Tuesday’s worst moments focuses on a team with plenty of them

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Monday was our first weekday without PFT Live since the show debuted nearly five months ago.  Tuesday, we’ll get right back to it.

We’ll continue our recent series by looking at the worst moments since the last work stoppage for the Minnesota Vikings.

Usually, we list only four per team.  When it comes to the Vikings, we could probably come up with 40.

We’ll give you the first crack at it.  Start loading up the comments with your suggestions.

Packers fans, is that a wedge of cheese in your pockets or do you find perverse glee in this specific topic?

65 responses to “Tuesday’s worst moments focuses on a team with plenty of them

  1. Minnesota – Land of 10.000 Boat Parties.

    Starcaps – They’re not for everyone, but then…they don’t try to be.

    Harvin – “I’m sorry, dear…but I have a headache.”

    (No, I’m gonna leave the Favre jokes to the Packer fans, the Jets fans, the Bears fans…you get the point…)

  2. super bowl losses to kc, miami, pittsburgh and oakland

    nfccg losses to dallas, washington, atlanta, ny giants, new orleans

    the les steckel 3-13 year

    other big playoff losses to LA rams, SF 49ers (thrice), Chicago, Washington…

    that’s 16. cultural screwups next time…

  3. There are three that come to mind:

    1. The Herschel Walker trade, who was not the missing piece to the Vikings SB hopes, but gave the rest of the NFL a decade of Cowboys prominence.

    2. The Gary Anderson missed field goal.

    3. The Brett Favre interception in the NFC Championship game that allowed the Saints to eventually win the game.

  4. for the 4 years of retire or unretire drama, and for the completely unnecessary grudge for something every veteran in the nfl eventually faces, and for signing with the ONE TEAM that could make a true green Packer fan forget about 1996 – that’s definitely a work in-appropriate object in our pants.

  5. 1998 Hurt

    2004 Hurt

    2009 Hurt a lot

    2010 was a disaster

    But one day the Vikes will be champs and then I can forget all about this non sense! SKOL!

  6. #1 worst moment has to be the fault of a certain kicker against a certain Falcons team in a certain NFC championship game.

  7. Just a stale and soggy Cheeto in the Packer pockets. They put it there before they go out to the disco to impress the girls.

  8. Obviously, getting blown out in 4 Super Bowls stands on its own, except the first one.

    1. Super Bowl 4 – Last game between the NFL & AFL and the Vikings get crushed by the AFL’s Chiefs. In 1970 the two leagues merged…that was the last game before the merger and the 2 leagues still hated each other.

    2. 1998 NFC Championship Game – the obvious one for obvious reasons.

    3. “Bless his heart, he thinks he’s scored a touchdown, but he’s scored a safety for the other team.” HOF Jim Marshall runs the wrong way on a fumble recovery against my Niners. Certainly not the worst moment per se, but an embarrassing one.

    4. Don’t have a great #4, but the 2010 seems to fit the bill. Firing their coach mid-season and trotting Brett Farve out there on a bad field (because their stadium roof collapsed) after suffering multiple injuries and Farve’s career ends before halftime due to injury was a low point to me. The way they allowed Farve to start that game was bad in itself and the way it turned out was even worse…

    Full disclosure – not starting Webb that game almost killed my fantasy run, luckily for me Webb got into that game, but I wouldn’t have won my championship without him winning that game for me…$1000 was at stake!

  9. “Picked up by Jim Marshall and he’s running the wrong way! He thinks he’s scored a touchdown and he has actually scored a safety”

    The guy had a great long career – but when you say Vikings screw up – it is the first thing that comes to mind.

    #2 – The Walker trade

  10. Gary’s lone miss… Wasswa Serwanga… 41-donut… Spergon Wynn… making sorry quarterbacks like Chad Hutchinson and Chris Weinke look like all-pros… Denard Walker interfering Nate Poole… Brad Childress… Naufahi “12th man” Tahi…

    All these aside, the absolute worst moment in Vikes history was Korey Stringer’s passing.

