to build a successful business and franchise and it shows. Modell didnt have it and it showed as well.

    The best things that Modell did for the Ravens was 1)bring them to Baltimore, 2) Hire Ozzie Newsome, and 3) sell the team to Steve Biscotti.

  26. Actually the train wreck of a team called the Bengals may be the most dramatic/entertaining with Ocho and Palmer’s retirement saga dragging on. Dhani Jones is intriguing as well. The Ravens and Browns would also provide some laughs. As for the Steelers – I would love to see their camp; however, I just don’t know if I could stomach seeing Harrison and his Neanderthal demeanor week after week after week….

  27. @tednancy…

    you may not agree with what happened with Cleveland and Baltimore but you have NO RIGHT telling people what team they can be a fan of… US FANS are NOT responsible for what some jerk did with the organization… i had no control over it and NEITHER DID YOU! we are just glad to have a team to root for again cuz we were sure as hell NOT rooting for the Steelers or Eagles… and NO i DID NOT agree with any of the crap that went down… but bottom line… im much happier having my B-A-L-T-I-M-O-R-E Ravens or Browns or whatever you wanna call them to root for then not having a team at all… i LOVE football.. it is the single most biggest thing that consumes my life besides my job… im not gonna take the approach of some guy who is angry and disgruntled 24-7 about what happened… i can’t change it so im gonna make the most out of it… call me whatever you want… im happy rooting for my Ravens and always will be… because they had NOTHING to do with what happened either… im just happy to have pro football in my city once again and im sorry for those who got a raw deal… but take your anger out on someone who cares… id rather be happy and root for my team then worry about all this right and wrong crap… if you can’t beat em… JOIN EM…

  28. @raven4life21

    Could not agree more !! So damn glad there is a team to root for and I am done worrying about Cleaveland and Indy for that matter as I was only 12 at the time .

    Go BALTIMORE Ravens !!!

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