Louis Delmas played in 2010 with a “severe” groin injury


Last August, we’d heard that Lions safety Louis Delmas had a groin injury sufficiently severe to prompt consideration of surgery that would have knocked him out for the entire season.  The Lions predictably denied that the injury was severe, and Delmas ultimately did not undergo surgery.

Earlier today, his agent Drew Rosenhaus disclosed via Twitter that Delmas indeed played the entire 2010 season with a “severe” groin injury.  “He is back to full speed and able to work out with no limitation,” Rosenhaus said.

Delmas appeared on the injury report for the first eight weeks of the season with a groin injury.  He missed only one game, in Week 16, due to a concussion.

13 responses to “Louis Delmas played in 2010 with a “severe” groin injury

  1. Best young safety in the league has great range and can knock someone out legal or illegally. It was noticeable he was playing injured get the guy some help in the secondary and let him roam he’ll be a playmaker for years

  2. Both Delmas and Levy were injured most/all of the season. Levy missed I believe all of training camp with the same problem (if I remember right). You could see Levy’s impact when he was healthy. (Game changing INT against both Green Bay and Miami) It will be fun to watch if both of those guys stay healthy along with Suh.

  3. If that’s true and the Lions get a better version of the 2010 Louis Delmas, Detroit have themselves a special player.

  4. So he was on the report for the first 8 weeks and not the last 8? That means either Det played with the report (to which I say YAY DETROIT, I HATE the injury report I feel it’s bad for player safety) of this dude missed 0 practice time due to the groin in the last half of the season which is amazing especially for a DB (or RB or WR).

  5. Reminds me a lot of Bob Sanders, beast on the field but always seems to get hurt. He’s a pro bowl talent if he plays 16 games

  6. Everyone’s giving him too much love. He needs to do something this year. His number of missed tackles is amazing.

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