Panthers owner says he’s not worried about Cam Newton missing practice time

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As the month in which most of the annual offseason work takes place reaches a conclusion, a slew of young players — including four first-round rookie quarterbacks — have had no access to their facilities or coaching staffs or any of the things that an NFL team does now to lay the foundation for September.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, one of the men leading the charge for a management-friendly CBA, says he’s not worried about the fact that his first-round quarterback, also the first overall pick in the draft, hasn’t been able to prepare like first-round quarterbacks usually prepare.  “The Panthers are going to be like everybody else and [Newton’s] going to be like everybody else, so we all have to adjust and deal with what we have to deal with,” Richardson said at the ownership meetings, per Pro Football Weekly. “I’m not really overly stressed out about it, personally.”

Though Newton has been putting in plenty of hours with budding quarterback guru Chris Weinke, some would say that it’s no replacement for getting to know his new coaches — and for giving his new coaches a chance to get to know him.

“We’re all playing by the same rules,” Richardson said.  “If we weren’t, then it would be a different deal.”

He’s right, but he’s also wrong.  Though every team must deal with the rules of the lockout, only a handful of franchises could be trying to slap together preparations for a season on the fly with new coaches, new quarterbacks, and/or new coordinators.

The Panthers, 49ers, Titans, Browns, and Vikings specifically will be at a significant disadvantage.  But we don’t expect Richardson to acknowledge that.  He and his other hard-line partners have decided to push for the deal they want regardless of the short-term consequences — even if those short-term consequences mean that, given little chance to get ready for some football in 2011, their own teams will suck.

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  1. Jerry Richardson doesn’t care about Cam’s development and how it affects winning. He only cares about his profit margin, winning and developing players….those two are way down the list.

  2. Just goes to prove: The owners don’t give a crap when this BS gets over with. They’ll make their money no matter what. Its the fans that ”
    suffer. “will be just like everyone else ” Putting out a product that won’t be good, but so what….$$$$$$$$$$ Oh yea, lets raise ticket prices while we are at it..

    Thanks to all Veterans.

  3. The Bengals are equally screwed by the extended lockout scenario with Andy Dalton the likely starting quarterback and Jay Gruden as the new offensive coordinator. Also, one of Dalton’s starting wide receivers will be a rookie, AJ Green. And of course, Mike Brown has more than 3 months to do something stupid, like keep Chad around for one more year.

  4. I wonder if Andrew Luck will go to grad school so he won’t have to be drafted by the Panthers after they have a winless season this year.

  5. Richardson represents all that is wrong with the NFL : loud mouth, low revenue, hard-liner owner stalling a CBA agreement that many of other teams would be satisfied with. He is considered the Darth Vader of the CBA impasse. A great coach like John Fox couldn’t get out of town quick enough to get away from this penny pinching owner. Richardson’s Panthers spent far less on players than the minimum in 2010. He probably selected Newton because he anticipates the new CBA will restrict how much he has to pay Newton compared to Sam Bradford’s 50 mil last season. Of course he isn’t concerned about how well Newton plays in 2011. He doesn’t really care how many games the Panther’s win or lose – he only cares about how much money he can pocket.

  6. Wow this is probably why most owners let their GM and coaches represent their teams about football matters. So they dont have to open their mouths and sound like an idiot.

  7. Lots of panther haters on this site! Love it! Seems like we have lots of people in here that know Mr. Richardson personally too! Usually the panthers are active in free agency and last year we were not because of the impending lock out! While teams like chicago spent millions, and now have very little to spend. Carolina has lots of money and will sign free agents once the lockout is over. HELL we signed an aging veteran TE before the lockout started. Last year we were releasing everyone over the age of 30. bring on the thumbs down!!!!

  8. This coming from the guy who basicly tanked his whole season last year.. Im glad Andrew Luck gave him the one finger salute and stayed in school

  9. @depotnator
    Are you on crack? Jerry Richardson is the furthest thing from a loud mouth you will find. In fact he is in general a man of very few words. He, like many of us, simply sees the player’s position and tactics, as well as the recently expired CBA, as unacceptable and unreasonable. And among the owners he is not some lone wolf who singlehandedly is holding this thing up. He does however believe in his position and is willing to go to bat for it. As for the panthers they are far from the lowest in revenue or in payroll. Yes Mr. Richardson prepared for this impasse and in retrospect it looks like a pretty wise business decision. And John Fox? Get real. Have you actually watched his offense the last few years?? High school level plays, conservative non-imaginative game planning, just pitiful. He is a 1960s style run/defense oriented coach in a league that has passed him by. Good defensive coordinator at best but be forewarned if he doesn’t get his way he will quit on you and spite you, just as he did for the Panthers last year when he refused to play younger players out of spite and brought in a QB w/o any knowledge of the playbook and started him over Tony Pike who had been there all season. I suggest you lay off the crack for a while.