  11. Obviously the ’98 NFC Championship has to be #1. To this day in Minnesota, fans (myself included) still reminisce on how great that team should’ve been. The ’09 turnover parade in the NFC Championship game was the exact moment I was finally convinced, after years of holding out hope, that all Minnesota sports teams are doomed. 41 – doughnut in another NFC Championship, a game so embarrassing Robert Smith decided to call it a career afterwards. Off the field you’ve got the Love Boat scandal, the Herschel Walker deal, Dwight Smith caught having sex in a stairwell, the infamous Whizzinator, Randy Moss intentionally hitting a parking lot attendant, Randy Moss revealing (spoiler alert) he plays when he wants to, Randy Moss in general, and finally to end the longest run-on sentence in history… schism-gate ’09/’10. Those were just the examples off the top of my head, many more examples I’m sure.

  12. Where does one start? I mean I cannot think of a team in any sport that has been on the brink of winning it all more then this franchise. Yet they have yet to do it. This outfit has snatched defeat from the claws of victory in the biggest games and in the most mind-blowing ways. Andersons field goal has to be right up there. That was the best team I have seen in my lifetime. Any team. Favre’s pick, while not surprising, was gutwrenching for me to watch as a packer fan. The dropped pass in the end Zone against Washington on the last play of the NFC title game is unreal as well. Just gag job after gag job. In ’09 I thought they were really going to go to the Super Bowl. Even the Vikes cant EF this up…then 12 men and then Brett. I mean, why do you even Ponder passing? You can take a knee and kick a 56 yard field goal!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn’t Detroit man this is for the SuperBowl.

  13. Personally, I would say one of the worst moments for the Vikings was the day NBC legitimized this blog.

    /sort of kidding, but not really

  14. @commandercornpone …

    The exercise calls for the worst moments of the past 24 years. That eliminates the Super Bowl losses from contention. I’d guess the biggest recent disappointment for Vikes fans was losing the 2009 conference championship. But that loss can’t be laid solely on Brett Favre–and he’s a big part of the reason they made it to the game in the first place.

  15. Wow, aint nuttin like loadin the ammo box for free for new stadium nay sayers eh?

    1. Korey Stringer
    2. Bud Grant retiring
    3. 12 men on field
    4. Gary Anderson missed field goal
    5. Favre interseption
    6. Hiring Childress
    7. Herchel Walker trade
    8. Marshall wrong way
    9. Williamson 1st round, not ray lewis
    10. Udeze retiring after cancer free
    11. Missing 1st round draft pick

    wow, i feel an easy 2 1/2 hour comedy show coming out of this

  16. Worst moments? vikings? Oh man… Korey Stringer’s death is horrible. It would be a low point for most franchises, no doubt. But let’s review, because it’s been awhile…

    Stringer had vomited a couple times in the afternoon practice, his coach sent him off to a trailer to get medical attention.

    The person responsible was a guy named Zamberletti, well… This will explain what happens.

    Already inside the trailer were Fred Zamberletti, coordinator of medical services for the Vikings;  Paul Osterman, an assistant trainer 3 ;  and another Vikings team member.   Barta told Zamberletti that Stringer had been vomiting and that he brought him to the trailer to “cool down” and “take it easy.”   Barta then left the trailer to go back to the practice.   Zamberletti stated that he observed Stringer and did not believe that he was in a lot of distress because he was sitting upright at the edge of the examination table.

    Ok, so Zamby is an idiot right… His stupidity lead to a man’s death, horrible… You suspect a guy like this would be fired? I mean a death, a kid that will grow up not knowing his father?

    Not the fine organization of the vikings! He’s in their ring of “fame”, still works for the team and last year they were parading him around like he’s some kind of hero…

    Pathetic… Really pathetic. This is truly the black hole of the NFL.

  17. Many here are forgetting this is the worst moments since the last work stoppage in ’87. So we are exempting the 1st 4 Superbowls and Jim Marshall’s wrong way safety.

