Brian Moorman does what he can to raise tornado relief funds

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With a couple of Missouri-based NFL teams making donations to the relief efforts in Joplin, a Kansas native who has made it to the highest levels of the sport has come up with a simple way to add to the cash contributions.

Bills punter Brian Moorman has placed a game-worn, signed jersey for auction on eBay.

The current bid stands at $382, with three days left in the process.  We encourage PFT Planet to start pushing that number toward and beyond $1,000.

UPDATE:  Moorman has thanked us via e-mail for publicizing his efforts to raise money for tornado relief.  “Joplin is about 20 minutes from where I played my college ball at Pittsburg State University,” Moorman writes, “and is where I ran many track meets and played many football games against our rival Missouri Southern (Alma Mater of Rod Smith).  My wife grew up in Pittsburg and she and I have many friends and family that work or live in Joplin and have been affected greatly by this disaster along with the many other people from the area.  The more I hear back from them the more heartbreaking it is.  It has been difficult to not be able to get back to help so hopefully this jersey will help raise some extra cash and I appreciate your help with that.  Even though you don’t think punters are football players.”

6 responses to “Brian Moorman does what he can to raise tornado relief funds

  1. This is a great cause. Hope this catches on with other players. The people of Joplin and everyone else who have been hit with natural disasters can certainly use the help.

  2. “Even though you don’t think punters are football players.”

    Zing – I now have a favorite punter! Favorite enough to break my “wallet lockout” during the lockout and bid on this jersey.

  3. I just wanted to give a page hit to a positive story.

    Plus, “Even though you don’t think punters are football players.”, is a class line.

    Keep up the good work, Brian.

  4. Being a punter for the Bills is considered to be among the “highest levels of the sport”? Of course, this observation would have been better without Brian’s self-depricating comment.

    Zoltan Mesko might be my favorite punter, but I’ve seen Moorman on the field often enough to recognize him as a great player, as well. Now we all know that in addition to that, he’s a great person, too.

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