Raiders fans have reason to smile


As many NFL observers assume that the long-suffering Lions will finally become an elite team as soon as 2011, a franchise that has won three Super Bowls and been to another during Detroit’s long streak of mediocrity, and worse, is being overlooked when it comes to spotting the potential up-and-comers for the next football season.

Whenever there is a next football season.

The Raiders, who surprisingly finished 8-8 last season, are working as hard as any team to remain focused and prepared.  And at a time when they can’t hear from or meet with their coaches, a future Hall of Fame defensive lineman is supplying the leadership, motivation, and inspiration.

It started with the e-mail Richard Seymour sent to his teammates announcing an intention to organizing workouts.  “Men, I hope everyone is well and staying in shape because we are going to out-work everyone we face this season,” Seymour wrote, per Damon Hack of, “and it starts right now in the offseason.”

In a weak division that includes an underachieving Chargers franchise, an overachieving Chiefs team, and a rebuilding Broncos roster, the Raiders have a great chance to succeed, especially with Hue Jackson, who kick-started the offense in 2010, now taking over as head coach.

So take heart, Raiders fans.  Whenever this labor mess ends, your team looks to be on track to be something other than a mess on the field.

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  1. While i do like the raiders (even as a steeler fan), i think people are forgetting that they are losing one of and arguably the top cb in the nfl….i think without him another 8-8 region season with an improved offense being balanced out by a weakened pass defense is on the cards but with serious challenging with more additions for deep playoff runs not too far away i give it another season at least but no more than 2-3 before oakland is back in the playoffs…..just my opinion

  2. Hopefully we’ll blitz more so that the secondary won’t have to cover their guy for 20 seconds.

  3. They seem genuinely focused on not completely sucking any more. About time they woke up.

  4. ^is a Denver fan, and I see another beat down the first Monday of the leason @ the hands of the raiders, esp if Tebow starts

  5. “Whenever there is a next football season.”

    Maybe I’ll be lucky and only the first MNF game will be cancelled and I can salvage a little self pride from that.

  6. The leadership on the current Oakland roster is the best they’ve had in a long time. Even Gannon talked about how it was a struggle every single day there. Now it seems that Al Davis is putting thought into character (thanks Russell) as well as measurables.

    I love Nnamdi and his loss will hurt, but not as much as some think. The Raiders have a strong D-line (one of the strongest) with good depth. Lamarr Houston and Matt Shaughnessy will continue to get better. The Raiders got a ton of sacks last year and should be even better this year in that department. Routt is a solid CB and the Raiders drafted 4 corners in the last 2 drafts. If 2 of them end up just above average, Nnamdi’s loss will not be a huge deal. QB’s won’t have much time to throw.

    The Raiders can win the west this year. The Chargers would have to put it all together for the whole season to challenge Oakland. And they won’t.

  7. The raiders look solid, but they still need to figure out run defense and pass blocking. Not sure about their secondary either, but the Raiders are in a great position to put Bay Area football back on the map, especially offensive football. I love watching McFadden run and you never know when Jacoby Ford is going to bust one…

  8. willycents says: May 29, 2011 1:38 PM

    ^is a Denver fan, and I see another beat down the first Monday of the leason @ the hands of the raiders, esp if Tebow starts

    I laughed harder at this comment then I did at The Hangover 2.

  9. I just hope Seymour Bitch Slaps Ben again and he falls down like he got hit with an artillery shell…….That was funny stuff…..And as i await my wrath from Steelers fans, who will tell me Hines is the best dancer this side of san fran, i will remind them i am not a fan of either team, but damn that was classic….

  10. Raiders are lucky to play in such a srewed up division….the Chargers are the NFL underachivers, Denver is just lost, the Chiefs are now becoming a powerhouse & only getting better(they need to resign Hali)…the Raiders show glimpses of talent but as long as Al runs the thing I see no need to wory about them…new coaches & systems every other year kills them….

  11. @cup0pizza

    That whole post was in jest.

    It’s quite obvious that the Seymour trade was a steal beyond belief as was passing on Crabtree in the draft.
    DHB is going be a player….in time.

