Jags G.M. gushes about his team’s tight ends


Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith felt strongly enough about tight end Marcedes Lewis to make him the team’s exclusive-rights franchise player before the lockout.  Smith also feels pretty strongly about the rest of the depth chart.

For example, Smith says (per the team’s official website) that third-year tight end Zach Miller (not to be confused with Raiders soon-to-be-free-agent tight end Zach Miller) could be a star in another offense.

“If Zach Miller was with another team, he’d be doing what Dallas Clark does with the Colts,” Smith said.  “He just doesn’t get many opportunities to get on the field.  He’s 6-4, 248 and runs a 4.5[-second] 40-yard dash.  He’s a tremendous athlete in terms of ball skills, and that combination really helps our receiving group.”

It’s hard not to wonder whether Smith’s message was intended for Miller — or for Lewis.  Perhaps Smith is encouraging Lewis to be reasonable in his contractual expectations, or the Jags will simply let Miller do in Jacksonville what Dallas Clark does with the Colts.

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  1. Miller will get a lot of work in any case. The Jags have virtually nothing for wide recievers. Mike Thomas was the top guy last year, and he is 5-8.

  2. Is Gene forgetting that Miller has struggled to stay healthy?

    I love the kid’s potential but until he shows some durability, I’d be very, very nervous about letting Marcedes go.

  3. I wouldn’t call Finley a “crop”, but he is the best in the league. Granted he needs to stay healthy, but if he does…

  4. Hey Blackheld,

    Remember; Puff, Puff, pass. Puff, Puff, pass.

    NFC North, that’s funny.

    According to a recent TE poll at ESPN by experts, they’d be fourth.

    The NFC East has two in the Top 5, The NFC South, The AFC South, and the NFC North all have have two in the Top 10, with the NFC North’s two coming in at 9 &10.

    Here’s the list:

    1. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys
    2. Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers
    3. Dallas Clark, Indianapolis Colts
    4. Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers
    5. Chris Cooley, Washington Redskins
    6. Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons
    7. Kellen Winslow Jr., Tampa Bay
    8. Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville Jaguars
    9. Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions
    10. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay

    Can’t argue too much with the list.

    Having pride in your division is one thing. Blind ingnorance is another.

  5. if he thinks Miller is so good maybe he can put Miller and Lewis on the field together. I would think that would cause some match-up difficulties for the opponents LB’s, it might even create some space for the WR group and MJD on draw plays?!?!

  6. Miller’s health issues stems from him adjusting to the rigors of the TE position. Once he learns how to properly prepare his body(which I hope he has by now), he can be weapon. Marcedes is the man though. All they need is if for the o-coordinator & qb get them the ball more frequently.

  7. Its hard to get Miller on the field bc when he’s in, it tips the defense that its a passing play. If he can actually be effective on running plays with his blocking, he will see more time and also more production. The health issue, which has been pointed out is also an issue.

  8. it seems like there is a ton of depth at TE in the league. There are a lot of teams that have a great TE, and many with two. Heck look at NE, they got Hernandez and Gronkowski in the same draft last year.

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