  10. For whatever reason, PFT hates Richardson. Actually, most of what I read on PFT about his is simply wrong, intentionally wrong or otherwise.

    While Richardson did not spend $$ last year on players, he has always spent money on players and has always been very close to the cap. Not cheap. He paid Peppers $17M for one season to keep a 12-4 team together. Not cheap. Last year, he spent $11,000,000 on coaches including $5M to John Fox (who was with the team 10 years – not exactly running away as quick as he could). Not cheap. He has said that the Panthers do not plan to layoff any staff during the lockout (with not credit from PFT). Not cheap. Unlike most teams, the Panthers built and own their own stadium. Not cheap.

    Richardson regularly visits with fans before games. He has personally responded to emails and calls to the team. As a customer of some of his businesses and having seen him in a number of business settings, I can tell you that he is probably the most fan (customer) oriented owner in the NFL.

    Frankly, he is right, all of the teams and all of the players are having to play by the same rules right now. D. Smith wants to change that and it appears that PFT and a lot of readers agree with D. Smith.

    With any situation, some people benefit and some people are at a disadvantage. Newton may be at a disadvantage, but he actually may benefit because he is getting a lot of personal training attention right now and he would not have gotten that with off season training activities.

    PFT’s post also begs the question: ” In a normal year would Newton be as good as a veteran QB like Manning or Brady?” Of course not. So, does this year really make a difference? Probably not.

  11. @depotnator Do you even read the garbage that you type? Loud mouth? Dude has only spoke in public twice in 4 years.

    Low profit? According to Forbes the Panthers are the 12th NFL team in net worth and $$$. Higher than even the Steelers and Packers.

    Check your ignorance at the ‘Submit’ button please.

  12. …and for all those hating on Mr. Richardson, just remember YOUR TEAM’S OWNER put him in the chair of the labor committee and the minute they don’t support what he’s doing they can take him out of it, so save some of that venom for the owner of YOUR TEAM.

    Anybody that thinks Jerry Richardson is more about $ than winning doesn’t know what they’re talking about. With the CBA expiring, he knew it was an ideal time to shed player payroll so he wouldn’t have to lay off non-player employees like your team has.

    Would it be better for Cam to be working with his coaches right now? of course, but this just shows that Mr. Richardson is willing to sacrifice his own personal success for a greater good…. it’s losing the battle to win the war.

    Don’t make Jerry Richardson the scapegoat for your anger about the lockout, the owner of YOUR TEAM, elected JR to the chair of the labor committee.

  13. Man,
    The Panthers have 2 bad seasons and everyone acts like the are the worst team to ever step on the field. Last season, they might have been.

    Richardson knows more about football, more about business, and more about Cam Newton and his teams’ situation than any of you critics on here. Step back and look at yourselves once in a while. Do you really think you are that smart? Unrecognized geniuses just waiting to blossom. Maybe the next time the phone rings it is the GM of your local sports frachise, offering 7 figures for your intellect and intelligence. Until then, don’t forget to pull the fries out of the oil when the bell rings.

  14. The Panthers are about a joke of an organization. This clown of a man Richardson is a complete jerk off. “…deal with what we have to deal with” eh? How about you get a deal done, you old fool? Your team is going to suck, just like every other year. Get a deal done so real teams can enjoy a regular season.

    Congrats, Panther fans. You not only have the biggest douche for an owner you could ever contemplate dealing with, but now you have a bigger douche for a quarterback to compliment your main douche. God, I feel bad for you guys.

  15. Maybe Mr. Richardson is worried about Cam Newtons progress because Cam has been working out with Weinke and Dorsey right after the combine.
    It was funny how the most of you guys were worried about Cam not knowing Jon Grudren’s verbiage when he was learning Chuds verbiage and offense.
    Mr. Richardson knew that the lockout out was going to last long, that why they sent Newton to work with Weinke/Dorsey since March.

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