Team checklist: Philadelphia Eagles


We’ve already written about what the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants need to do after the lockout. Philadelphia’s to-do list below wraps up the NFC East.

1. Rescind David Akers’ transition tag.

This comes first because the Eagles need to do it the moment the lockout is lifted.  Otherwise, Akers could try to quickly sign the one-year offer the Eagles made before the lockout and the team could be stuck paying him.  The Eagles drafted Akers’ likely replacement Alex Henery in the fourth round in April.

2. Find the right deal for Kevin Kolb.

You’ll read a lot of conflicting articles about Kolb’s value, but the Eagles are working in a seller’s market. There is no need to deal Kolb for anything less than a first round pick.

If the right offer doesn’t arrive, the Eagles could still keep Kolb as Michael Vick injury insurance.  In that scenario, they could use the franchise tag on him in 2012 and still trade him before the draft ala Matt Cassel. In the end, we expect the Eagles to get their first round pick for Kolb in 2011.

3. Sign a starting cornerback.

Veteran Joselio Hanson works as a nickel back.  Rookie Curtis Marsh will be in the mix.  That leaves the No. 2 cornerback slot across from Asante Samuel wide open.  Philly is as likely as any team to sign Nnamdi Asomugha.  If that doesn’t happen, names like Carlos Rogers, Ike Taylor, and Antonio Cromartie could make sense.

4. Bring back Stewart Bradley.

Whether he plays in the middle or on the strong side in deference to Jamar Chaney, Bradley is more valuable to the Eagles than any other team.  This is especially true with a shortened offseason.  If the league goes back to 2010 rules, Bradley will be easy to keep via restricted free agency.  After signing Bradley, we’d argue the Eagles still need more depth added here.

5. Sign a tailback.

Jerome Harrison, who was effective last year, can likely be brought back cheaply.  But with rookie scatback Dion Lewis in the fold, Philadelphia may want a runner with more size to help backup LeSean McCoy.

6. Get veteran insurance at safety.

The team sounds ready to give a starting job to rookie Jaiquawn Jarrett, but that could be tricky with limited practice.  Kurt Coleman looks like the team’s third safety, but this group could use a veteran in case the young kids falter.

7. Make sure that new defense is real simple.

New coordinator Juan Castillo wants to simplify the defense.  That’s good, because he hasn’t coached defense since high school and he may only have a few weeks to implement his system. (Or tweak Sean McDermott’s system from a year ago.)  New defensive line coach Jim Washburn also won’t have a lot of time to work his magic.

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  1. CB is a pretty big need for Philly. Nnamdi Asomugha should be their biggest target whenever they can acquire him. Dion Lewis should do pretty well for the Eagles and they need to try to keep Jerome Harrison on their roster. If LeSean McCoy does well, that could be a feared trio.

  2. Mostly, I agree. Only real issue I have is that there is no way you give a franchise tag to Kolb and I’m not sure they will get that first rounder for him. Two seconds, probably, one in 2011 and one in 2012 is more likely.

  3. 8) Get off of their high horses and start paying attention to all the valuable input that Freddie “FredEx” Mitchell is offering up free of charge.

  4. Well say it aint so shoeless joe. No cheap shots at Vick. Kudos PFT.

  5. Well, if it’s sunny, in the 90’s and not a cloud in the sky…you probably need to put sunscreen on.

    Go out on a limb and, actually, do some research into a team’s roster.

    1) Is Akers going to be waiting outside the Eagles’ offices trying to get in with his signed document so they have to honor it? Like my mother in law outside Target on Black Friday? Brutal
    2) Something I’ve been harping on for almost a year now. They don’t have to do a thing with Kolb except exactly what they want to do.
    3) Signing a CB would be nice, but they also have Lindley. Now, he may or may not be the answer, but they have some depth there and with an improved pass rush, having Nmandi isn’t worth selling the farm.
    4) No brainer, but they’ve got a plethora of LB’s.
    5) They’ve got 2 FB on the roster to bang it, but Harrison would be a nice to have.
    6) They’ve got 5 safeties on their roster.
    7) They have a bunch of vets on their defense, so this “change” shouldn’t have the effect some are predicting it could have.

    If Bradley comes back, they have the makings of a strong LB core with a couple of folks that hit coming off the bench. Now, they may not have all pro’s sitting in each position, but neither do a lot of teams.

