Cowboys, Rams come out against Coaches Association brief too

Well, this is just getting embarrassing.

The Cowboys and Rams have joined the growing number of coaching staffs to declare they didn’t know or didn’t approve of the NFL Coaches Association brief filed on their behalf last week in support of the players.

“The Dallas Cowboys’ coaching staff did not approve of the brief filed with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals by the National Football League Coaches Association. We did not provide [NFLCA head] Larry Kennan with the authority to file such brief on our behalf and do not agree with the brief’s position,” the Cowboys said in a letter written by passing game coordinator/tight ends coach John Garrett.    (Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for the statement.)

The Rams, meanwhile, apparently didn’t know about the brief.

“They were surprised by this being filed,” Rams G.M. Billy Devaney told the St. Post-Dispatch on Wednesday. “They assured me that they weren’t informed or consulted about it.”

Five staffs have now said they oppose or didn’t know about the brief filed by the NFLCA: The Redskins, Saints, Jaguars, Cowboys, and Rams.

UPDATE: Make it six. The Texans have spoken out too.  Now it just feels like piling on.

19 responses to “Cowboys, Rams come out against Coaches Association brief too

  1. “Ummmmm sorry boss, I had no idea they were doing this, how dare they!”

    I would have said the exact same thing. I guess Jerrah was giving them the silent treatment, so they had to do something.

    The NFLCA must be a very strong, tight knit group. What a bunch of idiots. Good idea…release a brief that is going to create an awkward environment in every team’s HQ.

    I do believe that the NFLCA notified everyone via email, but the coaches saw it and said “who” and thought it was spam from the Nigerian Treasury Secretary…

  2. Someone needs to track this Larry Kennan guy down and ask him wtf. If I were a coach I’d be pissed off. Associations do things all the time that all members may not agree with, but it looks like they really should have does this a little differently.

  3. Awesome, it’s almost like all of these owners have menaced their coaching staffs. The way the reports trickle in, it’s a bit suspicious.

    They are stupid. Let me know when Bill Belichick comes out against the brief. Till then, it’s a pile of losers kissing ass.

  4. Classice case of don’t bite the hand that feds you. Assistant coaches don’t even have the cajoons to organize and form a union. Head coaches are apple polishers to the 10th degree and will be fired every 3 years. They side with the owners as their salaries and in some cases pensions are cut. Makes sense to me. Yellow. Gutless. Spineless.

  5. Just out of curiosity, who does belong to this outfit? So far, five staffs have indicated that they apparently do not belong by virtue of their statements.
    The “liason” person for the Redskins has not worked there for months and the NFLCA evidently did not know it? Sounds like a heck of a well run organization, Larry Kennan seems to be just the guy you would want running your company, NOT!
    Gregg, try to find us a list of the members of this, what appears to be, sham organization.

  6. Seems to me these trade associations have a disconnect in communicating with their members. Coaches not being notified of association actions, nor asked for approval; players and agents not being kept abreast of developments. Maybe the NFL OA (NFL Owners Association) is suffering from that too? Nah,

  7. “Makes sense to me. Yellow. Gutless. Spineless.”

    Gosh, with this kind of mentality, I don’t see why everyone doesn’t want to belong to a union.

  8. SURE..

    If these coaches are so shocked, if these coaches stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the owners, then why do they need a NFL Coaches Association?

  9. look, i will make it simple for some of youse guys.

    the coaches are STAFF. they arent low level worker bees. becoming a union will simply ruin their chances of getting better jobs. some of them may actually want to work for… the horror… universities! other leagues! become head coaches!

    they have options. unions like to say that there arent options outside of them. hell the coaches already have the advantages of “right-to-work”.

    to hades with them having a union. or a union*.

    and the NFLCA wasnt even as real as was the NFLPA, better known now as the NFLPA*.

    i live in michigan. and it is much better to live in a right-to-work state. why sign up to be forced to give yer money to another government-like outfit that spends that money in utterly crooked and dumba$$ ways…

  10. @commandercornpone

    Watch what you say about unions. There is a poster named 3octaveFart who will tell you that everything wrong in the world is directly related to scab labor. He has been curiously absent on the lockout dispute, though.


    Don’t know what “cajoons” are. Now “cajones”, that’s a different story. “Huevos” is also acceptable.

  11. I belong to the American Automobile Association, and AAA has a public affairs branch in D.C. that lobbies on behalf of road-safety and other related issues. They don’t ask me before approaching Congress on some highway bill. By paying membership dues, I’m giving tacit approval to their efforts. The same is true for people who belong to AARP and other associations: membership = approval.

    However, the league has only 32 coaching staffs, and not all belong to the NFLCA. Kennon says he informed members via e-mail that the brief was being filed. But before claiming team management was siding with players against owners in a lawsuit, he should have put the matter to a vote. Filing that brief without clear approval from the coaches was foolish, and he’ll be lucky if his job and his organization survive the fallout.

    On the other hand, the coaches have known about the brief for at least a week. If they didn’t approve, why didn’t they disavow it immediately? Are they suddenly being pressured?

  12. 1liondriven says:
    “If these coaches are so shocked, if these coaches stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the owners, then why do they need a NFL Coaches Association?”


    Well it appears they really don’t need an association. In fact, it looks like most of these coaches aren’t even members and moreover are trying to distance themselves from it. This is obviously one poorly run outfit. Just search NFLCA on google and go to their web site, it looks like that web site my nephew made for his Jr. High School computer class 15 years ago. Since this is the first time many of us have even heard of the NFLCA and considering how long it has been in existence, just shows how unimportant it is.

  13. duanethomas says:Jun 1, 2011 7:51 PM

    “…Head coaches are apple polishers to the 10th degree and will be fired every 3 years….”

    Yup, every three years, Please use some thought before you type. Let me think, Lovie Smith, Mike Shanahan. Bill Belichek, Mike Holmgren and a crapload more have made it significantly longer than three of my years. However, to give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps your “free” college degree did not require you to know that there is a scientifically and socially accepted time frame that entails one year defined by the earths rotation around the sun, you know, that big bright thing that is in the sky during the day?

  14. @1bigtex

    Duane doesn’t remember anything about “cajones” or “huevos” as he had to give those up a long time ago, along with a big part of his pay check when he joined his union.

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