100 days until regular season starts, or doesn’t

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It’s fitting, we suppose, that the nation emerges from the three-day Memorial Day weekend with a proverbial splash of cold water regarding the lingering lockout.

As Adam Schefter of ESPN points out on his Twitter page, only 100 days remain until the Saints and Packers are scheduled to square off at Lambeau Field on Thursday, September 8 to launch the 2011 season.

In three days, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit will hear arguments regarding the question of whether the lockout should be lifted.  If it is, it will then become likely if not certain that the 2011 season will be played.  If, as currently expected, the lockout remains in place, the season will start on time only if the two sides work out a new labor deal.

Regardless of whether a given observer is pro-player, pro-owner, or pro-they-all-should-go-to-hell, we all should agree that both sides need to commit to meaningful, continuous negotiations, if the Eighth Circuit allows the lockout to remain in place.  And the process should commence with the players responding to the offer(s) made by the NFL on March 11 and May 16.

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  1. I will riot in the streets of my local team 101 days from now if there is no season. Who’s coming with me? nobody…….oh

  2. I hate these guys. I swear to my dead dog that if pro football is not being played on 9/8/11, I’m gonna…well, I’m gonna..I swear I’ll never… Sigh. F. Screw you guys. I might have to try to enjoy my own life. Do you really want that to happen?

  3. “And the process should commence with the players responding to the offer(s) made by the NFL on March 11 and May 16.”

    That would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.

    The players are acting like a child having a temper tantrum. The players just sit there with no response other than to say, “its not fair.”

  4. Very few people would have believed, six months ago, that GREED would prompt these players and owners to turn their backs on the fans and lose billions of dollars with the possible loss of the 2011 season.This is the only business I know of that can be making record profits and just shut down because they want MORE, MORE and MORE, with no consideration for the tens of thousands of people they will affect ! It simply boggles the mind !

  5. Sadly, I don’t believe there will be an agreement reached so that any part of the season will be saved. If that’s the case, so be it. It will free up a lot of my time on Sundays.

  6. I am not in the owners’ corner by any means, but the players need to come to the table soon. All this hooey about getting leverage is not in the best interests of the game. The players are worried about the players. The owners are worried about screwing the players. Goodell is worried about making the owners happy. Nobody is worried about the fans.

  7. The players should have countered the offers a long time ago. The real question is, will DeMoron Smith make a counter offer of will he continue with his NFL filibuster? My guess is the latter.

  8. If the league doesn’t play on Sept. 11th, there’s going to be a huge backlash from the fans.

  9. One thing that the playres need to remember. Once the owners start losing money from missed games they will make sure the NFLPA feels the pain in their next offer as well. They will get the money they want for expenses and if there’s less money to split up after expenses 6 months from now, the players will have to realize that less revenue will cause their salaries to go down.

  10. Since there is no union, there is no one to make a counter offer, no one for the league to negotiate with. With no union, there can be no CBA. With no CBA, there will be no season.
    To settle this with negotiations, the players would have to re-certify, and that is not going to happen.
    To the player supporters, please give us a scenario that is likely to succeed and prevent the loss of all/part of the season.

  11. What the players want (and have wanted all along thanks to Smith) is to be able to PLAY football and get PAID while at the same time sue against anti-trust rules they don’t like.

    This happened in 1993 except this time Smith wants to harm the game rather than help the game.

    What the players really want is no restricted free agency, no salary cap, no franchise tags. Those are the trifecta of rules that clearly break anti-trust laws and are easiest to attack. After that, they may pick and choose what other rules to fight depending on their whims.

    And all the while, they want to play without a CBA under 2009 rules and get paid like they were paid before.

    I have yet to hear from any pro-union supporter how this path benefits fans of the NFL except in a short-term gain of having pre-season and games in the 2011 season maybe a bit quicker than if the owners gain leverage and force the union to back to the negotiating table.

  12. If games are missed, I will not be attending any games for a while because I don’t want to support either side.

  13. I’m really drained from this all this BS. It’s like a relationship when you’re just so sick of the other person you could care less what they do!

    WHO CARES!! Less money I have to spend at a bar on Sunday or going to a SUPER EXPENSIVE game!

  14. The players should make a counter-offer REGARDLESS of whether the 8th circuit court of appeals rules in their favor or not. To date the players have yet to demonstrate they actually want a deal. All they’ve demonstrated is they’re more concerned with gaining the upper hand over the owners.

    Something for pro-players folks to consider- If the average career span of a player if 3.5 years, do you honestly think today’s players care about the league 5 years from now? Nope, they care about their pocket books, right now. Contrast this with the owners who have to be worried both about the long term effects of a new deal and the impact on the game today and it’s not difficult to see why they want a new deal.

  15. The winter was too cold and the Patriots final game was far too disappointing for me to wish away my summer for something that probably won’t happen.

    Life is too short. I think I need to step up, be a man, and make something of the time I’ll have if they don’t play.

  16. Just don’t get why why why players aren’t wanting some kind of meeting . How do you even think about buying any players jersey this year,the way they are sitting on there thumbs,, so they can get another big check. The ones making out are the head people for the players, what are they being paid, to do what? Shrug your shoulders fans going to be long long 100 days.

  17. Actually, today I’m pissed at the Eighth Circuit for dragging its heels for a month and a half. The teams of attorneys working on behalf of the owners and players have had their paperwork in place since arguing before Judge Nelson, and there’s no earthly reason the appellate court couldn’t have scheduled arguments long before this. Oh … right … someone was on vacation or something like that. Well, heaven forbid we let the jobs of thousands of people get in the way of anything important 🙄

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