    The biggest question will be how healthy the OLine is next year. Just ask the Cowboys how important that is to a successful season.

  6. Is Kolb any better than quarterbacks like Fitzpatrick, Kolb, Hasselbeck, McNabb, etc.? I haven’t seen anything to indicate that he is. No one is going to give up a first round pick for a backup. Plus Palmer, Orton, Young, Quinn, etc. are sitting out there. They are all at least as good as Kolb. I would be shocked and sorry for the team that trades a first rounder for him.

  7. The Eagles are not going after Nnamdi A. There is no way the can pay sick FA money to another corner while they are still forking over bucketloads of cash to Asante. They’d have a big chunk of the (assumed to be returning) salary cap tied up on two positions. They have to factor in that D Jackson is up for a new deal, as well as M Vick. I just do not see them as being able to throw open the checkbook for 3 big-money deals in one year. Not going to happen.

  8. great work. right on the head for all of it. Only thing i would add is a vet at DE. Only the eagles know what shape graham is in (oh waite- not even they know)- id like to see them;

    trade kolb away for a starter at the DE position AND a high pick. i know its crazy but it IS possible.

    grab Nnamdi.

    run the ball.

    also wouldnt mind them grabbing 1 more o lineman to add to the mix.

    its alot but the birds have TONS of money.

  9. Let me just say this. Philly WILL get a 1st for Kolb. If they dont take a 1st rd pick, there will be a marquee player involved for a trade.

    As for being able to sign top name free-agents, thats EASY for Philly. Every year they manage their cap better than 33 other teams. Generally only 1 or 2 teams have more available to spend on FA’s than Philly. They will make a move for N.A. and will likely try to target Burress for cheap for R.Z. presence.

    Dont say Kolb isnt worth this or that, hes worth whatever someone is willing to give. I seen QB’s who are horrible fetch a 1st, Kolb is worth a mid 1st about 15-18.

  10. justanotherdummy

    The Eagles have massive amount of cap space compared to other teams presuming their is a cap of some kind. They jettisoned a lot of vets last year and saved a lot of money there. Vick and Jackson deals do need to be factored in but they’re still sitting pretty in terms of potential cap space.

    They also put a premium on the CB position so I don’t think having Assante signed for big bucks will factor in.

    Now I’m not sure if Nnamdi will be the target. I think his age may be a question mark and he will cost a lot of money. The CB from the Bengals who’s name I forget at the moment (Joseph?) could be a target if he becomes a free agent. He’s talented and younger and would presumably be less expensive. Either way I fully expect CB to be addressed whenever there is a free agency period.

  11. i would love to get ndamdi and charles johnson from the panthers. nobody is talking about him but he is a stud d end and he is young. i would love both or one of the two. i would even throw fat albert in there if we could get him on the cheap.

    i think eagles should just go all out on ndamdi and go cheap everywhere else. they have a good core of draft picks. im good with jarret starting with nate allen as long as we get ndamdi. eagles havent spent money in a while so they should be ok with vicks contract and ndamdi or c johnson

  12. Kolb will go to AZ for DRC and a high draft pick in 2012, probably a their #1

    Az will win the West with Kolb and end up playing the Eagles in the playoffs, with the Eagles winning.

  13. Number One priority should be to get rid of the no-character dog killa.

    All other needs pale in comparison.

  14. Who cares. They won’t win a championship with overrated Vick at the helm anyways. How long is it going to take to prove Andy can’t win the big one? Your guys deserve these 2 knuckleheads as the fans are knuckleheads as well. That’s one embarrassing football coach.

  15. “11: play the raiders 16 times a year”

    If memory serves me correctly, the Eagles were quite embarrassed by the lowly Raiders the last time around. They seem to have a knack for playing down to their competition at the most inappropriate times….like last season against Minnesota, for example.

  16. Checklist for schemefactory.

    1. Learn how to count.
    2. Stop saying stupid things.

  17. I think Kolb will in fact be franchised for 2012. I’m one of the few that believe Vick got found out, and his performance went down the second half of the year. I expect that to continue when we start playing quality teams.

    That, and probable injuries to Vick will scare the Eagles out of trading Kolb, and pull the trigger on franchising him for 2012. That gives Vick 2 more years a starter and that’ll probably be all for him.