    I’ll use Mcfadden as a “for example”…….

  12. This is rediculous…

    Let’s be honest bere PFT…RAIDER FANS have no reason to smile as long as Al Davis is running this team.

    Don’t get it twisted.

  13. An extended”lockout” is another reason to smile. The longer it cuts into the offseason, the less time it gives Al and his puppet Bresnahan to destroy the defense….

  14. The Raiders are best known for losing 11 or more games for seven consecutive seasons, an epic fail unmatched by any team in the NFL, not even the Detroit Lions. The Raiders are also the only team in NFL history to sweep a division but finish in 3rd place. The Raiders, you gotta love them. They are good for some laughs.

  15. Cool-thanks for the clarification, al. Good luck to your team. Here’s hoping the Raiders keep trending up. I think it’s good for the league to have them back in prominence.

  16. @kissbillsrings

    You do realize that the Al Davis ran team went 2-0 against the “powerhouse” Chiefs last season, including an absolute obliteration of the Chiefs offense Week 17 that gave the Ravens a blue print on how to completely destroy them the following week in the playoffs?

    6-0 in the division. Led the league in sacks per pass play on defense. They were literally maybe 4 or 5 plays from being 10-6 last season. Quite good for glimpses of talent.

  17. This team is 1 good RT and 1 good OLB away from Playoff appearence. If Namdi leaves then they may neeed a decent CB by Free-agency. But with Offensive minded coach Hue Jackson taking over, this team will win the Division and into the playoffs. This is big coming from a Broncos fan.

  18. The Chargers theme song for this coming season – “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…” The Raiders are taking this whole football thing very seriously and don’t have the attitude that anything is owed them. I’d say they put the division on notice last year.

  19. I saw the headline and thought Al had passed on. Oh and by the way Jason Campbell is still your QB. That should dampen the enthusiasm of all those predicting great things next season.

  20. Campbell had a winning record as a starter last year and will be in the same offense 2 years in a row which he has never experienced. He is a solid starter that doesn’t make too many mistakes on a team that relies on running the ball. Not every team needs to throw 30 – 40 passes a game to win.

  21. Is Jason “Hesitation” Campbell still their QB?
    OK, Raiders fan’s can get ready to miss the playoffs.

    And so what if you swept the division. You still got your asses beat by MIA, TENN, ARZ, SF…

  22. @jdlaroo

    That’s OK. With Jackson at OC the offense improved right away, and now, with one year under his belt and promoted to HC the offense can only get better…even with Campbell at QB.

  23. @humbolt

    “The Raiders are best known for losing 11 or more games for seven consecutive seasons, an epic fail unmatched by any team in the NFL, not even the Detroit Lions.”

    And what are the chargers best known for? 14-2 and losing on the 1st round to the patsies? Or how about going 13-3 and losing on the first round to the jests? or could it be reaching your one and only SB and losing 49-26 to the 49ers?

  24. LOL still have DHB
    Still have a 30+ y/o first round pick
    Still have crap oline
    Still have crap Dline
    Still replacing the best corner with a backup in college
    Still the Raiders!

    Long Live King Al!

  25. Is Al “Coach” Davis still Gm-head of scouting-head of player personell-owners box DC?? Then Raider fans like myself don’t have a reason to smile. The Raiders have to play 2 opponents every week. The other team and Al….

    A couple examples. That stiff Bresnahan will be running the “Coach” Davis no blitz vanilla D that doesn’t have Aso. Jackson will be forced to play dhBUST…..

  26. Put me on the side of the unconvinced…

    Seymore is getting a little long in the tooth. DHB or whatever… Eh… McFadden definitely has talent and last year was he pretty injury free. What if he isn’t this year?

    And their are some key FA loses this coming year…

    Would be a bigger believer if they had another decent year… Otherwise, maybe last year was just an exceptional year. Keep in mind, even a Matt Millen Detroit team had a 9-7 record and folks were crowning them too!

