Jaguars expected to spend on defense, but not cornerback


Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith has said a few times since the draft that he expects to address the team’s many defensive needs via free agency.  He expects to pick up “at least two starter” but don’t expect them to come at cornerback.

“We’re trying to be active in upgrading talent, specifically on the defensive side of the ball,” Smith said a few weeks back. “We’d like to bring in at least a couple of starters who can help us take a step as a defense.”

Just don’t expect those starters to come at cornerback.  John Oesher of writes that the Jaguars are unlikely to make a “big splash” at the position and they like their players there “better than the fans do.”  Rashean Mathis and Derek  Cox figure to be the starters.

Instead of focusing on cornerbacks,  it sounds like the Jaguars will do everything possible to upgrade their revolving door at safety.  So Jacksonville looks unlikely to enter the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes, but they could be in the mix for someone like Michael Huff.

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  1. Like Asomugha would be thrilled to play for the Jag-E-Wires in front of an empty stadium and lots of black outs.

  2. waccoforflacco says:
    May 30, 2011 1:51 PM
    Like Asomugha would be thrilled to play for the Jag-E-Wires in front of an empty stadium and lots of black outs.


    If that was the case he would’ve been left oakland a long time ago dummy. They have the most blackouts in the league and we didn’t have any at all last year. Baltimore fan, are you still mad because we gottten a team and you have to steal one from another city. Lets not forget the baltimore colts leftr in the night because of stadium and fan support. The only reason why baltimore don’t have any blacouts because of this thing call PSL’s so be a good boy a shut your fat mouth.

  3. And ofcourse we should take him at his word as all GM’s and coaches explain to the media what they are going to do with truthfulness and clarity.

    In Gene We Trust

  4. @ waccoforflacco
    No doubt, Jags are sorry, imagine the raiders without a rabid fan base, Asomugha in philly for a championship!

  5. Haven’t peeeeked at the scedule, but, if they play the Broncos with Tebow “running” the team all they will need is defensive linemen and linebackers, oh, and a punt return team.

  6. Not sure if Nick Barnett will be a free-agent, but before his injury he was a solid NFL starter. Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk stepped in admirably at MLB after he went down. If the Jaguars got Barnett, they wouldn’t have exactly a dominant MLB, but he would be better than what they have.

  7. sweded775 says:

    Can anyone name any free agents LB’s that are true first stringers?
    Paul Posluszny, Buffalo
    Brandon Johnson, Cincinnati
    Dhani Jones, Cincinnati
    Zach Diles, Houston
    Clint Session, Indianapolis
    Justin Durant, Jacksonville
    Kirk Morrison, Jacksonville
    Stephen Tulloch, Tennessee
    Thomas Howard, Oakland
    Stephen Cooper, San Diego
    Kevin Burnett, San Diego
    Brandon Siler, San Diego
    Keith Bulluck, NY Giants
    Stewart Bradley, Philadelphia
    Ernie Sims, Philadelphia
    Nick Roach, Chicago
    Pisa Tinoisamoa, Chicago
    Julian Peterson, Detroit
    Ben Leber, Minnesota
    Stephen Nicholas, Atlanta
    Mike Peterson, Atlanta
    James Anderson, Carolina
    Thomas Davis, Carolina
    Danny Clark, New Orleans
    Scott Shanle, New Orleans
    Quincy Black, Tampa Bay
    Barrett Ruud, Tampa Bay
    Takeo Spikes, San Francisco
    Leroy Hill, Seattle

    *Don’t know which will be restricted or unrestricted, depending on what rules they settle on. Also, not sure if everyone on this list qualifies as a starting caliber LB, but I do believe they have all logged a lot of time as starters and likely could still be viewed as such.

  8. seabreezes51 says:

    what ya got against pre school artists?
    Maybe he failed preschool art

  9. the headline could have easily just said
    “Jaguar owners striving to continue to be the nfl’s most mediocre team”

    why not sign some talented corners if theyre available? why even make statements like this? Wouldnt the current secondary players have shown something to prove that they can be coached up and worth investing more time in?
    Ive never understood gms that dont go after the best player available in free agency to fill holes..
    youve got some great players to build on yet that it, you do nothing jacksonville ever..(in free agency)

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