  18. Vicks performance dropped as the year progressed because our Oline completely fell apart and people learned how to penetrate to get pressure. Rest assured the line will be solid and Vick will have another MVP worthy season.

  19. Please explain why the Eagles wouldn’t want Akers to sign the transition tag. I would think their would be at least three or four teams who would give up a draft pick for a proven kicker. Even if they traded him for a 7th rounder next year, it’s worth a sign and trade.

    Am I missing something? Am I overvaluing Akers?

  20. 6string Maybe Joseph, but I think you are going to be saying hello to Trevard Lindley at RCB. I am not one who believes the Birds are cheap. They get the guys they target, and have proven it a few times over. But I do not see them opening the Brinks truck for another corner.

  21. You forgot to add Head Coach to that list….especially one that can take them THROUGH the playoffs, not just in them.

  22. Whenever Aqib Talib gets cut by the bucs the eagles will sign him on the cheap despite a 6 game suspension. His charges wont stick (lack of evidence), and he’ll take his second chance with a championship calibre team seriously. Last time these two teams met Talib held DJax to around 15 yards

  23. Getting Asomugha in here is #1 through #5. After that nothing is all that huge in terms of importance. Sure, I guess we still have to look for Dawk’s replacement (again) but what’s the point of another back when Andy has proven he is allergic to running the football? As for Kolb, I’ve always said give me a first rounder or we keep him for insurance. We’ll be fine (as long as Nmandi ends up in midnight green).

  24. jdbaker1860 says:
    May 31, 2011 10:20 PM



  25. Bradley is less important with the drafting of Mathews (who i think is going to be a star, just not a pass rusher like his brother, more traditional). But your you hit it right on the head, Bradley’s value is only good to the Eagles so we will be able to sign him on the cheap because no one else will offer much. I think the Eagles finally have talent at LB.

    As far as corner IMO the Eagles will NOT go after Nnamdi. They will sign a second tier guy and I am fine with that. Joseph is my first pick, but R. marshall would fit very well too.

    As far as safety is concerned I usally don’t fall for the Eagles hype but I think i am starting to believe in this jarrett kid. If he’s 3/4 as good as they say he i sthen we are set with 3 talented younger guys and acouple vets.

    I agree with the akers thing. Getting that deal off the table is important. I think they have a kicker.

    At running back they are fine. Dion Lewis is going to fit in here perfectly. The eagles have quickly gained a string back field if harrison stays.

    IMO signing vick to a 5 year deal is important. I don’t really care what the haters say. I think Vick has figure out how to use his talent and will only get better this year. Then i think he can stay at his peak for 5 years-6years.

    Signing a pass rush DT is important as well. T. Harris or even Fat Al would be ok.

    And finally and i can’t believe I am saying this but I think signing Burris might not be a bad idea. He will of course be a hmble guy coming out of prison and if he is any kinda of shape he will provide a nice Red Zone target to go along with the white guy. This only has pluses for the Eagles.

    Most of all they need the season to start so they can get to doing the things they have to. IMO the Eagles have been the most hurt by the lockout. No one in the league has a trade chip like they do. No one has themoney to spend in FA. One of the few teams that are making big time coaching changes. END THE LOCKOUT!

  26. I think the Eagles have decided to move on from Akers. I believe that they transitioned him as insurance in case they didn’t get the guy they wanted in the draft. There’s no way that they drafted a kicker with the intention of cutting him in training camp. Even if he bombs, there are always plenty of kickers out there looking for jobs, some of them pretty decent. Akers gave them lots of good years, but nothing lasts forever. If he had signed the transition tag before the draft, chances are the Eagles never would have drafted a kicker.

  27. “Am I missing something? Am I overvaluing Akers?”

    indyeagle, I apologize for my posts to you the other night. Totally over the top, unfair, and uncalled for. I guess I’m just sick of having those same debates over and over and over and it started to wear on me. No excuse, and I’ve vowed never to let that happen again.

    As for Akers, we might be seeing the Eagles reaction to players who “act up”. If you recall, Akers was somewhat vocal about his dissatisfaction regarding the tag, which is understandable for a vet with his tenure. But we’ve seen a few Eagles in the past “punished” for speaking out in this manner about money (Lewis, Gaither).