    So here are my top worst moments for the Vikings:

    1. 1998 NFC Championship Game Loss. By far.

    2. 2001 NFC Championship Game 41-doughnut.

    3. Korey Stringer dies in training camp practice

    4. 12 men in the huddle in 2009 NFC Championship game

    5. Cardinals knock Vikings out of a playoff spot with a 4th and 25 miracle TD.

    6. Passing on Warren Sapp in the 1995 draft

    7. Drafting Dimitrius Underwood.

    8. Drafting Troy Williamson

    9. Losing the 1987 NFC Championship

    10. Missing the 1st round draft pick in 2003

    11. Love Boat

    Dome collapses

  18. Oh this could be fun:

    Alfred Anderson’s shoe flying off.

    Championship game loss to Redskins after 87. Why pass to Darren Nelson?

    Loss to Bledsoe and Patriots during 94 regular season after starting out hot. It started almost 15 years worth of weak defenses.

    Tom Clancey owns the Vikes for a couple days.

    Take a knee.

    Missed field goal.

    Dishman/Freeman immaculate reception on national TV.


    Dennis Green threatens a hostile takeover of the team in his biography.

    Spurgeon Wynn


    Love Boat

    Tice’s Randy Ratio which states that Moss needs to touch the ball 40% of the time.

    Culpepper claims to be a Jedi, seeing everything in slow motion.

    Culpepper blows out his knee.

    Moss traded for a guy with vision problems.

    Red spends no money, sells to Zigi, who fires Tice.

    Chilly’s Kick Ass Offense.

    Chilly accuses Belichek of lying on national radio after stealing his Practice Squad TE.

    Chilly laughs on national radio after Jeff George offers to play for him.

    Star Caps

    Favre’s Pick in championship game.

    Favre’s “pics”.

    Metrodome collapses.

    Home game in Detroit.

  19. 2009 NFCCG is #1

    idiotic penalty (after a timeout) pushes vikings out of fg range

    favre throws the int the next play

    then in OT the refs give the game to the saints with the phantom PI call and the non-catch that was incorrectly ruled a catch.

    The worst part about that loss was that even though the vikings choked it away and probably deserved to lose, the saints still did not get one legit first down on the OT drive and needed to refs to bail them out 3 times on 3rd down to move into FG range.

  20. Before I clicked the article I knew from the title it was the Vikings…

    Despite all of the Vikings misfortunes and incidents over its time in the league, there has always been good and exciting times as well. Even in the seasons where it all just abruptly ended, heart breaking or not, it was still fun as hell to watch and experience everything prior.

    Through thick and thin, I will always love the Vikings.

  21. I left out the best part of parading that idiot Zamberletti around and dedicating the game to that dufus!

    Yeah, the Packers kicked the crap out of the viking 31-3. Childress got fired. Zamberletti is still on the staff.

    Stay classy vikes!

  22. You can just tell how low class vike fans are… They talk about games and forget their organization killed a person.

    Their low points are how the refs screwed ’em again! Yeah, the refs have been screwing them for 50 years now… Darn you refs (shaking my fist in anger)!

    You can see the symbiotic relationship here and why the vikes will be leaving… The vikes played to the lowest common denominator fans for a quick buck and can’t fill a stadium for playoff games cause they turn off good folks that believe in fair play. Now they’re gonna leave cause they don’t have good fans willing to pay PSLs, just deadbeats you can’t depend on.

    Funny how that works.

  23. ’98 Vikes – Most dominant team in the league, find a way to f***in blow it like always

    Brad Childress/Tarvaris Jackson

    The Cowboys Herschel Walker trade

    Mike Tice not putting in the draft pick on time

    Mike Tice explaining the “Randy Ratio”

    Choosing Culpepper over Moss

    Cris Carter STILL not in the HOF


    Lake Minnetonka boat

    …you don’t know how hard it is to be a Vikings fan!