  27. The Raider Nation does not give a hoot about what the rumor mongerers of the press think of them.. all true Raider fans that have stuck with the team through the dark years better make room at your tailgate parties.. cause the band wagon train is coming through town.. .

  28. 8-8 last season is a whole lot better than most people thought they would do. Hell, that’s better than I was hoping for myself. Baby steps homeboys, baby steps. I’m not saying playoffs but I know they will improve on 8-8.

    BTW, the Big Sey trade is paying off huge dividends. Pro Bowl caliber player leading the team in his play, work ethic, and commitment.

    To all the Raider Haters, keep on hatin’! Wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t.

  29. @ piratebeard
    Before the chargers started going 13-3 every year they were the floormats of the AFC west. Every franchise goes through cycles. Check who’s been in the playoffs and the superbowl in the last decade before u compare anyteam to the post b sanders lions.. moron

  30. With all the first round picks and overpayed high priced free agents the team that’s had the most talent for years just might be over 500 next year.. Yeah don’t hold your breath RaiderIbomination Uncle AL is still alive.

  31. Thanks Mike, but those of uis who pay attention and shut out the noise from haters (like you have been), and actually watch games have known that the Raiders have strung together good drafts and good personnel decisions for the better part of 5 years.

    Haters gonna hate and point out Jamarcus and DHB (who is a good kid, and still in play to succeed), but they know nothing other than what they hear mediots like Tom Jackson and Coke Head Carter say, know nothing of the Murphy’s and Branch’s, the Shaugnessy’s and Scott’s, the Houston’s and the Bush’s, the Ford’s and the Valdheer’s.

    The list goes on. Thanks for the acknoledgement of some kind of reality based take on the Raiders, but I’m putting it in the “Too little, too late category”. Your piling on and unwarranted attacks against the Raiders org were out of line and especially out of line for a website I once thought of as the most real and insightful source of NFL info.

  32. @ p4hbiz

    You must have hit the wrong keys. 5-11 is more realistic. Rayturd Nation can thump their chests all they want for finishing 8-8 but reality is they are losing their best CB, a safety who is finally coming around, a solid LG & fired their coach who had brought them back to respectability.

    VJ missed almost the whole year, McNeill for 6 weeks, Gates was hurt the 2nd half of the year, SD had the worst special teams in the history of the NFL and still finished ahead of you in the division. Get all those players back for the whole year, solidify the ST (which they did through the draft and hiring a new coach) and add Bob Sanders and you have a SB contender.

    SD is adding, Oak is subtracting

    SD 13-3
    KC 8-8
    Oak 5-11
    Den 2-14

  33. The Raiders are the Raiders. Expect yet another sub .500 season and nothing more. Nothing to see here.

  34. Crabtree is no allstar, but he did do better his 11 game rookie year then DHB has done in 2 years combined

  35. @lanjoith

    You can pull for your Chargers all you want, and make all the excuses you want (you see what you did in your post? Excuses!). VJ missed almost the whole season bc either A. He’s a crybaby or B. Your front office is full of morons (mostly just 1). Same goes for McNeill. Implying that missing 3 players is why your team underachieved (again) is a major reach. At best, it means your team has no depth whatsoever (probably true) and at worst it’s just a lousy excuse (also true).

    Your special teams was indeed awful. But the Raiders were in complete control of game 2 against the Chargers, start to finish. They did not need 2 blocked punts (lmfao) to beat you. And I can watch that deep pass to Murphy all day. Your players were celebrating the “stuff” of Bush for no gain. Hilarious. Good luck handling your disappointment this year.

  36. Richard Seymour is a beast…..when he wants to be. I’m a Patriots fan and know the he’s got tremendous ability. I think he’s now playing with a chip on his shoulder because the Pats traded him. He is bringing great leadership to the Raiders and even though they gave up a 1st round pick for a guy with serious mileage, it will pay off for the Raiders if for nothing else his leadership. Also, when motivated, he is a beast and will be able to bring it for another couple of years. The way I look at it….good trade for the Raiders and good trade for the Pats. Win/Win.

