Browns want to pick up a starting safety


We haven’t done a team checklist for the Browns just yet.  When we do, it’s fair to say that “Find a starting safety” will be on the list.  It’s definitely on defensive coordinator Dick Jauron’s to do list.

We would love to add a safety,” Jauron told Scott Petrak of the Chronicle-Telegram. “Anywhere we can upgrade any position at the right cost, we would keep doing it.”

The Browns have done a nice job remodeling their secondary in recent years.  Cornerback Joe Haden and safety T.J. Ward are building blocks.  Sheldon Brown, rookie Buster Skrine, and possibly Eric Wright (depending on league rules) provide depth at cornerback.

Mike Adams is probably atop the depth chart of safeties under contract opposite Ward next year, but Jauron hopes that’s not the case for long after the lockout ends.

Quintin Mikell and Donte Whitner are two available names that played for Jauron.

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  1. I was hoping they could draft Peterson and then move Brown over to safety, but obviously this didn’t happen. I love the idea of having Huff in Orange and Brown. Except for Wright, the secondary didn’t play all that bad last year so adding him or another solid safety could make this secondary good for the next 5 or 6 years, especially if Wright can return to his pre-2010 form and start opposite of Haden.

  2. Cleveland, meet Donte Whitner (Dick Jauron’s first pick as head coach of the Bills in 2006)

  3. The Brownies might want to consider moving Brown to safety, in the event they can’t upgrade via free agency.

    For that to work, however, Eric Wright would have to shake off a bad 2010 season and return to 2009 form. I believe he will do it. If not, he’ll be like Antonio Langham – ton of early promise and performance, followed by loss of confidence and career decline.

    @ravenution: at least the team I root for doesn’t make me a hypocrite. All Ravens fans know deep down that they are rooting for stolen property.

    Rooting for the Ravens is like marrying the town skank. She’s dirty, and so are you.

  4. who are the browns willing to go after?
    will they go for huff? weddle?landry?mikell?whitner?pool? harper?
    a good safety can make quite the difference..
    browns getting weddle or landry could really help this young secondary

  5. I wouldn’t mind them resigning Elam, at least for depth. He started to look decent as the year progressed.

  6. tednancy says:
    May 31, 2011 10:51 AM

    Rooting for the Ravens is like marrying the town skank. She’s dirty, and so are you.
    Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!! Couldn’t have said it better- what a great (and true) analogy. Well done, tednancy!

    Besides, you gotta love it when Ravens fans gloat- over what? Predictably choking and going out with a whimper every year?

    The Ravens got to the SB once- a loooong time ago- and in a freak occurrence where the D won a bunch of games and the O was about as good as the Spergeon Wynn-era Browns. In other words, the stars were aligned and the Ravens got lucky. Another SB appearance earned that way is a statistical near-impossibility. So the bottom line is this: If the idea is to be playing in the SB, the Ravens are no better than the Browns, because the Ravens are sitting on the couch watching- just like we’ve been for years.

    If being the media darlings/pick for the SB nearly every year, and then blowing it, choking, going out with a pathetic whimper and disappointing everyone year in and year out is Ravens fans idea of something to brag about, they should brag away…. the rest of the world ain’t buying it, though…

  7. mrizzo44 says:
    May 31, 2011 10:45 AM

    Cleveland, meet Donte Whitner (Dick Jauron’s first pick as head coach of the Bills in 2006)

    I hope he takes Aaron Maybin with him too… James Hardy’s got to be somewhere, you can also get him!!!

    Good Luck Browns!!!

  8. The Browns will most likely invest fairly significantly in free agency, focusing on a 4-3 DE and a Safety. This year will clearly be a transitional year when the Browns will continue to build and the Steelers and Ravens will continue to beat each other up while both teams’ defenses further age.

    Frankly, what will be of most interest to me this year will be the Browns’ offense. I have a feeling that the West Coast Offense will work out pretty well for them and that Colt McCoy will thrive in this system. Perhaps most interesting of all will be to watch their running game. If Hardesty comes back strong and stays healthy, it will be very interesting to watch him and Hillis run the ball, especially in December against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Should be lots of stuff to watch, once the lawyers get through horsing around and the players get back to the table and get a deal done.

  9. I really hope they keep Abe Elam around, and then go out and pick someone up such as Quntin Mikell. But, do not go after Donte Whitner, he goes for the big hit all the time, and never lands any. He is trash.

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