  24. Hey Vikings chumps-thanks for the Herschel Walker trade! Sincerely, Dallas Cowboys fans =)

  25. It still seems that some haven’t figured out that this topic only covers the last 25 years since the last work stoppage.

    I’ve seen all the important big lowlights touched on accept for what may actually be the biggest, their stadium. Sure they had a super bowl but it’s been a dump otherwise. I would also include blasting huge speakers behind the opponents sideline as one that was overlooked.

  26. To help brighten Purple Drank fans’ day today, I’d like to remind you of Favre’s last pass as a Packer, that perfect strike to Corey Webster in the 2008 NFC championship game.

    Okay, enough of that. Ted dumped #4 by letting The Ol’ Waffler hang himself. But the Vikings flew down to tractorville and begged for just one more season with the best team he ever played on. $20M.

  27. Thanks, Mike. Thanks a lot. As a Viking fan, I really needed to be reminded of this.

    Worst moments in franchise history?

    1. Super Bowl IV: offense turns the ball over five times, losing to an inferior Chiefs team.

    2. Super Bowl IX: Offense/special teams turns the ball over five times again, and gives up a safety, wasting a solid defensive effort (and don’t give me that “Franco Harris had a great day nonsense”; go back and watch the film).

    3. Super Bowl XI: Brent McClanahan fumbles on the Raider 2 yard line with the game still scoreless.

    4. 1998 NFC Championship: Gary Anderson, wide right, followed by defense choking in the clutch.

    5. 2009 NFC Championship game. Peterson gets fumbilitis in the clutch, and Favre throws the season away when he could have run for the yardage needed for a game winning FG.

    6. Herschel Walker trade: Mike Lynn is determinted to get out of paying first round (and some second round) salaries for the next three seasons by trading these picks away for a RB that never rushed for 1000 yards as a Viking. This trade was a smoke-screen by Lynn to save money. That’s right, the same guy who worked the Metrodome lease to personally give himself a cut of the profits for the life of the stadium. What a crook.

    7. Hiring of Brad Childress: Desparate to restore order after a chaotic Tice reign and a scandal, Zygi Wilf hires Childress because he liked the way Childress ran Terrell Owens and his bad attitude out of Philadelphia. Never mind the guy had never called plays for Andy Reid. Wilf wanted a disciplinarian, and ended up with a control-freak whose failure in dealing with the QB position has stymied this team for years to come.

    There are others that could be mentioned, but these are my tops.

  28. When Steckel got in front of the team with a soiled diaper, ate the contents, and said, “See – thats how much I want to win!”

    I heard it was faked, but its a vikes coach so you never know.

  29. In 1975 theVikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs, 17–14, on a controversial touchdown pass from the Cowboys’ quarterback Roger Staubach to wide receiver Drew Pearson that became known as the Hail Mary.

    The touchdown was controversial because many felt that Pearson pushed off on Vikings defensive back Nate Wright, which is pass interference.

    As the Metropolitan Stadium crowd was stunned to learn that no penalty was called, debris was thrown on the field for several minutes. A Corby’s Whiskey bottle struck game official, Armen Terzian, rendering him unconscious.

  30. The greatest season of my life was in 98′. The Vikings broke the single season scoring record, Moss was a rookie, Carter still in his prime, Cunningham slinging it. Robert Smith running. The best O-line I’ve seen in purple.

    The team went 15-1 and easily could have been undefeated. How good were the Vikings that year? Well anytime you are facing a 14-2 team in the NFC championship game and you are still favored by over 10 points, you’re pretty good.

    That game was painful. Overtime loss after having the ball twice. They choked. Against a solid team, don’t get me wrong, but still the way they lost. Ouch.

    The other year with Favre doesn’t even compare.

    Some honerable mentions:
    Corey Stringer’s death. Hurt the team maybe more than the fans given that he was an o-lineman that people didn’t know so well but he was one of the most beloved players on the team (and one of the best) And he died from practicing in that sometimes surprising Minnesota August heat.
    The Love Boat
    Last year just in general. They went 6-10 but it just felt like 0-16 somehow.
    Both times Moss was run out of town.