  37. Raider Schedule ’11

    Arizona L
    San Fran@ W?
    New Orleans L
    Seattle@ W?
    Denver@ W?
    Bills@ W
    Jets L
    Pats L
    @Texans L
    Cleveland W
    KC W?
    Denver W
    Chargers @ L
    vikings@ W
    Bear L
    Miami@ W
    Green Bay L
    Detroit L?
    KC@ L?
    Chargers W

    9-7 is a possibility it seems… But it could as easily be 7-9… I put ?’s next to the games I was unsure about, basically think it’s a 60-40 on those, but I have a lean.

    11-5 just seems really unlikely, those are good solid ball clubs that have done some winning lately. I can see why Raiders’ fans could be optimistic.

  38. While winning 6 games in their division was impressive, the Raiders still only won 8 total games. Which means they won a whopping TWO games outside their division in 2010. And they played the entire NFC West, for God’s sake.

    Let’s ask ourselves the following question: which aspect of their season is more likely to end up being a fluke? Doing really good in their division, which came out of nowhere? Or getting beaten by the rest of the league, like they do every year?

    I think I’m going with the latter option.

  39. I bet the number of predicted “future Hall of Fame[rs]” at least triples the number of actual ones. Seymour won’t ever be in that Hall because very few lineman make the cut. Quit using that phrase as if you know the future!

  40. When we see an article like, we know one thing for sure: Evan Silva didn’t write it.

    humb0lt says: May 29, 2011 9:42 PM
    Raiders fans getting all butt hurt. Such a sensitive lot.

    We just stick up for ourselves. When you’re a fan of a team that has had success, you want it again. When you’re a fan of a team that has never been the best, you just can’t relate.

  41. AFC West steamrolled by the Raiders.

    Cheifs playoff hopes shattered, QB beatdown, back tot he basement next year…

    Chargers streak ended, QB out of MVP running, December win streak smashed, Sproles KO’ed, it’s over for StD.

    Denver Mile High Massacre, coach fired, QB fired, Tebow blown out, rebuilding commences for years to come.

    Raiders are coming, the NFL is on notice! Mediots shut the hell up, we are gonna make you eat your words…

    Superbowl every decade (except 1) over the last 50 years, none of you other losers can claim that!

    Until your team has 3 rings you can’t say (*&(*& about the Oakland Raiders!

    Death of the Raider Nation:

  42. humbolt says: May 29, 2011 4:26 PM

    The Raiders are best known for losing 11 or more games for seven consecutive seasons, an epic fail unmatched by any team in the NFL, not even the Detroit Lions.

    The Chargers have been in the NFL since 1970 and have nothing to show for it. That, sir, is an epic fail.

  43. Raiders are best known for the longest winning season streak in the NFL, over 20 years of winning seasons.
    NO OTHER NFL team can match that!
    I’m not sure there is any other team in pro sports that can match that.
    Raiders have AFC Championship trophies to match.
    Chargers fans sit back and watch how it’s done, you clowns have a long way to go….

  44. smile about what? is al davis handing over personnel duties?

    no asomugha, no huff,campbell at starting qb,a top notch but often injured running back, a new coach in the middle of a lockout, round 1 wideout draft picks who arent panning out..

    the chargers special team woes will be corrected,vj and mcneill will be back along with gates ,the chiefs have only gotten better..good secondary,top 5 running back..

    the raiders will be lucky to go 7-9 in 2011

  45. @theoaklandraiders

    Actually, Dallas had a string of 20 straight seasons with a winning record, 1966 to 1985. I believe that Oakland topped out at 15 seasons, so you are correct that no other team can match that. You just have the wrong team.

  46. In the 39 years from 1963 to 2002, the Raiders had 32 winning seasons.
    The Raiders were the first team in the NFL to have 16 consecutive winning seasons.
    From 1965 to 1985, the Raiders had winning records in 19 of the 20 seasons.
    OK if Cowboys have 20 straight, they get that one.

    The All time record between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys stands at 6-3 in favor of the Raiders.


  47. @ theoaklandraiders

    How did that last meeting go? Almost 500 yards given up, right? BTW, what’s the comparative Super Bowl totals?

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