Sam Farmer doesn’t see Carolina as a potential tenant for L.A. stadium

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Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times joined PFT Live earlier today to discuss the status of the stadium effort in L.A.  We teed it off (or is it up?) by talking about recent comments from Albert Breer of NFL Network pegging the Panthers as a potential team to play in L.A.

Farmer doesn’t see the Panthers making the move.  To get his reasoning, you’ll need to watch the video.  (Hey, at least we’re honest about our overt efforts to get you to watch.)

Sam also had great insights about the status of the downtown project, whether Ed Roski’s proposed stadium in City of Industry remains viable, and whether AEG is indeed talking to a team that currently plays in Minnesota about potential relocation.   The full show, Farmer’s appearance in segment three, can be seen by clicking the box in the upper right corner of each PFT page.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

6 responses to “Sam Farmer doesn’t see Carolina as a potential tenant for L.A. stadium

  1. So, basically, there was no real story, just someone trying to create a stir to generate more hits to his site during a news drought. You weaken credibility and the quality of your product when you do that.

  2. @mhs8031

    That’s exactly what these stories are…fluff to get attention. Anyone who actually bought into the fact the Panthers would even consider moving is laughable and a waste of a bandwidth.

  3. I don’t see the Panthers moving anywhere this next season (if there is a season) except to a repeat of last year’s disaster.

    If The Big Cat did move his team to LA, at least Cam Newton would have a better chance of being that cultural icon he wants to be.

  4. “…to discuss the status of the stadium effort in L.A. We teed it off (or is it up?)…”

    In golf terminology “to tee up” is to prepare for the first drive. “To tee off” is to begin the round. “Tee up” is placing the golf ball on a tee with intent to hit, while “tee off” is swinging the club in the act of hitting the ball.

    (or were you just trying to be cute with your golf anology?)

  5. @dldove77

    Think about this. He owns a stadium that he built off money collected for the right to purchase tickets, in other words, minimal out of pocket $$$. He currently carries the burden of staff and maintenance for the stadium. I could see a deal offered that might make it pretty easy to walk away from BOA.

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