AFC South becomes focal point of Hard Knocks poll


PFT Planet has spoken:  The Browns are the choice of the AFC North teams for inclusion in this year’s edition of Hard Knocks.

And so we take the polling process to the AFC South, and we’ll let you let us know whether you want to see the Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Titans represent the division in the looming AFC finals of the Hard Knocks poll.

Yep, this is precisely the kind of crap you’re gonna get during the lockout.

7 responses to “AFC South becomes focal point of Hard Knocks poll

  1. Beat the rush, get your “GABBERT 2028” bumper stickers printed now. If you’re Republican.

  2. Jaguars. Good story brewing as a veteran QB in Garrard preparing to groom a promising rookie in Gabbert. (Changing of the Garrard? I just made that up.) Excellent, recognizable personality in MJD. And a solid theme for the team, as it prepares to do what it came so close to doing last year, which is to get over the hump in a division that the Colts have dominated for so long. The back story with the team trying to cement itself to the city, and vice versa, could be neat, too.

  3. who cares anymore! owners did a great job of destroying everything their daddies money built!

    looks so good on them!

  4. I would think “Hard Knocks” would want physical teams, ie, Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Raiders, Jets, etc, not finesse teams like the Colts and the rest of the AFC south teams.

  5. I’m a little suprised the Titans are last in the voting. I think it would be interesting tv. Does VY show up to work? Does CJ talk about wanting to race Bolt or a cheetah or something? Cortland Finnegan might be interesting to watch for a little while. I’m not a Titans fan but they’ve got an interesting group of guys.

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