49ers need a few good receivers for workouts


The 49ers have a ratio problem at their player organized workouts.  Ideally, they’d have three times as many receivers as they do quarterbacks.

Instead, they have three quarterbacks and three receivers.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee writes that Alex Smith, David Carr, and Colin Kaepernick only had the following receivers to throw to Tuesday: Kyle Williams, Kevin Jurovich and an unknown pass catcher from San Jose State.

Kaepernick is recovering from surgery, so he’s letting Smith and Carr make most of the throws.  (It’s a good sign for Kaepernick’s recovery he’s already there.)   Barrows notes that Michael Crabtree is in the Bay Area, but hasn’t stopped by with his quarterbacks yet.

So if you’ve got a pair of sticky hands and some time to kill Wednesday, try to find Alex Smith and the boys.  They could use the help.

15 responses to “49ers need a few good receivers for workouts

  1. Crabtree reminds me a lot of Freddie “Fred-ex” Mitchell, I would take Burleson over Crabtree all day

  2. Just a quick nonchalant blurb at the end of the article about Michael Crabtree being IN the Bay Area, yet not working out with his quarterbacks?! No chastising?! No questioning his maturity?! No questioning his dedication to the team?! No questioning on whether he is making an effort to reach his “full potential”?! Replace the words “Michael Crabtree” with “Dez Bryant”, and then let’s see how little is said!!

  3. Wow, if you’re born with great athletic ability, hone it throughout your childhood, go on to become a starting quarterback in college, have a great career, get taken first overall in the NFL draft, become fabulously rich and famous, you could end up looking like Alex Smith.

  4. By the look of it Alex could have saved himself all the trouble of becoming a high profile athlete and gone directly to operating a fork lift at his uncle’s lumberyard.

  5. The most I have ever been excited about Crabtree was when we was first drafted; its been all downhill since then.

    Let’s see: 1) He held out (thanks Deon!) and ends up signing for less then we would have gotten had he signed in July 2) He alligator arms it when he knows he will take a shot 3) he throws his hands up in disgust for uncatchable passes instead of preventing the interception 4) doesn’t come back to the QB when the play breaks down and 5) he avoids practice like fat chicks avoid diets. He hasn’t been through a training camp yet.

    I am not sure why they are babying this guy; Singletary treated him like a little princess. I hope Harbaugh jumps his sh@t and makes him step up or gets him off the field until he actually earns it!

    Maybe Vernon just needs to sock him a few times…

  6. What a spaz, I want players that are passionate about success, receivers who run blazing routes n fight to get open, Colin is a stud no doubt he can make it happen lets get some trade value from these guys 2nd n 3rd rounds pick go a long way in building a great club.

  7. Crabtree!!Crabtree??That kid will have regrets in a couple of years, when he has been exposed and has no friends.Mediocre talent with bad attitude, has proven NOTHING.

  8. He is going to be on the turd watch, 49ers get ready to be on hard knocks. Also, I take it they are not counting on Ted Ginn, since he can’t hold on to the ball. CK has one awesome group to throw to, if you could clone V. Davis!

  9. Since we had this same discussion about Crabtree over the weekend in yet another article about him being a no show, we also can now surmise that either he and his agent don’t read PFT OR they do read PFT and don’t give a sh*t.

  10. I know the Rams don’t have any flashy names in the reciever corp’s for Sam to throw to but I sure am glad they have no diva’s.

  11. @sj39 – I would take undrafted Danny Amendola any day over Crabtree. Clearly he was the better of the Texas Tech wideouts.

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