Aqib Talib appearing in court tomorrow


Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib, indicted last week on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, will be in court tomorrow, according to the folks at

The specific reason for the appearance isn’t clear.  At some point, Talib will be required to enter a plea, a basic process (except for Joe Pesci) of uttering either “guilty” or “not guilty” or, as the case may be, “absolutely, 100 percent not guilty.” also promises to reveal “some of the very flimsy evidence” against Talib, who is accused of firing shots at his sister’s boyfriend.

8 responses to “Aqib Talib appearing in court tomorrow

  1. I wouldn’t call his mother’s admission of hearing shots after he had the gun as flimsy

  2. Hope the metal detectors are in place and working.

    Keep an eye out for Momma Talib also. If she thinks her lil hitman may get locked up, she just might jump out and open up ala Scarface style on dem fools.

    She can’t let an honorable league “partner” go down like that

  3. The guy is a turd, he is loaded with physical ability so we all know this whole process will be nothing but a sham. He’ll do a few PSA’s get some probabtionary time dropped on him and that’s it…..

  4. FREE AQIB for having a crappy Mom & Sister

    Throw R. Goodell in the jail for being a derelict

  5. If his whole family comes to support the poor, misunderstood young man, I hope the judge and jury are issued bullet proof vests.

  6. Flimsy evidence indeed.

    The only person who saw Talib fire a gun, was Billings himself. No single other witness has given a statement that they saw Talib fire the gun. (No neighbors, no friends, nobody).

    And considering that Billings has already been caught lying during this investigation… I wouldn’t say he is a star witness.

    Talib will plea down to reckless endangerment misdemeanor with some probation. And he will get a 4 game suspension from the league.


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