    Now that they’ve used a 4th rounder – and you know how they are about draft picks – I think that the die is cast. He’s gone.

  28. You forgot the most important thing!
    Get rid of that dog killer! The man is classless, and brings down the eagles as a whole. Think “L” (loser)

  29. If the Eagles feel they are Super Bowl contenders this year (and they should), then I don’t see why Kolb is as good as gone. What happens if your injury-prone starting QB gets injured? Mike Kafka isn’t leading any playoff runs. In my opinion, Kolb is more valuable as insurance than as a draft pick; and to be frank, I still think he might be a better long-term answer than Vick.

    I’m also rather mystified at how eager the Eagles seem to be to get rid of Akers. Yeah, he blew a couple of kicks in the playoff game, but 1. that’s not typical of him, and 2. later we found out about the family issues that may have affected his play that day. The only answer I can come up with is that the rookie kicker won’t make much money, and the team is hoarding cap space to make a run at Nnamdi.

  30. Mooch,

    Big of you to apologize, but no apology necessary. I didn’t see it until a few days later and my reply to your reply was equally as rude. For that, I apologize to you as well.

    I don’t take anything said on here personal and I’m not all that soft, despite the fact that I live in Indiana.

    Back to football…..I agree with you that Akers days in Philly are numbered and your reasoning is sound. I also realize that Big Red, Banner and Co. love to rack up draft picks and if they see an opportunity to sign and trade Akers, I’m sure they will take it.

    I don’t think it would be wise for Akers to sign the tender. I would think he could get a one year contract somewhere that pays higher than the transition tag (avg of top 10 kickers).

  31. If we don’t get Nnamdi.. I will not follow FREE AGENCY after that. But if he’s not an eagle but still the NFC EAST I will just get pissed even more!! Andy c’mon!

  32. Well say it aint so shoeless joe. No cheap shots at Vick.
    There’s no such thing; ANY shot at Bad Newz is good. One of ’em needs to be in the ten ring.

  33. I’m so sick of hearing Mike KAfka isn’t going to win games if Vick goes down. Really? I seem to remember a certain 3rd string QB that went 5-1 when McNabb went down in 02. Remember he was traded later for a 2nd round pick. Does A.J. Feeley ring a bell people? Kolb is garbage and only looks good in Andys system thats what Reid does with QBs…. Mcnabb, Kolb, Feeley, Garcia the list goes on and on.

  34. Please please please let stewart bradley walk! Not worth the $$$ all he does is get burnt in coverage and get injured! Part of this was mcdermott making him play out of position. But the other part is stewart bradley being not able to cover. Bradley on vernon davis for instants like cmon man really. Glad mcdermotts gone but id like to see chaney in the middle with rookie matthews at weak and strong is up for grabs but you got foku and who I really like is rookie brian rolle who reminds me of ernie sims but smarter and could make an immediate impact I know its 2 rookies but matthews looks like a better option even at middle because he can cover tes and backs so you could move chaney to weak even but please don’t bring stew back I wish him well just a bit over rated

  35. I think the Eagles need to try to let Bradley stay healthy for one year and prove that he’s still a good player. He missed a whole season and didn’t seem fully recovered in 2010 even before he got hurt again.
    I don’t think he’ll get a better deal anywhere else than what the Eagles offered him as an RFA, so if the offer is still on the table, I think it behooves him to accept it.

  36. Whether they really want to or not, the Eagles NEED to give priority to DeSean Jackson’s extension. If they seem to be dragging their heels, Jackson is going to start grumbling and will cause a distraction that they don’t need. Considering who his agent is, it COULD get real ugly!

  37. Go after Nnamdi and trade Kolb for a solid starting RT. Justice is OK, but he’s a C+ tackle. If Danny Watkins is anything close to what he’s expected to be, a solid RT is the only thing keeping Philly from having one of the strongest O-lines in the league. Peters is All-Pro material, Herremans is one of the most underrated linemen in the league, and Jamaal Jackson is a very solid center.

  38. Eagles trade Kolb to Cardinals for their 1st round draft pick Patrick Peterson and a 2012 3rd rounder. With the rookie salary cap now in place along with the injury to Brandon Graham, they now can go after a top notch defensive end like Robert Mathis or John Abraham..

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