  31. goombar2 says:
    May 31, 2011 12:30 AM
    You can just tell how low class vike fans are…

    Worst moments you ask? Being to the west of the biggest bunch of mean spirited, no life, petty, stupid, never happy, fat a$$ed, bunch of drunkard losers this country is known for. Especially when it includes losers that never fail to comment on a “hated teams” thread and 3 times for this one, no less. And WE are “low class”? Lmao

  32. I think besides the obvious you have to look at the overall work of “art” over the years. The Vikings have had success, but they also have had long dry spells of “failure” both on and off the field. Elite teams find a way to re-load and draft in a smart fashion. The Vikings have had a hard time finding consistancy within the draft both occasionally in the first round, and frequently in the later parts of the draft which has hurt the organizations consistancy to win year after year. Troy Williamson, Erasmus James, Ryan Cook, Tavaris Jackson, Doug Chapman, Chris Hovan…Etc…etc…etc. Often times they have multiple high draft picks and miss on both vs. teams like the Eagles and Patriots that consistantly work the draft for both value and need. Here’s hoping Christian Ponder works out…or we go 1-15 and get Andrew Luck…that would be hard to mess up!

  33. I’ll exclude Stringer because that’s a human tragedy that goes beyond the scope of football. It’s a different type of sad than “Player X fumbled the game away costing our team a trip to the Super Bowl.”

    I took this list to be the worst moments as a fan/greatest schadenfreude for the rival fans. As a Packer fan, my greatest Viking memories since the 87 stoppage are as follows:

    Honorable mentions: Not letting Chilly even visit Green Bay before offering him a contract and acting like it was a steal, Tice ticket scalping, Freeman’s catch, the Whizzinator, taking Christian Ponder a round or two too early, trading a boatload of draft picks and a hockey team to Dallas for Herschel Walker, etc.

    5. The 2010 season – from bribing Favre to come back (even though only the Vikings doubted that he would), to Rice’s hip, the Moss trade, the Moss release, the Chilly firing, Favre’s awful season, finishing 6-10 after being a play away from the Super Bowl the season before, and having to watch the Pack win the Super Bowl. It all blew up so perfectly.

    4. The Love Boat scandal

    3. Starting 6-0 in 2003 only to lose to the Cardinals on a 4th and 25 play letting the Packers sneak into the playoffs.

    2. Anderson’s missed FG against the Falcons

    1. Why do you even ponder passing?

  34. I knew this thread was stupid the moment I read it. Thankfully, Viking fans are good sports about our long suffering. Thankfully as well, there are some fans of other teams (including some Pack fans) that are good sports about it as well and come in for a “friendly” jab. Then there are the losers which makes this thread stupid…see first sentence.

  35. The loss to the Saints in the 2009 championship game was gut wrenching, really gave me that feeling a true Vikings fan comes to expect. There where a few teasers in the 2010 season ( Favre fiasco, Moss trade, Dome, the GB win, etc..) But I’m going to need another devastating loss in a SB real soon. PS…I hope we don’t have to start over when the team moves to LA that would be depressing, on second thought?

  36. locutus says:
    May 31, 2011 10:11 AM

    Worst moments you ask? Being to the west of the biggest bunch of mean spirited, no life, petty, stupid, never happy, fat a$$ed, bunch of drunkard losers this country is known for.


    Would it be better if you were to the south of us? Mabye you should move to Chicago….

  37. carlgerbschmidt says:
    May 31, 2011 10:36 AM
    locutus says:
    May 31, 2011 10:11 AM

    Worst moments you ask? Being to the west of the biggest bunch of mean spirited, no life, petty, stupid, never happy, fat a$$ed, bunch of drunkard losers this country is known for.


    Would it be better if you were to the south of us? Mabye you should move to Chicago….

    Like clockwork. In chimes no life loser 1A. Yes, it was the geographic location that I was going for.

