Jim Tressel unlikely to pursue NFL career


While CFT capably handles biggest football story on the planet, we are left to wonder what former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will do next. One natural question: How about the NFL?

Gil Brandt of NFL.com knows Tressel well and doesn’t think it’s a fit.

“You look at all the highly successful college coaches and not many of them seem to translate that to the NFL. I don’t think the NFL is for Jim,” Brandt writes.

He believes Tressel is more likely to pursue an unpaid gig at a small school where he can go back to teaching young players and helping coaches.

NFL.com writer Albert Breer, letting his Ohio State colors shine, wrote a piece saying Tressel could succeed in the NFL.  That may even be true, but it sounds like an unlikely step in his career.

Barry Switzer made the transition from disgraced college coach to Super Bowl Champion, but Tressel doesn’t have a buddy like Jerry Jones that owns an NFL team.

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  1. College coaches rarely translate well to the NFL. He might do well being a scout or special advisor similar to what John Cooper did. He isn’t a defensive or offensive guru by any stretch of the imagination. His head coaching days are over for the foreseeable future I believe.

  2. @flyinhighwithvick

    “Thats a shocker. Slow news day?”

    Day after a national three-day weekend. So, um, yeah, it kinda is.

  3. madnova says:
    May 31, 2011 9:13 AM
    Pete Carroll didn’t have a buddy that owned a team, either.

    Yes, and he went 7-9 in the worst division in the history of football.

    Congrats on catching the Saints flat in a game that never should have been in Seattle, but can we wait a little before we anoint him a success?

  4. Barry Switzer did NOT turn into a successful NFL coach. He inherited a ring from Jimmy Johnson’s work. Switzer was the beginning of the end for the Cowboys dynasty.

  5. In other news, I’m also unlikely to pursue a career in the NFL.

    Then again, you never know… the Lions may be desperate.

  6. I hope Brandt is wrong. If he loves coaching like I think he does, he’ll give the NFL a shot. There are several teams that’ll give him a chance.

  7. It’s it me… or is it a coincidence that BOTH current National Champions in BOTH major sports (Calhoun@ UCONN…and the Cam Newton@Auburn) have had similar accusations about their programs. It seems to me that in order to compete in bigtime college athletics you must involve some form of rule-breaking.
    The money being made on the blood sweat and tears of these 18yearolds is mindblowing. Pony up some cash and allow the “workers” to share in the profits…

    Tressel…I want my $18.95 back for that book I bought about doing the “right thing and unwavering integrity”…just doesn’t seem to ring true anymore…

  8. Perhaps Jim Tressel can coach at a small college like Upper Iowa Uiversity in Fayette, Iowa (population around 1,000). There are no tattoo parlors in Fayette and he should do well there with the players. He will have to take a substantial salary cut though.

    A former Ohio State head football coach ended up coaching at Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

  9. “He believes Tressel is more likely to pursue an unpaid gig at a small school where he can go back to teaching young players and helping coaches.”


    As long as he school has no affiliation with the NCAA. He is going to be banned when all is said and done. He has a long track record and he’s a very bad example..

  10. With the whole “Do as I say not as I do” thing I think his next job is in politics. A natural fit.

  11. I can’t imagine anyone happier than the entire city of Ann Arbor and Wolverine Nation. Tressel owned them. Much like the Ditka-era Bears against the Packers.

  12. Barry Switzer can thank Jimmy Johnson and Neil O’Donnell for his Super Bowl ring. Talk to me about Pete Carroll when he actually becomes a successful NFL coach. I wouldn’t bet on Tressel for the NFL. He doesn’t seem suited to the league, and the league doesn’t seem suitable for him. I doubt he’d want to coach in the pros.

  13. Everybody needs to get off tressels junk, i cant go anywhere without reading or hearing about it, tressel articles on pft even though he never coached pro football, tressel on nfl network even though he never coached pro football. I was on cft yesterday and we got phlorio writing articles about tressel im pretty fed up about it and maybe, just maybe maurice clarrette was telling the truth when he was bashing on osu, and that was what? ten years ago? and they’re just now finding out osu is a bunch of frauds GTFOH

  14. If the NCAA played hardball and investigated all these teams and banned them from the BCS bowl series we would have the following projected BCS bowl game participants:

    Navy, Army, Air Force, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and perhaps Duke….

  15. @1bigtex …

    Yeah, poor thing musta been lonely running around all by himself out there with no Steelers to cover 🙂

  16. Neil was just trying to find someone who knew what to do with the football. He threw nearly 50 passes and the Steelers only produced a couple of hundred yards net. Brown had almost 80 yards on his two INTs.

  17. @1bigtex …

    And yet the score was so close. Without the 14 points Dallas picked up on those two INTs, Pittsburgh would have won. Guess your vaunted offense wasn’t terribly productive that day either.

  18. If, if, if, if; Come on Deb. You’re better than that. If I was 7′ tall, I’d be retired from the NBA now. The world is full of “ifs”. Dallas controlled that game. It was 20-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter and Pittsburgh averaged about 25% less per offensive play. The Steelers scored 10 points late to make it bit more respectable and still lost by double digits.

  19. A-hem … you are meandering waaay off the subject. The writer said Switzer transitioned from college to Super Bowl winner. I made the simple comment that Switzer could thank Johnson and O’Donnell for that Super Bowl win. I don’t think any objective analyst would consider Switzer a highly successful pro coach. That Super Bowl win belongs to an exceptional Cowboys team built by Jimmy Johnson. Switzer’s Super Bowl success was more luck-of-the-team-draw than coaching skill. They likely would have had four rings if Johnson had stayed. In fact, I give the team credit for winning in spite of Switzer.

    You made a joke about Larry Brown. I responded good-naturedly with a joke about O’Donnell. Then you got nasty about our offense. And I pointed out that without the 14 points you picked up off those INTs, your offense wouldn’t have won … which is true.

    I’m not one to make excuses for a loss. We lost. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories about O’Donnell throwing the game, and I don’t whine about bad calls–though every game has them–like some teams do. We were bested by a superior team. But if you’re going to start being snarky about my team, I will have a response. My good nature has its limits.

    I think we’re done here.

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