  38. Number one, by far – the Tracy Porter interception. Revenge on Ted Thompson equals EPIC FAIL, and rightfully so. Favre did nothing, other than use the Vikings and their fans as pawns, in his dumb, selfish little “war” with Ted – a war that he started, all by himself. That was Epic Fail Part One.

    When the Packers won the Super Bowl, that completed Epic Fail Part Two. This is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you, and think you know more than the GM. Awesome.

  39. Here are some moments that haven’t been mentioned much:

    – In Denny’s first season, the team goes 11-5 and wins the division. They lose 27-10 at home to a 9-7 Washington team in the first round of the playoffs. Thus begins a streak of playoff futility under Green.

    – Denny recording a grainy video from a bunker somewhere denying sexual assault charges.

    – Denny writing a book in which the final chapter details his plan to sue the Vikings’ owners. His thinking is the following: Since the owners talked to Lou Holtz about possibly coaching the team while Denny was still under contract, they should be forced to sell the team to Denny for a couple million dollars. When reporters asked Denny about this chapter, he refused to comment. His quote was, “If you want to talk about the book, then we’ll talk about the book, which we’re NOT going to do. Then you can do that!”

    – After his first playoff win against the Giants in 1997, on a hail mary pass at the end following woeful mismanagement of the clock, Denny told Lesley Visser, “It isn’t often that you get to really show your stuff as a coach.”

    – Red McCombs refuses to fix the air conditioning in the practice facility. The rats start complaining about the heat.

    – Tom Clancy announces he’s buying the Vikings. Turns out he doesn’t have any money.

    – Reggie Fowler announces he’s buying the Vikings. Turns out he doesn’t have any money.

    – A few days after Randy Moss embarrasses the team by walking off the field before the end of the last regular season game at Washington, Mike Tice convinces him to call into his radio show to tell his side of the story. Moss makes it clear that he runs the team and he doesn’t care about anyone else. Tice closes the conversation by saying, “Thanks for calling, dog.”

    – Vikings draft Dimitrius Underwood in the first round in 1999. Nobody ever heard of him, his college coach says he isn’t worth being drafted, he disappears during training camp and nearly kills himself, and never plays a down for the team. Because he was one of two first-round picks the Vikings had that year, Denny brushes it off by saying that was just a bonus draft pick anyway.

    – Metrodome worst stadium in professional sports every year since 1987. Have to deal with whining about needing a new stadium every year, with politicians saying there’s no way you’re getting a new stadium.

    – Childress drafts Ryan Cook in the second round in 2006. All draft experts had him pegged as a sixth-round pick. Then Chilly trades back into the end of the second round to draft quarterback of the future Tarvaris Jackson. So you had to trade up to get him so you wouldn’t take a chance at losing your new franchise quarterback, but you didn’t think as much of him as you did Ryan Cook. Postscript to the story is that both were gigantic busts.

  40. The most amusing thing, is the name-calling that Vikings fans do to the Packers, with absolute zero merit or relevance to it.

    They call the Packers’ stadium Lameblow Field. What is theirs called? The concrete cupcake with deflated frosting on top? Yeah – the Packers’ stadium really like, blows.

    They call Rodgers “Erin” instead of Aaron. Yeah, Rodgers sure seems like a girl, what with dominating the league two years in a row and being a Super Bowl winner and MVP. How’s the Vikings’ QB situation looking, and who can they thank for that, LOL? You can’t make this stuff up, it’s priceless and timeless.

  41. animals1977, we have a linebacker on our team named Erin Henderson. If someone calls A-Rodg “Erin,” it’s clearly a compliment because we really like Erin Henderson. E-Rodg is obviously not a girl because a girl couldn’t grow a disgusting looking beard like that.

  42. thephantomstranger says:
    May 31, 2011 12:51 PM
    animals1977, we have a linebacker on our team named Erin Henderson. If someone calls A-Rodg “Erin,” it’s clearly a compliment because we really like Erin Henderson. E-Rodg is obviously not a girl because a girl couldn’t grow a disgusting looking beard like that.


    Really? Clearly you haven’t spent much time up in the arrowhead region of minny….

  43. This is easy:

    #1. 1998 no doubt about it. 15-1 and at the time the highest scoring team in NFL history. EVERYONE had them winning the Superbowl and nobody thought it would be close. Most blame Gary Anderson, but the real goat is Denny Green for 2 reasons. He got super conservative with a 17 point 2nd half lead. He decided that running into the line and punting repeatedly was a good plan despite having Reed, Carter and Rookie Randy as options to move the chain. He also decided to kneel down with a minute left in regulation instead of going for the win. total choke job by the coach.

    #2. 2009. Just when it seemed like another magical season was unfolding there was 12 men in the huddle, Favre’s INT and some horrible calls in OT (2 PI calls that blow my mind…one on Leber vs. Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy’s and another on whichever CB was filling in for Cedric Griffin who tore his ACL on the opening kick return in OT by Pierre Thomas.

    #3. 2000. Losing in the NFC Title game 41-0. Started that season 11-2 before falling 2 straight to end regular season. Capped that off by embarrassment of the worst kind.

    #4. 2010 season — where do I even begin? There was some type of major drama for all by about 2 weeks of the season (Moss trade, Moss release, Chilly squabbles, Chilly firing, Favre sexting, Dome falls apart, cancelled game in Philly, getting blown out at home really bad by both Bears/Packers, getting hose jobbed by the refs in Green Bay in mid-October)…

    #4. Losing all 4 superbowl appearances and then not getting back for 35 years and counting…

  44. as a packers fan, i think my head will explode if there are many more of these comments.

  45. carlgerbschmidt says:
    May 31, 2011 1:03 PM
    thephantomstranger says:
    May 31, 2011 12:51 PM
    animals1977, we have a linebacker on our team named Erin Henderson. If someone calls A-Rodg “Erin,” it’s clearly a compliment because we really like Erin Henderson. E-Rodg is obviously not a girl because a girl couldn’t grow a disgusting looking beard like that.


    Really? Clearly you haven’t spent much time up in the arrowhead region of minny….

    For someone who isn’t from here, you sure seem to know a lot about Minnesota…

  46. I have been a Vikings fan for 43 years…the worst moment of the last 24 years? Reading this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, the worst Vikings moment of the last 24 years was the day that Red McCombs bought the team! The Vikings continue to try and recover from his years of owner neglect and mismanagment.

    Goombar, I am actually going to agree with you that the Kory Stringer case was real tragedy. It shocked and saddened all Vikings fans. However, your ability to gloat over it shows that you have deep seated mental health issues. Please get help soon!

  47. yeah, u can really tell how decent (or bias) a person is, goombar has yet to provide any decent intelligent unbias info anywhere on this website. goombar, go see your mam and remember what she tells ya, if you cant say anything nice, keep your mouth (keyboard) shut.

    your continued bias of the vikings as the black hole of the nfl only continues to show your true jealousy of them. they have been here 50 years to your meager 1. get out if u hatem so much

  48. i would also like to point out to the people who have mentioned denny, tice and childress as our worst moments that in the years we employed those terrible coaches we also let three super bowl winning head coaches go in favor of the pathetic one we already had.
    im thinking we finally got it right with frazier though.

  49. “Packers fans, is that a wedge of cheese in your pockets or do you find perverse glee in this specific topic?”

    You know that movie, “Pulp Fiction”…. Fate is like Zed, The viking fans are like Marcellus Waley(?), and we’re that “Gimp” guy ….just giggling.

  50. axespray says:
    Jun 3, 2011 8:25 AM
    “Packers fans, is that a wedge of cheese in your pockets or do you find perverse glee in this specific topic?”

    You know that movie, “Pulp Fiction”…. Fate is like Zed, The viking fans are like Marcellus Waley(?), and we’re that “Gimp” guy ….just giggling.

    Hahaha. I must admit, that’s probably the most interesting analogy I’ll see all day.

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